Son Dambi and Jung Ryeo Won Alleged to Have Received Gifts and Had Relationship with Man Who Has Been Arrested for Fraudulently Bilking Rich and Powerful People Out of Nearly $10 Million USD

Well this is kinda a shady story but honestly probably something that is quite common place in the entertainment industry. I mean the sponsorship part, not so much the fraud element. Actresses Son Dambi and Jung Ryeo Won, in the same agency, are alleged to have benefitted from the fraud committed by a middle aged businessman pretending to be a wealthy heir. He claimed to have inherited close to $80 million USD and used it to buy cars, homes, yachts, and expensive items. In truth he was a fraud who used that story to bilk close to $10 million USD from rich and powerful people claiming it was an investment in a highly profitable business. He hired Son Dambi’s manager as part of his company and the manager introduced him to Son Dambi. Reportedly they had a relationship and he gifted her expensive presents. Son Dambi also used his money to pay back fellow actress Jung Ryeo Won for a loan of $43K USD she borrowed. She introduced him to Jung Ryeo Won and he bought a car for Jung Ryeo Won, and after Son Dambi found out she broke up with him. The man and his accomplices were arrested this past April and charged with major fraud and other related crimes. Son Dambi and Jung Ryeo Won’s agency has released a statement that neither actress had a relationship with that man, Son Dambi returned all the gifts he gave her which he did as a fan, and he helped Jung Ryeo Won find the car she wanted but she paid for it and it was not a gift. Suuuuuuure……, lol, this one doesn’t pass the sniff test at all.

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