C-ent Casting Rumor Has Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan in Wuxia C-drama The Year of the Book with Second Male Leads Liu Yu Ning and Tan Jian Ci

Hahahaha, this casting is straight out of fan fiction but there is clearly is a shred of possibility as it’s making the rounds in C-drama casting rumors within the industry. There is talk of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi doing a second go-around for the wuxia period drama The Year of the Book (书君年 Shu Jun Nian). I will believe Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan doing another project together either when pigs fly or when it happens, the last time with The Oath of Love their two fandoms easily two of the largest and most devoted attempted to take each side down and that was not a fun experience. But if this drama is a S-plus huge production getting these two could be possible, and the same casting rumor says Liu Yu Ning and Tan Jian Ci are being courted for the second male leads. This is like a famous level upgraded male cast to Lost You Forever lol. Hearing this news was entertaining for sure and if the casting roulette changes with the project I’ll update then.


C-ent Casting Rumor Has Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan in Wuxia C-drama The Year of the Book with Second Male Leads Liu Yu Ning and Tan Jian Ci — 106 Comments

    • Or you mean in XZ dreams 😂😂, isn’t he the one with the scandal bow and his team is trying to use yibo and Zi to cover up for them😂😂

      • ???? LOL. I heard about exactly the opposite. These two former costars of XZ are most aggressively tagging XZ’s name for their own marketing. What I saw on Chinese SM and Youtube also reflects that.

  1. There is no ounce of possibility in this rumour at all😂😂. YZ has been avoiding anything XZ in a subtle and good way, she turned down the offer from boucheron, didn’t make any contact with him this year’s Weibo Night, and I don’t blame her, I mean she has already endured enough from his fandom for 5 years, she just wants to move on.

    • Turn down offer from Boucheron? Lol what a joke. Your sis is known for being unfashionable and no decent luxury brands has ever given her ambassadorship. But she wanted to be linked with XZ so bad that she borrowed Boucheron jewellery from some unknown to wear in her Weibo Night photoshoot. Too bad she had to take them off during the official event though, because wearing them in the official event will offend the brand.

      • No decent luxury brand😂😂. Antis be going crazy like😂😂, so Valentino and Prada even APM Monaco aren’t decent brands. I think you need some rest😂😂😂

        And is she the first celebrity to use jewelry that she isn’t endorsing??
        And yes, she turned down boucheron, go and argue with a wall

      • Lol these brands are all low tier, the top celebrities don’t endorse them. Prada, in particular, has rumours going around C-ent that its Chinese ambassadors are prone to getting cancelled. You fans are sure delulu, what evidence do you have to claim that she turned down Boucheron? From the words of your professional fan leaders? 😂

      • And your sis also didn’t get any ambassadorship from low tier brands until recently. It’s amusing seeing how YZ fans used to claim that their jiejie is a professional actress who doesn’t care about superficial things like popularity and luxury brand ambassadorships. Yet the moment YZ finally received an ambassadorship from a low tier luxury brand, both YZ team and her fans went on a marketing rampage to let everyone know 😂

      • @Lilith, Just afew pennies for my thoughts, No offense to yours at all Frankly, there are many artistes in China who are not fashionable.. Yang Zi seem to likes a more casual look unless she is in a event and had to dress up.
        She is not like Liu Shishi, Dilraba, Yang Mi etc… And she does not try to be on her own time. She does value comfort over luxury. That is very true. But I think that is why she is popular with the normal people who grew up watching her. Her outfits suits her character..
        I certainly like her to be who she is… as example likes of Liu Shishi, Dilraba are Goddess in almost everything they wear. They just carry the aura. She will never be like them, nor is she interested to be.
        Yang Zi may not earn as much doing CFs in comparison to them (I dont know)…But I doubt it bothers her, she is doing what she enjoys. That is acting.
        @Lilith, I am curious about your comment on her borrowing jewellery to be linked to Xiao Zhan, both are already friends, why does she need to do that? I hope they are still frienfs…it is better to have friends in this industry then enemies.

      • @Lilth those 3 are low tier brands 😂😂😂. You know antis are funny, you guys are the ones who made fun of her for not having any luxury brands and then when she has and her fans brag about it, you also complain 😂😂 asif it isn’t common for fans to brag of their faves endorsements🤷🏽‍♀️ and yes she is a professional actress and yes she only really started caring about her fashion and endorsements cause she even admitted it and there’s nothing bad in that

      • LOL Honestly, its the first time I ever heard of Boucheron. Reminded me of Korea’s Bonchon, best fried chicken! Its pretty sad Chinese celebs have to change 1-3 luxury outfits a night at award shows, as if China be flaunting their wealth when really, many people just wonder…why try so hard? Anyway, if YZ don’t have “decent” brand ambassadorship, I’m fine with that, she’s a self made actress, not a spoiled rich kid. I have more respect for celebs who don’t get sucked into the world of luxury brand ambassadorship.

