K-ent Retracts News Articles that Park Hae Soo and Park Hye Soo were Cast in Hong Sisters 2021 Next Drama Exchange of Souls

Well this is big news from South Korean drama casting, exciting! Until an hour later when it was all retracted ahahaha, what a rug pull. K-media reported that K-actor Park Hae Soo (Prison Playbook, Legend of the Blue Sea) is the first name to be cast in what will be a big cast assembled for the Hong Sisters next drama airing in late 2021. It’s called Exchange of Souls (Soul Swap) and is the story of four men who swap souls and the comedy and fantasy around it. I think this is the drama about the young witch and wizard romance the sisters were prepping. There was also news that K-actress Park Hye Soo was cast as the female lead but that was quickly corrected as an error, she’s not in the drama it’s just only cast Park Hae Soo. But after her correction his side also followed and said he’s not cast so both news articles were pulled after. He’s already going to be a busy man as his name is also attached to two other dramas, Squid Game and Chimera, and I hope the next articles about this drama are legit because I can’t wait to see who will be cast in Exchange of Souls, hearing Hong Sisters drama casting always gets my anticipation up.

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