Netflix Releases Deadly Child’s Play K-drama Squid Game with Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo

This Friday September 17th is another Netflix K-drama drop, the previous one was the critically acclaimed D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) and this time its Squid Game with Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo plus a bevy of supporting characters some of whom will probably not make it out of the first game alive. The drama is set in the present day as over 400 losers in life find themselves assembled together and offered a chance to win millions of dollars for playing a series of “games” based on classic South Korean childhood romps. Unfortunately for them, the games are all life-and-death and really mostly death and only the lone survivor/winner gets the money. I would have been more way into this drama but for the fact that I’m read the mangas As the God’s Will (Kami-sama no Iu Tōri) and Alice in Borderland as well as the movie adaptation of the former and the Netflix J-dorama adaptation of the latter, and both deal with lots of people rounded together by an unknown higher power to play survival games. As the God’s Will games are even based on Japanese child games like Squid Game, so this drama doesn’t have the freshness (for me), but I still plan to watch aa K-drama take on this concept. The preview looks great and the powerhouse cast is a huge draw.

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