      • @bean

        Boucheron is a brand from mid 19th century but peasants who have never left their villages wouldn’t know.

        Your jiejie can only wish to get even a local title, she sure tried and released draft after draft and again, failed, like with all the other luxury she was desperate to acquire.

        Don’t worry about XZ, he is sitting next to CEOs of Gucci and Tod’s in Milan right now. Better focus on your desperate fave who can’t score anything good no matter how much she desperately tries.

      • @Pathetic

        Yeah, I am a peasant, not ashamed to admit, its what most of the world’s population is. I guess you are a peasant too, you care enough to read my post, if you were royalty, you wouldn’t give your two cents on it LOL.


        You know, I actually feel disappointed in YZ and every other celeb who feel the need to be sponsored by big brands to solidify their status in the acting world. I have more respect for actors who just stick to acting and reject luxury brands. When I watch an actor, I prefer to see them sell a drama or film, not a clothing brand that I obviously can’t afford. I can afford a film ticket though. LOL

      • @Pathetic,

        Also, don’t worry, sitting next to the CEOs of Tod’s and Gucci only last like 2-5 years max. Producing good films/dramas the audience enjoy can last a lifetime. 😀

      • @HL When we say unfashionable, it includes events and photoshoots as people don’t really comment on how celebrities are dressed in their personal time. It’s not that much of a wrong itself to be unfashionable and not having luxury brand ambassadorship, but it’s another thing to pretend to not care about them by claiming to be a professional actress while insinuating that other fashionable actresses with luxury brand ambassadorships are not professional. I don’t know if she’s friends with XZ since they don’t interact after TOOL aired, but YZ’s fandom is closely managed by her team. If you look at her fandom’s attitude towards XZ and his fandom, they certainly aren’t friends. The weibo YXHs that praise YZ also often put XZ down. A good example of friends is like XZ and Lay (Zhang Yixing), they have interacted on weibo multiple times and XZ even supported Lay’s movie by reserving a few sessions and gifting the tickets to others.

        @Darkangel I’ve got one comment with further explanation on those low tier luxury brands that’s stuck in the filters before the one at 1:11 AM, have fun waiting for it. Lmao the hypocrisy is you delulus going around putting other actresses down for having luxury brands, but now that YZ has managed to get some lower tier brands, you all behave as though she’s now at the top of the line. Too bad those brands are indeed lower tier and the current top celebrities don’t endorse them. Claiming that your sis turned down Boucheron for APM Monaco is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Boucheron is a proper luxury jewellery brand whereas APM Monaco sells fashion jewellery that’s not even made of solid gold.

      • @HL When we say unfashionable, it includes events and photoshoots as people don’t really comment on how celebrities are dressed in their personal time. It’s not that much of a wrong itself to be unfashionable and not having luxury brand ambassadorship, but it’s another thing to pretend to not care about them by claiming to be a professional actress while insinuating that other fashionable actresses with luxury brand ambassadorships are not professional. I don’t know if she’s friends with XZ since they don’t interact after TOOL aired, but YZ’s fandom is closely managed by her team. If you look at her fandom’s attitude towards XZ and his fandom, they certainly aren’t friends. The weibo YXHs that praise YZ also often put XZ down. A good example of friends is like XZ and Lay (Zhang Yixing), they have interacted on weibo multiple times and XZ even supported Lay’s movie by reserving a few sessions and gifting the tickets to others.

      • @Darkangel I’ve got one comment with further explanation on those low tier luxury brands that’s stuck in the filters before the one at 1:11 AM, have fun waiting for it. Lmao the hypocrisy is you delulus going around putting other actresses down for having luxury brands, but now that YZ has managed to get some lower tier brands, you all behave as though she’s now at the top of the line. Too bad those brands are indeed lower tier and the current top celebrities don’t endorse them. Claiming that your sis turned down Boucheron for APM Monaco is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Boucheron is a proper luxury jewellery brand whereas APM Monaco sells fashion jewellery that’s not even made of solid gold.

        Had to break my comment up because the filter keeps blocking it.

