Official Posters for Secret Garden Plus Scenes from the OST Teaser

Apparently all dem posters of Secret Garden I’ve been plastering all over AKP were not the “official posters.” I sure wish to God they were the official posters, because the ones that just descended for that drama are in one word: Eh? and WTF? Oh wait, that was two non-words, but you get my drift. See that poster above? This is my reaction upon seeing it: Ha. Haha. Hahahahahaha. WTF is wrong with the poster people at SBS? Are they promoting a fantasy-melodrama or Binnie-As-Mary-Poppins? Plus, I immediately flashed back to the You’re Beautiful poster. See below. Agree with me?

As for the second official poster, which shows the entire main cast: it’s very cosplay Final Fantasy circa Stargate. It’s doubly horrendous when they should have realized that since they couldn’t squeeze in everyone’s face, they’d end up with a poster where no one has a full face. Quite inexplicable in my view.

On a happier and more eye-candy note, the production released a teaser sample from the upcoming OST, which includes some as-yet-unreleased footage. I’ve gotten some screencaps from that OST teaser for your sampling pleasure. And the teaser samples from the OST sound GOOD, like, really really nice songs and musical scores.

Secret Garden premieres this Saturday on SBS.


Official Posters for Secret Garden Plus Scenes from the OST Teaser — 11 Comments

  1. Thoughts that went through my mind as I looked at the posters:
    Poster #1: Mary Poppins! 😀 😀
    Poster#2: ET (I was half expecting an alien riding a bicycle to pop up)

    Overall feeling: Scary. Especially the 2nd one. >_<

    • Word.
      I totally thought of Mary Poppins too. The castle in the official poster reminds me vaguely of Harry Potter, only because the movie will premiere in less than 11 days!

  2. i actually dont mind the posters (i actually even like the second one for some inexplicable reason) ……what i hated was the drama description at dramawiki(SPOLER ALERT): The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), a seemingly perfect man yet with certain arrogance and childishness in him, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy of top actresses. One day they went deep into the mountains and entered a strange house. A strange grandmother offered them chocolate to eat. The next day they found themselves in the other’s body
    idk why but the whole mountain, grandma, chocolate thing sounds pretty unpalatable to me…maybe cuz part of me was hoping for the reasons of the switch to be more scifi than magic related….but even so this description sounds so weird….ofcourse initial drama descriptions often dont account for much…so lets just wait and see what this brings us

    • freaky friday all over again…
      that part of the grandma gives me the creeks, I am imagining the witch that wanted to eat hansel and gretel…
      eww much…

  3. looking at the posters it made me think. WTF is the story about flying..? are they going to be Wizards/witches… the 2nd poster I laughed at the guy at the back.. it seemed they were going to take a group picture but he wanted to be part of the group and ended up squeezing his lips in… kekekek
    i think the SBS poster maker is turning into whimsical overdrive that is hard to stomac.. i know some great poster makers who can make better posters than the ones that they make.. Gosh they should get another person to do their poster, no creativity what so ever…

  4. I agree with you in the poster. When I saw that firstly came to my mind was wow…. this is look like Your are Beautiful. I feel same as you.
    Oh! dear Ockoala, what should I watch between M3 and SG.
    Also I’m busy with rewatching and rereading recaps, diaries, comments and ect……. of PK… ( of couse plus my daily life commitments)
    Now I am going to read M3 episode one recap of you without seening yet…… as I
    am enjoy your writing …….. so I am sure that I am going to have FUNNNNNNNNN…..
    Thanks you for your great work as usual.

  5. haha you cracked me up ockoala and love reading your posts. have been a silent reader for some time and felt like finally saying thanks for all the goodies you post and to all the repliers…whose replies makes the post all the more enjoyable to read and put a smile on my face…

  6. YEGODS! What is WRONG with SBS? 0_O I liked the other posters a lot better and yes, yes, the first one is Mary Poppins meets Anjells and the second one…I don’t even. DDDD: If you tell me they’re FANMADE, I’m just going to give up on professional graphic designers and just hope that networks start hiring “amateur” fangirls and fanboys.

    Random side note: I’m scared to start my tweetdeck and see a BILLION new tweets from all of you. *bites nails* I think I’ll wait a few more hours? I’m not ready for that kind of shock just yet. XD

  7. Err… you are actually right. When I laid my eyes on the poster, I thought about ‘You’re Beautiful’ cause they had the same concept… then I read your entry. T.T It confirmed that it wasn’t just me. XD

    LOL on the second poster too… Gaaah, don’t they have better ideas for the poster? T.T

    But anyway, I’m still looking forward for this drama despite the no-originality-looking posters.

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