Jang Nara and Jung Yong Hwa Lead Script Reading for KBS Fantasy Comedy Drama Daebak Real Estate

I’m currently watching pleasantly along to KBS Wed-Thurs drama Hello? It’s Me! The drama is non-offensive and has moment of comedy and sweetness enough to keep me curious to see what happens next. It looks like the network will keep the same light theme with the next drama lined up Daebak Real Estate (The Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate). Leads Jang Nara and Jung Yong Hwa along with the full supporting cast have held their script reading and is filming already on the drama which is set in the world of real estate and ghost hunting. Jang Nara plays the President of agency Daebak Real Estate but is using it as a front to exorcise ghosts in those residences. Jung Yong Hwa is a swindler who uses fake ghosts often in his schemes and discovers the existence of real ghosts through crossing paths with Jang Nara. They work together to solve the mystery of her mother’s death 20 years ago.

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