Squid Game Grandpa O Yeong Su Charged by Seoul Prosecutors for Sexual Misconduct Stemming From Inappropriate Touching

Welp, grandpa better be ready to retire from acting because age and circumstances for a return are not on his side. K-actor O Yeong Su, best known as the grandpa/player 001 in Squid Game and recently won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor, has been charged by the Seoul authorities for sexual misconduct. It stems from a woman claiming he inappropriately touched her in mid-2017. She went to the police in December 2021, it was investigated but did not move towards charging him. In April 2022 she went back to re-open the case and another investigation happened and from there O Yeong Su was referred to prosecution to be charged. He denies it, saying he held her hand to guide her around the lake during a walk, nothing inappropriate happened. Regardless he’s since lost his CF endorsements and it’s unclear if he’s got a future left in K-ent especially since he”s already 78-years old.

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