      • @Darkangel Long story short since Koala is adamant on blocking some words or info. Claiming that your sis turned down Boucheron for APM Monaco is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Boucheron is a proper luxury jewellery brand whereas APM Monaco sells fashion jewellery that’s not even made of solid gold.

      • @bean

        I mean so you agree she is pathetic.

        Because all her dramas are flopping big time on TV where she can’t water. Your quadruple now 0.1 queen.

        On the other hand, XZ is breaking through the mainstream with Youth Memories, filmed with Tsui Hark and now with Zheng Xiaolong.

        So yes, her flip flops will fade away and his good works remain. And all that while he got to sit with those big bosses.

        Damn it’s hard to stan YZ, my sympathies lol

      • No one ever claimed that actresses with luxury brands aren’t professional actresses. Not me, not anyone, it’s just you your own thinking. I only said that she didn’t care about endorsement and fashion until recently in which seven she said in one of her latest interviews.
        And plss even Suga for BTS, Son Yejin, Enhyphen, even song Kang which are big names endorses these 2 brands so yes, they are profitable brands😂😂.

        And why can’t she turn down boucheron for APM Monaco, is it a crime?? She runs her studio and can decide what she wants for herself 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. I’ll stop arguing as this is just pointless and this post was about melon of a drama together not endorsements

      • @Haha

        Who said she was pathetic? She’s still got lots of projects lined up for her and past projects that were successful. Same situation with most celebs. Hits and misses. A pathetic person won’t get hired. Lol She’s definitely not as pathetic as anyone in this comment section. Lmao.

      • @Lilith, XZ is good friends with Lay??? I like Lay alot…love his dancing and his dedication to his craft. Happy to know both guys are friends.

      • @Darkangel Lol typical green tea reaction. If you didn’t mean actresses with luxury brands are not professional then why claim the reason YZ doesn’t care for luxury brand ambassadorships to be because she’s a professional actress? So apparently she doesn’t care about endorsement and fashion when she couldn’t get any previously but suddenly care the moment she managed to get a couple of them?

        And yes, it doesn’t make sense to turn down a luxury jewellery brand for some unknown fashion jewellery brand when she obviously care alot about getting luxury brand ambassadorships with how her team and fans go around bragging about Valentino and Prada. And you’re the one who started off first by making false claims about YZ turning down Boucheron ambassadorship, now you want to stop arguing after I’ve debunked it? 🙄

      • @Lilth I think you need to relearn how to read at this point, I went through all my comments and didn’t meet a single comment of me saying actresses with luxury brands aren’t professionals instead it was you who stated it, and I said that she is a professional actress. So now it’s you who stated it, now accusing me of being the one who said it🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. So yeah you are the one showing gree tea behavior not me😂

        And then I ask again why it isn’t possible for her to turn down boucheron, you act like it’s the end of the world for her.

      • @Darkangel Oh, you said not anyone in your previous reply, so I thought you were speaking on behalf of the YZ fans who claimed that actresses with luxury brand ambassadorships aren’t professional. Then let me ask again, why are you so sure that she turned down Boucheron, what proof do you have to support your claim? If you want to accuse people of theft, you need to bring out proof first right, instead of asking the accused to prove himself innocent?

    • @bean

      So why has she been licking luxury for years? It’s because she is desperate for it but nobody wants her. And the reason they don’t want her is because her data is all water. No high luxury is crazy enough to touch that mess.

      • Valentino gave her a chance because of her manager and look at what they got in return – did a shoot wearing a Valentino jacket and then bought a hot search on Weibo saying she wore a Chanel style jacket. Sigh.

      • @Darkangel

        They signed her?? Right.

        And how did that go, especially with Valentino? Lmfao pathetic.

    • I hope so. LOL

      The drama hasn’t been confirmed yet but fan wars are already everywhere. I’m sure there will have uproar among XZ’s fans at least if the rumored collaboration is true. I have seen many XZ’s fans very negative about YZ, mostly questioning about actress’ character off screen. I don’t judge YZ off screen since that’s personal life. But I don’t like her as an actor and therefore, I hope XZ will not costar with her again.

      • It’s not true.

        XZ is doing a movie and then a drama after Zanghai, we already know what they are and neither has anything to do with YZ.

      • The projects that were released, starring him recently, were filmed so far back that after they were finally released and he saw the reception, I feel like he’s gonna be more selective, and he now has the star power to do so. I’m hoping he chooses something good to show out on in the (near) future.

