Huang Xiaoming and Yin Zheng Find Same Sex Romance and Love of Peking Opera in Period C-drama Winter Begonia

Movie land pushes the envelope a lot more since viewers can’t chance upon seeing a subject matter one doesn’t intentionally pay money to see. Which is why television is always slower and later in daring to show less than mainstream subject matter. C-ent is getting back to business after a bout with COVID-19 shut the industry out but during the hiatus there were plenty of pre-filmed fare still premiering. A new arrival last week is the Republic era period C-drama Winter Begonia (Chinese title Bin Bian Bu Shi Hai Tang Hong 鬢邊不是海棠紅) adapted from the same name novel and produced by love him/hate him C-drama producer Yu Zheng. It stars Huang Xiaoming and Yin Zheng as the male leads and based on the synopsis also the OTP, with Charmaine Sheh as the female lead and Huang Xiaoming’s wife in the story but according to her she doesn’t have that much screen time. Oh wow, consider me impressed and really curious whether this novel is compelling and viewers will tune in for the drama. It certainly does look beautiful and feels like the successor to Farewell My Concubine. Continue reading