The Leading Ladies of KBS Drama Suits Gets Their Drama Stills to Shine

One of the official drama posters for the upcoming KBS drama adaptation of US legal show Suits hilariously made the title read Sluts, but that was a harmless type font fail since the two male leads Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun were in that poster and one could never accuse them of being sluts ahahaha. Thank god none of the female leads were in that poster, that would be a legit concerning misread, but in the context of the drama the leading ladies are all highly capable hardworking law firm types. There’s Chae Jung Ahn, Go Sung Hee, and Jin Hee Kyung, and it’s remiss to just fangirl over the bromance leads and gloss over a drama where the female characters have professional agency and successful careers in their own right. Continue reading