      • @Shrug, wait! Is he doing a movie and then a drama after Zhang Hai? I thought he’s filming Zhang Hai but no new projects announced yet after Zhang Hai.

      • @Somebody

        Yes, after Zanghai. It doesn’t have to be officially announced. We knew about Zanghai in May last year. It should be movie then drama, if everything goes to plan in terms of pre-production of the movie.

      • @Shrug, wow! Anything about the new movie and drama? What are those about? Anything in the air?

  2. LOL impossible. With Xiao Zhan’s current status, he will always be 1st billing but there’s no way Yang Zi will give up her 1st billing too.

    • I also got an inkling about that. I don’t think XZ’s side will test this kinda water though. LOL. His team should be pretty aware of the tension between the two fandoms. Many XZ fans already have qualms about most of his past leading ladies, me included. His team will be carefully pick his costars from now on. Not saying XZ has the power to decide his FLs. But he did say in his interview he will pick projects with good cast. So, he has right to reject projects with undesirable FLs. Not saying he doesn’t like YZ as a friend. But many XZ fans (me included) don’t like YZ as an actress. That’s a also a fact.

      • I dont care about fandoms…I find some of them tiresome and just too intrusives and this applies to all fandoms.

        I am ken to atch Xiao Zhan staring with any artistes (Male or Female) that he is comfortable with. He is not the most social of person…he is quite private… and I find him gentle, polite but a late warmer. He does best with a artiste he trust.

        As for YangZi, I have a soft spot for her since she was a young kid…grew up watching her. I just want her to be happy and doing what she enjoys, which is acting.

        I dont want to engage in fan wars with anyone. I really doubt these idols wants it too.

      • @HL There’s something I’m curious about, do you mind enlightening me? You mention that you grew up watching her, which is also something I kept seeing her fans say. May I know if you’ve lived in China when you were young? I don’t think the dramas that she had acted in when she’s a kid were exported internationally. And China is not into following the growth of their child actors and actresses, the only person who has some love from the public watching him grow up is Wu Lei. And even so, they only took notice of him during Nirvana in Fire when he’s 15-16yo.

      • @HL And I was always under the impression that you are much older, like in your forties and above, as you had mentioned about being old several times.

      • Lmao I sure hope his team picks his leading ladies properly. Zhang Jingyi and Li Qin are good choices. The others… not so. Their visuals turn me off from watching XZ’s dramas.

      • @lilith, never lived in Chins, have not even toured there. I watched the shows on VCDs I think…i have a relation in UK that loved China shows and he get his friends to send to him. It was years ago already. I get to watch different old Cdramas…. I saw YangZi family drama then. I have moved to UK by then.

        I do wish to visit China to see their landscapes, some old tombs, art and food. But not keen to visit the modern shopping spots.

      • @Joy, I agree with you about Li Qin and Zhang Jingyi. Specifically Zhang Jingyi, is the one among all his FLs that I consider both acting and visuals are most on par with XZ. Some fans are critical of Li Qin, saying not able to get her acting. But I do think XZ has strong chemistry with LQ in The Wolf and also The Youth Memories.

      • Oh I see… I was under the impression that people weren’t into Chinese dramas back in the 2000s, maybe except for historical/costume ones. Hong Kong and Taiwanese dramas were more popular back then. I would like to visit China someday too, but it’s kinda hard to do it free and easy which is how I normally travel. And I’ve heard foreigners have to book tickets in advance for popular attractions now, unless they book with some tour agencies.

    • @Lilith, you are right…I mean, I watched Yang Zi grow up from her family drama… not grew up along with her…My bad!!! yes I am over forty… Sorry, had too much coffee plus my dyslexia…I do type what is different from my thoughts sometimes. Thanks for pointing it out to me. 😂😂

      • @Lilith, I read about the tour agencies too…and read alot of bad practise amongst them. I enjoy planning my own trip and not following tour groups.

  3. I think some fans are just very eager to conjure up false castings on their own preferences…or start a rumor which will bring out the haters like @Lilith. LMAO, it worked cause haters be roared up!!

    • Correcting false rumours means that I’m a hater? Yeah guess that explains why YZ fans often makes up false rumours. Because no one will pay any attention to their jiejie if they don’t do so.

      • @Lilith Correcting false rumors…rumors are not facts to begin with so how is anyone correcting them?? lol unless your a inside person or a part of a legit news organization reporting on facts, don’t China have legit news outlet instead of what fans try to correct??

