New tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Adamas Averaging 3.3% Ratings Through Episode 3 and Also Not Generating Lots of Buzz

If this turns into another Kairos I’m good with it, objectively that was one of the best dramas in 2021 albeit super low rated and the same PD is behind Adamas and so far it’s not a promising start. The thriller investigative drama premiered last week but most of South Korea is in an Extraordinary Attorney Woo collective euphoria so airing in the same time slot is basically the worst timing ever. Episode 1 got 3.502%, then 2.849% for episode 2, and now episode 3 came up to 3.339%. Kairos took a few episodes to get going and hook me good but I started midway in due to the rave reviews from the small group of fans watching and that worked out better as I could marathon to the really addicting parts before live-watching. I’m planning to do that with Adamas as well but if anyone is watching now please share some initial reviews!

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