Fans of jTBC Sat-Sat Drama My Liberation Notes Pleased with Steady Ratings Increase to Current High of 4.969% in Episode 12

The early year buzzy weekend K-dramas have transformed into quieter introspective dramas for the spring into the early summer and one of the most lauded has been jTBC Sat-Sun drama My Liberation Notes (My Liberation Diary). It started with 2.941% ratings and has been steadily going up and this Sunday’s most recent episode 12 nearly broke 5% with a new high of 4.969%. I would not be surprised if the drama does break 5% in the remaining 4 episodes left. The praise for this drama is high from the screenwriter Park Hae Young of My Ahjusshi and Another Oh Hae Young and now the ratings are catching up so the fans can feel comforted that this drama isn’t flying that far under the radar anymore.

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jTBC Sat-Sun Drama My Liberation Diary Ratings are in the Mid 2% Range But Gains Traction as a Quality Offering with a Cult Following

Ratings are important for recouping production investment and ensuring more K-dramas are made, but sometimes there are gems that don’t get the broader reception but linger as an asset to the genre. Such is the trajectory of jTBC Sat-Sun drama … Continue reading

jTBC Finalizes Casting for My Ahjusshi Screenwriter’s Next Drama My Liberation Diary with Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Son Seok Gu

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