Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min Travel Via Private Plane to Jordan and Will Film K-movie Negotiation There For 3 Months

Movie making is adapting to the reality of COVID-19, still a disruption and danger to the world 8 months into the pandemic. Song Joong Ki‘s movie Bogota cut short its location shoot in Colombia in March and will not resume filming until 2021. The production team for upcoming thriller movie Negotiation with Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min will be going forward with its location shoot in the next few months. This month the leads along with the production crew will be flying a chartered flight to Jordan and will quarantine there for 14 days before starting filming expected to last between 2-3 months. Hyun Bin plays a NIS agent and Hwang Jung Min a South Korean diplomat as the two negotiate for the release of South Korean hostages during a tense situation in the Middle East. Filming for the scenes in South Korea were completed recently so the overseas shoot will complete production with the movie scheduled for a mid-2021 release.

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