      • @Voo Oh? Let me ask you, how would you know whether certain info are false rumours if no one corrects them and brings up the possibility of them being false? I wonder why a certain YZ fan above is so sure that YZ rejected Boucheron offer, did she get inside news from Boucheron or just parroting what YZ fandom leaders told her? And lol, you’re asking for legit news outlet for entertainment news?

      • @Lilith

        How would I know if certain rumors are false if no one corrects them? Of course i don’t know but do You know? Like, you legit know with facts? Are you a part of the PR team or something with actual facts to support your correction?? That’s what I wanna know. Lol not that you’re just a fan taking words from another fan. Lol

        And yes, it’s a serious question. Chinese Entertainment news are all rumors and not legit with facts to back them up? Unless they get busted for tax evasion by the CCP maybe. As a matter of fact, you both can be wrong, I can’t seem to trust fans who fix rumors.

      • @Voo Then what are you finding difficult to understand? Since you won’t know those rumours are false if no one corrects them, then all the more it’s important for people to debunk those rumours. Instead of asking fans to support their rumours with actual facts first (which was what I’m doing here), you are asking me to support my counterargument? Talk about not getting the priorities right.

    • @Voo
      It’s not fair that you don’t name Darkangel as a hater also. This person is fighting hard. I’m just pointing out what I saw here.

      • I’m not a hater, I just said the rumors were false and that she was avoiding him in a good way😂😂 so how the heck did I turn to a hater, I only defended her when I had to without even bringing down any other artists

      • @Lilith

        Jeez, why are you so butt hurt just because I didn’t mention @ Darkangel. This commenter didn’t sound as defensive as you in their response to me. Lol you just keep going.

      • @Voo Look at you pretending not to get the point again. Did I reply to you before you @ me? No? Then why do you only @ me? You can continue deflecting all you want, it just makes you look stupid.

    • @Lilith

      Let me explain again: People are creating false rumors, how are you or anyone else debunking them with what factual evidence? That’s all I want to know. What makes your words more accurate than the other person’s? Where are you getting this evidence? Through legit articles with proof? (Not topics started by fans) Or is there no such thing as factual entertainment journalism in China?

      • @Lilith

        I love facts so if anyone can’t tell me where they got their info, their words sound like this to me: Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah.

        It’s how most Chinese celebrity stan who keep talking really sounds like now. So I’ll leave it at that because I know you can’t answer my question.

      • @Voo With logical reasoning and questioning the authenticity of their words. What evidence do they have to claim that YZ turned down an offer? Nothing. But you are here questioning MY questioning of the authenticity of their words.

        I find it strange that you are so hung up about factual journalism for entertainment news when this article posted by Koala herself is about casting rumours that also have no legit articles to back up the rumours. And tabloids have long been associated with the entertainment industry in various countries, do you think their articles are legit and factual?

      • @Lilith

        Thank you! You’re getting it. Trust me, idk who is telling me facts, Koala either, I can’t trust until official news is released and Koala does report on those too. Also, did u see my reply to XZF on Darkangel? Yeah, I don’t trust your take on correcting her rumors or her rumors. Why should I? You guys aren’t the celebs themselves or their studios. So bottom line is, stop sounding like your words are more valid than the other person because it ain’t. Koala is the blogger here, she has mainly stayed neutral rather you agree or not. Her intentions never seemed to have people fight based on what she finds to write but you all just need to work up storms in the comment sections by providing “evidence” your stan is better then the other. That’s the problem.

      • @Lilith

        As for entertainment tabloids in various countries, yes, obviously there are media tabloids who release false information about celebs but guess what? They can easily get sued for defamation if found falsely reported. There are official news outlets who confirm rumors from legit resources, not fans from a random blogger’s comment section.

      • @Voo Well, then you didn’t make yourself clear enough in the first place. You felt the need to only @ me while leaving YZ fans out, and then went one big round asking questions that don’t make any sense. Go @ Darkangel who started it first instead of me.

      • @Voo See, your answer don’t make sense again. Scroll up and look at your first comment, it’s obvious you @ me first. Unless you just want to defend YZ fans for whatever reason, then it makes sense why you’re playing dumb here. Passive-aggressive tactics.

      • @Lilith

        Since you’re so affected by my comment for not including @Darkangel in my first comment, let me relieve your frustration. I quote myself:

        I think some fans are just very eager to conjure up false castings on their own preferences…or start a rumor which will bring out the haters like @Darkangel and @Lilith. LMAO, it worked because the haters are all roared up!

