Im Joo Hwan Joining Eric and Yoo In Na in K-drama The Spy Who Loved Me

I get a kick not from watching every K-drama Im Joo Hwan is in, despite really loving him as an actor, but from seeing what he does next because this man certainly jumps roles like a jack rabbit. In second leads alone he plays nice guy, clingy guy, weird guy, silent guy, and then super baddie guy, it’s like he’s the to-go guy whenever K-dramas need a really convincing second male lead to scene steal and make viewers care about the role even if he never gets a happy ending. Up next in his second male lead quest to catch them all is joining Eric and Yoo In Na in the upcoming K-drama The Spy Who Loved Me, not to be confused as a remake of the James Bond film of the same name. I love this trio so bring it on, it can’t be worse that Eric’s last drama the awful Eccentric Chef Moon. *shudders*

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