Ji Sung Ventures into a Rich Secretive World in First Preview for Adamas with Seo Ji Hye and Lee Soo Kyung

When there are twins in a drama its typical to style them differently but Ji Sung as twin brothers in Adamas just switches clothes lol. New stills and an action suspense laden new preview is out and the drama is giving off a weird secretive world of rich and powerful people vibes. Seo Ji Hye is framed as the rich wife of that weird rich family living in the big compound but clearly she has more layers and will play a key role in the twin Ji Sung’s trying to solve a twenty year old mystery. Lee Soo Kyung joins in as the second female lead as a gung ho reporter. The drama comes from the PD of Kairos and I’m also excited to see that deft hand with presenting the gradual unraveling of the mystery onion.

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