        Btw, I’m neither a YZ or XZ fan, probably seen only one project from each of them. Both are good people, probably why they are so successful. @ Darkangel admitted she ain’t a hater but you…that’s questionable based on your arguments against YZ in your comments, so yeah, that’s what i mean when i said your being defensive and showing your true colors as a someone who does dislike YZ. Your trying too hard to make people agree with you.

      • @Voo LOL seems like you don’t frequent this site often? I’ve openly voiced out my dislike for YZ team’s marketing tactics here multiple times. I don’t disguise my dislike for any celebrities nor make backhanded comments unlike YZ’s green tea fans.

      • @Lilith

        That’s wonderful for you. Hating people who you won’t ever live up to be. Jeez, sounds like a lot of wasted energy. 😀

      • Lol I wouldn’t want to be like her, thank you. I’m perfectly happy with my life as it is. I don’t see it as wasting energy, it’s entertainment that I’m consuming here. 😊

      • @Lilith,

        Lies, you’re obsessed with YZ. LOL you even go into other posts to try and bring up Yang Zi. LMAO.

      • Better than YZ fans pretending to be multiple people on this blog and still refusing to admit it when the evidence is clear as day 😜

      • Nah that’s you, a fan pretending to be otherwise. Guess the status of being a Yang Zi’s fan is too embarrassing for you? Make up your mind already, first calling me a hater, now claiming me to be a fan.

  4. She wishes.

    Also her stans are always some of the best comedy I encounter on this blog. Their 0.1 and water queen sure knows how to attract them lmao

    • That’s EVERY Chinese celeb stan. They comedic as hell, can’t take them seriously, they will think they tricked you into joining their cult.

  5. What’s wrong with bad comments on this news?

    Anyways, what sweet melon tho. I wont mind seeing these 4 leads in a drama but with LYN and TJC’s status nowadays, i dont think they’ll accept it. But who knows, even Dilraba is sharing her top billing status with CZY, based on rumor. So, who knows.

    • It’s cfans migrating from weibo to fight on other platforms lmao. You can tell from how some of them use ‘your sis’ (they’re literally translating from chinese 你姐, which is how a lot of weibo crazy stans fight) and also the fact that they talk about water and other such common cfan stan terms.

      I agree with you that I think this is an interesting pairing in terms of casting. I think LYN isn’t at the same level acting-wise as the other 4, but he’s improved steadily since his debut so it’ll be fun to see how he does opposite them (although I’m also skeptical of this rumour).

      • @Skeletal Lol I’ve openly said that I can read Chinese and get my C-ent news directly from weibo. What’s so surprising about Cfans being on both weibo and other platforms? Many people are bilingual/trilingual and so on. I’m sure quite a number of Kfans also go onto both Korean and international Kpop platforms too.

        You know which pairing I’m most looking forward to? It’s Yang Zi and Wang Yibo. They should have no problems working together and their fandoms seems to be buddy-buddy with each other too.

  6. It’s extremely entertaining seeing people lose their minds over idols who do not know you all exist at all.

    Your idols do not have any decency, morals and ethics when it comes to use mentally ill people as ammunition to feed their own ego, self-appreciation and self-value.

  7. I knew I would be entertained when I entered this topic. Chinese fans are funny people. They take the word fans to a new level: Extremely Crazy. 😂 I hope when they grow older, they will realize how lame they all sound, fighting for a person they’d never meet in real life or ever get close to.

    • It truly is so bizarre. This comment section is more entertaining than any fantastical plot they could possibly conjure up with this cast. Hilarious.

  8. Woohoo. Popcorn ready! LOL. I don’t have enough time to browse all the comments. Need to run an errand. Will be back for the drama I missed. 😵🤣

  9. This post is just clickbait and speculations. How much trust is there? We all dont know but it has already gather over 50comments. You can see just how these 2 artistes can create so much splash out of just speculations.

    As I like both artistes…I am not qualified to be called a fan as I dont watch all their shows, follow their Weibo or any social media consciously.

    But I truly wish them both well in what they do. And continue doing what they enjoy.

    • I hope they don’t act together again. But if this news is true, I wish the best for both. I’ll watch any of XZ’s drama as a fan regardless of the FL being someone I like or not. But I’ll critique his drama too including the visuals and acting of his leading lady.

