Posters and Sleek Previews for TV Chosun Remake of Leverage Teases the Exciting Heists to Come

The Leverage team is rolling out this Sunday October 13th when the drama premieres on smaller cable network TV Chosun, but it comes with a big name cast and plenty of US original name recognition. Starring Lee Dong Gun, Jeon Hye Bin, Kim Sae Ron, and Kim Kwon, the drama is about an insurance investigator turned head of a ring of thieves to steal from the criminals back their ill-gotten gains. It’s a chance to root for the robin hood thieves and in this case it’s a nicely cast crew of handsome leading man team captain and a diverse crew of youngsters and rounded out with a sultry and smart leading lady. Check out all the colorful stills and watch the fun, action-packed teasers before this Sunday’s premiere. Continue reading