jTBC Drama Behind Your Touch with Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki Jumps Again in Ratings to 7% as the Surprise Late Summer Hit

The production team behind the jTBC drama Behind Your Touch also did one of my all time favorite K-dramas The Light in Your Eyes, and in fact female lead Han Ji Min is reuniting as the deal for both dramas. I guess what I am trying to say is that despite how weird and off putting the premise of Behind Your Touch came across it’s probably not wildly impossible this drama could be good. And good it is, from all the reviews and also the ratings this is the August hit that people thought The Uncanny Counter 2 would be. This past Sunday’s episode 4 came in at 7% ratings, another noticeable jump from the previous 5% range and starting to really ratchet up the momentum. Congrats to the cast and crew with still plenty of run time left to loop in more viewers and see how high the ratings could go.

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Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki Go Hard on the Quirky in New Elle Korea Pictorial Promoting jTBC Drama Behind Your Touch

Call me pleasantly surprised that the premiere weekend of jTBC drama Behind Your Touch did not end in flaming from viewers over the butt touching mind reading ability conceit. Reviews are positive though acknowledging the humor is really slapstick and … Continue reading

Han Ji Min Reunites with Screenwriter of The Light in Your Eyes for jTBC Drama Behind Your Touch Opposite Lee Min Ki

jTBC has confirmed another drama airing schedule, with Behind Your Touch (original title Hip) to premiere after King the Land, so in mid-August. This drama is from the screenwriter of critically acclaimed series The Light in Your Eyes (Brilliant) so … Continue reading

jTBC Weekend Drama My Liberation Notes Ends with Rapturous Audience Reception and 6.728% Ratings More than Doubling its Premiere

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jTBC Sat-Sun Drama My Liberation Diary Ratings are in the Mid 2% Range But Gains Traction as a Quality Offering with a Cult Following

Ratings are important for recouping production investment and ensuring more K-dramas are made, but sometimes there are gems that don’t get the broader reception but linger as an asset to the genre. Such is the trajectory of jTBC Sat-Sun drama … Continue reading

jTBC Finalizes Casting for My Ahjusshi Screenwriter’s Next Drama My Liberation Diary with Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, and Son Seok Gu

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Son Seok Gu to Make Drama Return After 2 Years with jTBC Series My Release Diary with Lee Min Ki and Kim Ji Won by the Screenwriter of My Ahjusshi

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