jTBC Sat-Sun Drama My Liberation Diary Ratings are in the Mid 2% Range But Gains Traction as a Quality Offering with a Cult Following

Ratings are important for recouping production investment and ensuring more K-dramas are made, but sometimes there are gems that don’t get the broader reception but linger as an asset to the genre. Such is the trajectory of jTBC Sat-Sun drama My Liberation Diary, it took over the time slot from Forecasting Love and Weather but is bringing in less than half the ratings. The premiere episode for 2.941% and the most recent episode 5 came in with 2.766%. It’s currently averaging at mid-2% ratings but is on the low side for jTBC weekend slot but the reviews have been glowing from critics and K-netizens who are watching are raving about it. But sadly not that many people are watching, myself included, but a truly well-written and acted drama definitely deserves to be promoted so here’s to shining a light on the cult buzz for My Liberation Diary!


jTBC Sat-Sun Drama My Liberation Diary Ratings are in the Mid 2% Range But Gains Traction as a Quality Offering with a Cult Following — 37 Comments

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  2. MLD is such a gem! It’s so relatable and shaping up to be truly inspirational.

    I’m surprised m and disappointed at the ratings. The writer wrote My Mister, which a lot of people consider to be the greatest kdrama ever, so I thought people would tune in based on the writer alone.

    Guess this may just become a cult hit. One of my other fave dramas, Be Melo, had really low ratings but has gained a cult following since.

    • I’m watching it and hook on it. I love every character in this drama, specially Mr. Gu who is a very mysterious guy. I love how it shows the different lifestyles in the countryside and in the city. It really shows the reality of life.

  3. If it does become a cult hit isn’t that underwhelming for the pd and writer. Light in your eyes, my mister and another miss oh have become success at baeksang plus had good ratings. If it becomes another just between lovers and be melo then considering the pd/writers previous successes it’s a disappointment.

  4. Kim Ji Won is such a talented actress. I’m glad she rejected Arthdal Chronicles season 2.She is not the type who enjoys stardom. That’s all good she is working hard for quality contents to show her range.
    After MLD, she will receive more offers.

    • Haha lol really? Its so funny who’s actress will don’t want startdome? Stop being sour graping LOL and impocrite

    • Come on, don’t be a hypcrite. In the entertainment industry, I don’t think there is anyone who will reject stardom if it is handed to them. Just because she was not lucky enough to become popular or to enjoy stardom doesn’t mean she doesn’t want it. LOL. You are just trying to justify her lack of fame/popularity.
      And you can’t dictate when to get famous or when not to, that is all in the hands of Fate. Others are lucky to get it early on in their career, others get it much later on in life and others don’t get the fame at all.

  5. I like the SSK (Mr Gu) to begin with so I checked it out. Glad I did because I like it so far. I like the musical scoring, I like that there are less dialogues but lots of close-up shots. I even like the pace, it’s a great option for a weekend watch for me.

  6. This drama is really good between the characters, the actors, the outdoor scenery, the dialogues, etc.

    SSK and KJW had so much chemistry that I love their silences.

  7. The acting in this drama is just exceptional. Especially the scenes where there is no talking. I guess not everyone can relate to what the characters are going through, unless you have been through what they are going through. Added to that,the slow pace probably does not cater to everyone’s taste. However, this is the only Saturday/Sunday drama I look forward to these days.

  8. This is the first time I’ve watched a k-drama that deals with the meaning of life and existentialist philosophy. The dialogue is beautiful and I feel invested in the siblings and their journey. Personally, I find all the characters relatable to some degree.

    The only thing I don’t want to see is romance between Me. Gu and Mi-jeong. That would torpedo the message of the drama.

    • Exactly this drama is a keeper for me and I just love the portrayal of the characters lives and how they deal and move through each and every path they are drawn towards. The existentialism seen in the drama just keeps me wanting to see more and how I found out that the writer of this drama is the same one for “My Mister”, just made me more excited to carry on with this drama.
      Although the ratings are low this drama has a lot of potential and I relate to the characters and the lessons shown in the drama such as relationships, depression and suicidal ideation seen.
      This drama is truly a gem and I can’t wait for More episodes.

