The Ladies Yang’s Clan Movie with Cecilia Cheung Wraps Filming

I’m beginning to suspect things always come in pairs around here. Yesterday I posted about the upcoming The Yang’s Clan movie about the 7 brothers, which is bound to drip in excess testosterone. The Yang’s Clan folktale actually does not end with the death/amnesia/be-a-monk endings which befell most of the Yangs’ brothers. The 7 wives, a mom, and 2 younger sisters the 7 brothers left behind not only went on living, their story actually bolsters and enhances the Yang’s Clan legend.

By a stroke of coincidence, the upcoming HK/C movie about the women of the Yang’s Clan, called The Ladies of the Yang’s Clan: Military Orders (杨门女将之军令如山), wrapped its principal filming yesterday. Headlined by Cecilia Cheung, the movie brings to the big screen the story of Yang Zhong Bao, the only son of Sixth Brother and his princess wife, who ended up marrying a warrior lady brigand, but then also died in battle due to the machinations of Minister Pan. His new wife, the infamous Mu Gui Ying, thereafter led all 12 of the remaining Yang’s ladies into battle against the Xi Xia tribe and emerged victorious for the Song Dynasty. Holla for girl power! Continue reading