  10. There have been rumors about the casting of The Year of the Book since last fall. One of the rumored leading pair were Xiao Zhan and Tang Song Yun. I’d prefer TSY to Yang Zi. There were always rumors of XZ’s leading ladies for his past dramas until last minute before the official announcement of the cast. Everything is possible and nothing is for sure until official announcements are made. If XZ and YZ work together again, there would be ruckus among many XZ’s fans cos I know they dislike her A LOT. I’m indifferent to YZ’s personality and her teams that many XZ’s fans have negative opinions about. But I don’t consider YZ a great actress. Her acting style has been pretty monotone for years without breakthrough and kinda boring. I don’t like her visuals that’s over PSed. She overacted a lot around XZ in Oath of Love. I hope XZ gets to work with more versatile actress with more natural looks instead.

    • Tang Song Yun is a much better actress… I too hope to watch her pair with Xiao Zhan one day. They are only 1yr apart…sometimes i forget Xiao Zhan is over 30yrs olds already.

      • 32 yrs old! Time flies since The Untamed. LOL

        I just read his interview with GQ (published in Taiwan GQ) yesterday. He mentioned his own age and express anxiety of not having enough dramas under his belt as other C actors at the same age. 2020 slowed down his career development temporarily while he invested himself in stage plays, but now he’s in full charge for another take-off. I hope to see him more productive on screen from now on.

  11. BTW, I have never heard that Valentino and Prada are low-tier fashion brands as some haughty ignoramus claimed. LOL. Both are luxury brands and have customized designs for many celebs including Elizabeth Taylor, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, and Princess of Sweden etc. Prada, in particular, is very popular in the world now thanks to the endorsements by some K-ent celebs. Prada is in the same luxury tier of accessible core as Gucci and Tod’s for the same level of price tags, unlike Bottega Veneta for a higher tier pricing at superpremium, or even the ultra high end like Graff. So, where is the idea coming from that Valentino and Prada are low tier luxury goods?

    • Lmao for someone who claims to be part of the upper-middle class, you’re sure ignorant about luxury brands. Are you claiming that Valentino and Prada are on the same level as Hermes, Chanel, LV, Dior, Gucci etc? Even those five that I’ve mentioned are of different levels within themselves. It seems like you’re willing to lose logic just for the sake of contradicting me.

      • LOL. The data and classification are published in Business Insider and other fashion business media. I bet you’ve even never heard of Graff. LOL. The tier is classified based upon price points, not business volumes or market shares of these brands. To some very wealthy clients, LV and some Kering subsidiaries like Gucci are too easily accessible to many, not exclusive enough to be considered for their own class. That’s why these brands like you listed are in the middle tier of accessible core rather than the ultra premium high end. Those brands you listed are popular and have higher market shares among luxury goods cos they are more affordable to a larger population including me. Nonetheless, they are too common for many 1% to consider unique or extraordinary to show off their status.

        LOL. My income is in the upper class per American tax brackets. But it’s not an implication that I have passion for brand names. As a matter of fact, other than some brand name tableware sets and a luxurious grand piano I own, I mostly shop my and my family’s clothing at Targets and Macy the like as most Americans do. LMAO. I do find Asian women are perhaps more obsessed with brand names. My relative for example, who is a highly-paid IC designer/semiconductor engineer in Taiwan. Although her salary is still way below mine, she did enjoy making trips to France to get all kinds of brand name fashions, accessories, and bags including LV and Chanel. I personally don’t appreciate any brand name fashions. LOL. But I pay attention to fashion vogue thanks to XZ who endorses many and acquire some knowledge of how these brand names have been doing per my experience in financial business.

        So, GET A GRIP!

      • 😂 So you admit you know nothing about luxury brands, yeah that’s all the info I need. And lmao you sure love degrading people, even your own relatives.

      • @Lilith, you’re delirious again. I suggested you get a grip and you obviously don’t. LOL. How did I degrade my relative? I only stated a fact she enjoyed luxurious shopping in France while I don’t have any passion for brand names other than kitchenware and grand pianos. I don’t need to wear brand names to know luxury goods cos they’re available to see either in flagship stores nearby or some designer mags sent to my mailbox. I’d rather use the same amount of money to buy more stocks to accumulate wealth or investing in home improvement. On the other hand, ppl broke their banks to brag about brand names they own. Such vanity! Perhaps you’re one of them. LMAO. You talked as if owing brand names is some sorta pride to brag about and not buying brand names is something to dismiss. So shallow!

      • @Somebody Then why did you say you find Asian women “more obsessed with brand names” and even added that her salary is way below yours? Because you want to make yourself look superior compared to your relative via degrading her. “Look! I earn more and is more thrifty than my Asian relative, that makes me a better upper-middle class person!” which is such a superficial thing to say. And that’s what you are, a vain superficial person who cares too much about wealth and status. But in reality you’re not as wealthy as you claimed to be and have no knowledge about luxury brands, so you pretend to be some upper-middle class person who don’t care about luxury brands.