    • I’m enjoying this drama. It may not be for everyone but I found it super realistic. There are people going through these issues. I can relate to the characters. There def will be a romance between Mr. Gu + MJ – it’s has been the key HINT since ep. 1! Why would their romance torpedo the message of the drama? Sometimes people are the catalyst for realization to resolve the problems in life etc.

  9. I could watch it all day. That one hour feel too little so I keep replaying it. Glad to rediscover Kim Jiwon and Lee EL, I love their personal scenes, they variate among calm, dramatic and comical in a subtle way. And the chemistry between Jiwon and Suck is marvelous as well as the chemistry between the 3 siblings.

    • How is a show just about mundane so dang interesting. Yep that’s the power of PHYs writing. The show is lowkey a comedy especially lee min ki’s scene he’s doing a brilliant job after being typecasted in recent years. What I love mostly about this drama is that all the actors are getting their shine, that’s what you call an ensemble drama (unlike 39 lol).
      Yh the ratings are very low, but then again I wouldn’t watch this type of show at 10.30..

  10. As i said in previous posts, this drama is a gem . All the cast is great, KJW/SSK chemistry is burning the screen more than a drama kiss scene . Lee Min Ki is getting back at his best since his return of MS ( already some years), not to mention Chun Ho Jin who says more with silence than a politician ‘s speech . Lee El is , if i may use this word “the funniest” character but in a subtil way The scenery is peaceful and beautiful . It’s so relaxing to watch . I wish to be more fluent to be able to say all that i feel , but i’m not . I’ll recommend it in french in another blog!

  11. 2% is 2% LOL don’t give explanation some of commenters here who don’t like FLAW because it’s a slow faced melodrama and now they are saying that they love liberation note? BWAHAHAHA funny admit it the cast of this drama is so boring and so the storyline you are just a fan of Kim jiwon of leeminki that why your saying good about this drama so hypocrite duhhhh

  12. This series is really not interesting for me, why lee min ki and Kim Ji won acted same over and over KJW face is pretty but she acted boring for me I don’t know if it’s only me…I drop the drama at episode 2,

    • you do know we can tell that youre the same person posting under different names right? lol. wonder why you get so riled up about the some actresses?

  13. Only in the 2% rating??? I thought it was way above because it’s an AMAZING series. I love it! I do not pay attention to the ratings but the actors and this drama deserve more views. I dropped shows like Red Sleeve, 2521,Business Proposal that most like ithem but this one makes me counting the days until the next broadcast.
    I can relate with the characters which all of them can be us. Great slice of life drama.

  14. Loving this drama but not surprised at the ratings. The drama is poignant and relatable but has very few common kdrama tropes. So far, the characters are like real people, that is to say, flawed and sometimes unlikeable, but with something that makes me relate to them and root for them to do better, become better and find some happiness. Maybe others simply want pure escapism with the usual drama extremes – for example, relationship dramas with the cold/somewhat detached, perfect ML and feisty, warm and hard-working Candy FL or the reverse characterizations.

  15. In away it reminds me of Misaeng in how “real” it is. It’s a solid drama all through out, well written and acted. I look forward to watching it weekly, glad it’s on Netflix. Everyone is great, even the side characters. On a side note, KJW should work with this cameraman/woman for her future project as he/she seems to know KJW’s best angles.

  16. I love the mundance of this drama. And how real their problem is. As Usual Park Hae Young playing it out of the park. The cast is not as superb as My Ajusshi IMO, But still so far they deliver. Their problem is relatable and that’s why they suck you in.

  17. I was going to watch this drama but the low ratings made me hesitate. But seeing good reviews about it (plus Gong Yoo promoting it!) is making me reconsider. Maybe I’ll wait til it’s over then binge watch it. I liked KJW in DOTS, not so much in LSITC, so hopefully I’ll like her in this one.

    • Gong yoo has good taste as per his other TV recommendations. But don’t let low ratings deter you from watching drama’s, there’s some gems out there that have low ratings too. Equally it’s the same with high ratings just cause a show has high ratings doesn’t mean you’d enjoy it.

  18. I think many people are watching “Our Blues”, and it is also a slow paced drama, so to watch two dramas like that might be a little difficult. I chose “Our Blues” now and will watch “Liberation” later on.

  19. This drama is AMAZING! Acting, writing, directing, cinematography. It is so real and gritty. You can feel and smell the sweat. It’s just beautiful in every way. I love it!


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