Dilraba Dilmarut Dethroned in 2022 C-netizen Poll as Most Beautiful Xinjiang Actress by 24-year Old Newcomer Hani Kyzy

To dominate for as long as Dilraba Dlimarut has, a good 8 years if you ask me, is quite a feat especially for fickle C-ent. She’s been crowned the most beautiful Xinjiang region female entertainer year after year and it’s not even close for other equally beautiful but just a smidge less popular fellow Xinjiang born actresses Guli Nezha and Tong Li Ya. Frankly, Dilraba tops most beautiful C-actress polls in general and her liuliang power is incredible to behold. Which is why I’m so surprised that this week a C-ent poll came out that Dilraba has been dethroned in the voting for most beautiful Xinjiang actress by fellow Uyghur dancer and actress Hani Kyzy. I legit have never heard of her but she’s been around since 2018 with the variety show The Chinese Youth and launching her career from there. Coming in after her is Dilraba, then Nezha, and fourth is Tong Li Ya. I’m happy to see more minority ethnic actresses gain prominence in China and the more the merrier.

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