tvN Mon-Tues Sageuk Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist Continues Slow But Steady Ratings Climb into the 5% Territory

Sorry chingus but I’ve been in a galaxy far far away from Joseon Korea era haha so this new Mon-Tues drama Poong the Joseon Psychiatrist is one I have not watched yet and haven’t been paying attention to. I do love Kim Min Jae, he keeps improving with each drama and has such an endearing charismatic air onscreen. His last drama Dali and the Cocky Prince was my fave rom-com of 2021 just silly and sweet enough to be worthy of that genre. The drama is actually doing not bad, it started with 3.864% ratings but in episode 2 and 4 and this Monday’s episode 5 it nudged further north of 5%. For those watching please share some first impressions, I would hate for a wonderfully written and acted drama to fly under the radar.

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Kim Min Jae and Kim Hyang Gi Partner Up to Heal Minds and Bodies in tvN Medical Sageuk Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se Poong 

K-actor Kim Min Jae is swapping out the nouveau riche chaebol gamjatang heir for Joseon era scrubs as he’s been confirmed for the tvN series Joseon Psychiatrist Yoo Se Poong. He plays a success royal acupunturist who leaves the palace … Continue reading