Kang Ji Hwan Appeals Sentence for Sexual Assault Conviction and New Video and Text Message Evidence Casts Doubts on the Two Victims’ Statement of Events

This is a really odd turn of events and since I covered K-actor Kang Ji Hwan‘s allegations and later conviction for sexual assault last year it’s only fitting to write about new information in the case. Last year in 2019 Kang Ji Hwan was accused by two women of sexual assault, alleging he got drunk and molested and locked them up in his condo. Kang Ji Hwan admitted he was drunk, claimed not to remember the assault, and later plead guilty. He was sentence a few months later to two years and six months in jail but the sentence was suspended for three years of probation. He appealed the sentence and this week during the appeal process new evidence was submitted: text message threads of the two victims with their friends during the time period of the alleged assault and CCTV recording from the living room and other areas of the condo (but not the bedroom and bathroom which doesn’t have CCTV).

The recording shows Kang Ji Hwan drinking with the victims, swimming with one in his rooftop pool, and later drunk and getting helped to the bed by the victims. Later the victims took a shower while he was passed out and wandered around his condo wearing underwear contradicting their claim that he locked them in the bedroom. The text messages show them marveling at his expensive condo and also contradict their claim that they didn’t have cell service. Oh man, if Kang Ji Hwan really was the victim of false allegations I hope these two women are prosecuted to the full extent, but if he still assaulted them and just their stories are not accurate then it’s just a big ole mess.

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