Fans of jTBC Sat-Sat Drama My Liberation Notes Pleased with Steady Ratings Increase to Current High of 4.969% in Episode 12

The early year buzzy weekend K-dramas have transformed into quieter introspective dramas for the spring into the early summer and one of the most lauded has been jTBC Sat-Sun drama My Liberation Notes (My Liberation Diary). It started with 2.941% ratings and has been steadily going up and this Sunday’s most recent episode 12 nearly broke 5% with a new high of 4.969%. I would not be surprised if the drama does break 5% in the remaining 4 episodes left. The praise for this drama is high from the screenwriter Park Hae Young of My Ahjusshi and Another Oh Hae Young and now the ratings are catching up so the fans can feel comforted that this drama isn’t flying that far under the radar anymore.


Fans of jTBC Sat-Sat Drama My Liberation Notes Pleased with Steady Ratings Increase to Current High of 4.969% in Episode 12 — 14 Comments

  1. I didn’t like Another Oh Hae Young, so didn’t finish last few episodes. My Ahjushhi is my second favorite drama coming behind Misaeng. Had a feeling My Liberation Notes would be right up my alley, and so after watching 12 episodes in one shot, I’m just not sure how I’ll survive the next 5 days waiting for episode 13 to air. The mysterious Mr. Gu kept me glued to screen, while the brother & older sister were so much fun to watch. The talented Lee El, with her unique beautiful visuals, is one underrated actress who deserves more recognition.

  2. Watching this drama is so relaxing. Like meeting these “weird’ people and talking strange things that we don’t and can’t do in real life without other people accusing us for being “abnormal”. .

  3. That family and their friends in that Sanpo countryside can be my friends, seriously. So fun and refreshing to watch. Can’t wait for the next episodes.

  4. One of the best drama offerings out in a long while, with that magical combination of great writing + actors. Can watch this all year and not tire.

    Unexpected memorable gems and humour every episode.
    Every episode is so good. Powerful ep 13 today … evoking a roller coaster ride of humour = > raw anguish effortlessly.

  5. Ratings do NOT matter a jot to me. This current Kdrama is crack … totally speaks to me.

    One of the better offerings out in a long while.

    The magical combination of really good writing, humour and really good acting. I haven’t written about a drama in a long while, nor bothered with its characters.

    So many memorable gems, humor along this ride – it can go on all year, and I wouldn’t tire of it. Really SAD to think we have only 4 episode left.
    so po
    Every episode has been gold, silence is so expressive … today’s Ep 13 was powerful. Rollercoaster ride of unexpected roflmao humor as always = > raw anguish

  6. Between this one and Our Blues, I prefer My Liberation Notes. At least, I like the characters, they felt very realistic and I care about them. The casting is great, Son Suk-Ku is captivating in this role.

    • @Sayaris, are We fighting over Son Suk-Ku like crazy fans ? But as you noticed him before me ( for me it was in Be Melodramatic) i let you “have him” . Just kidding ! I’m happy that this drama is getting recognition . I like the fact that i find so much of myself in some characters . I have empathy for all of them . And it’s refreshing to watch a drama in wich actresses are natural without heavy make up .

      • I love the fact they don’t wear a lot of make-up. They are in T-shirt at home, very simple.

        It’s more fun to share our fangirling moments than keeping him for myself :p

    • Totally, this one is a slice of life super good. The OSTs are so good too.
      And the unexpected pops of humour … so good … ep 11 for eg is one power rollercoaster.

      For me at least, I can see why it’s not for everyone.

      It has no pop out eye candy, no glitz packaging, no Balenciaga or Chanel or whatever to covet …. in fact it cam comes across as depressing, including the setting of Sanpo and very low key. But that exactly is its charm … and all the actors are nailing it.

      It also takes some maturity and life experiences and knowing/reading pple well, to be able to fully appreciate this drama. Son Suk-ku esp is super nailing it with his myriad of expressions. Silence has never been watchable.

      With that rare old-school combination of old-Kdramas of yore …. those that had the power to suck me in every episode, and want to watch re-runs until the next new episodes come along.

      The writer really understands people, the grit and grind of life, and the actors really ‘get’ the script and act the hell out of it.

      It’s one of those dramas that don’t depend on ‘glitz’ packaging, eye candy (the eye candy is all played down) but yet such a compelling watch with just expressive silence (powerful acting) and interactions.

      As we were saying on Soompi – how attractive-charismatic can a lead clad in sweat-stained, ratty tees be? But that’s the preference – in suits, all groomed – he’d just any ordinary actor.

      And the humour? It’s peppered with the most unexpected gems … *SPOILER* (ep 11 being the roflmao and just when you think it couldn’t get any funnier …. along comes DH! And yet this marathon signifies on another level = life’s-journey marathon.)

      Mom: what’s with your face?
      Daughter: “it’s under construction”
      Mom: “good going … throwing $ to look uglier”

  7. I think my fav character is Ki Jeong, and she is my best performer among four of them.which is unexpected for me. I relate to her so much for some reason lol… when we love there is no step…From A to step C. that’s why We believe attraction at first sight lol… and the sudden confession totally make sense

  8. I feel that it will reach at least 7% by the finale. Which only means that it not only managed to keep its core audience and the good buzz about it helped it a lot.

    I just realized that it wasn’t in direct competition with Our Blues so it’s a good thing for both dramas.

    And the fact that JTBC placed it at 10:30 (same time slot given to Thirty-Nine) it’s already a miracle that it’s ratings are increasing.

    Quite the opposite to TVN’s Sh**ting Stars which couldn’t even reach 2%.

    • I was actually reaching LESS for this weird-named one called My Liberation Notes (HUH?!) and more for Our Blues with its power-cast.

      BUT past the first 2 weekends … I stopped looking for Our Blues, or rather would watch My Liberation Notes first once it came out (waiting for it to come out rather) … and then fill in the gaps with Our Blues. (#2 choice – even then some episodes were just even satisfying at all).

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