Prosecutors Ask for 1 Year Jail Sentence for Sexual Misconduct Charges Against Squid Game Grandpa Actor O Yeong Su

I think it is just a timing coincidence that this news came out on the same week that Netflix has started promotions for Squid Game 2. Unexpected breakout star O Yeong Su, who played the excited gameplayer grandpa in the original Squid Game and took home the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2022, is facing a 1 year jail sentence stemming from allegations that he committed sexual misconduct by groping a female victim. She claimed that he groped and kissed her without her consent during their time together in a theater troupe. He denied the allegations saying she was like a daughter to him. He is all of 77 years old so his acting career isn’t exactly being derailed by these allegations as much as if he was in the prime of his life but doing something wrong is wrong regardless of one’s age so I hope the final punishment fits the alleged crime.

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