SBS Zombie Sageuk Joseon Exorcist Releases Movie Quality Character Posters and New Gory Action Preview

I’m so looking forward to SBS sageuk Joseon Exorcist less for the zombie aspect but solely for the amazing cast and to find a good sageuk. I’m super sad my most anticipated River Where the Moon Rises didn’t have a strong script or directing and now further falls apart with the replacement of the male lead. I’m a tad worried that viewers who have watched the movie quality production of Netflix drama Kingdom (seasons 1 and 2) will compare since both are zombie stories set in Joseon Korea and deal with palace intrigue but it’s been a year since Kingdom 2 so the timing is ripe (heh) for another dip in the infected waters. I love love love the drama character posters which continue the creative and beautiful art design from the production for this drama, every character as their unique spin and together there is cohesiveness. A new preview came out as well and once again I suggest a strong stomach for gore because there is aplenty. The drama premieres the following Monday on March 22nd.

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