        I’ve never said you need to own luxury items, I’ve only said you don’t have any knowledge about luxury brands, but seems like you’re so insecure that you jumped to this conclusion. You know, some upper-middle class people may not care about luxury brands in their everyday life but they would still have known about luxury brands and own a few because they have occasions where they need to be dressed appropriately and hold conversations. You are obviously not one of them.

      • @Lilith, LOL. Again your mental gymnastics is wild! Why do you take facts as degrading? Why should I degrade a member from my own immediate family in Taiwan? LMAO. My income is at least 2-3 times of her salaries as an IC chip designer and she loves luxury brand names while I don’t. All these are facts. It’s also true many in my Chinese-speaking circle also like to brag about brand names while they aren’t necessarily making enough to afford those luxurious goods from my perspectives. How is this degrading? You’re the insecure one, not me. LOL. That’s why I’m not tired of suggesting you getting some help from pro counseling.

        One doesn’t have to own brand names in order to know brand names. No brainer! But you have trouble getting such simple logic. I have plenty of junk mail (brand name catalogues) sent to my mailbox through certain memberships. I browsed these catalogues while I did my business in the restroom. LOL. But I don’t have any desire to purchase anything from these fashion or jewelry designs. BTW, do you think I live in Himalaya where no way to window shop at flagships nearby? LOL. There are flagship stores of almost all the Western luxury brands everywhere around the corner of a shopping mall in my area except for Tod’s that I’ve never come across one here. I don’t buy formal wears from stores though since they are all custom made by a specific tailor to fit my figure perfectly. Your remarks just expose how ignorant you are! LOL. Ppl like me don’t really show off our wealth in an outspoken manner that is in our banks, investment portfolios, and properties we own. Take a former office I worked with for example. We as top experts in our industry all liked to wear casual while working. We had a culture that everyone wore sportswear and running shoes to the office and got dress changed to suits in our personal suits for any business meetings with clients. It would be a laughing stock deemed as unprofessional to carry a LV or Chanel handbag to the office. No men wear Armani or Cartier either. LOL. You judge by how many brand names one has put on herself? We judge by where she sits in the office building. That’s how shallow you are with such vanity. You don’t know how upper-middle class in the US really work and live !! SMH.

        “Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.”

      • @Somebody You can deny all you want, it doesn’t change the fact that you did degrade your relative. My initial point was that you are ignorant about luxury brands and how they work, but you’re too stupid to understand that and instead think that knowledge about them just means knowing what they are called. It doesn’t matter how many catalogues you browsed, someone earning 1k per month can also browse them. You’re so contradictory, if you don’t like to show off, then why constantly claimed to be part of upper-middle class, earning high salary and knowing doctors/lawyers/engineers etc here? That IS showing off.

        And omg, did you just say men wear Armani or Cartier? Well, expected since you indeed don’t know. Just admit you don’t have knowledge of luxury brands instead of coming up with so many excuses LOL.

      • @Lilith, you’re obviously the one showing greatest folly with incoherent comments throughout this comment section . LOL. I’ve never claimed myself to be in the upper-middle class cos this discriminatory term isn’t welcome here in the US. But you’re not tired of calling me in the upper-middle class. LMAO. The only fact I clarified about myself is that I paid more than 1/3 of my income to various taxes each year and my income is indeed in the upper-middle percentile of tax brackets. You’re so dense full of yourself, totally ignorant of true US and American ppl. Such a dunce! LOL. Again, sane ppl will get what I mean in terms of income vs. ownership of brand names. Oh you’re bragging about ownership of brand names even your actual pockets broke bcos of that! LMAO. Does that make you proud? So shallow and cheap! SMH

        *Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.”

      • @Somebody Lmao go look back at your past comments if you have short-term memory, you claimed to be part of upper-middle class when I said you love pretending to be one. Since when did I say my pockets broke, or did you make things up in your delusional brain again? Lol.

        I’m living a wonderful happy life, thank you. And it’s made even more interesting with foolish clowns like you here entertaining me.

  12. The more am into Cent….the more I see and realize that the fans of celebs…fandoms are a darn cult!!!…I don’t care if yall don’t like or can’t stan a specific actress or actor….its within yall rights and opinions…but how can yall use that to dictate who the actors can or cannot work with??? Aren’t these people suppose to be professional first and foremost than taking into consideration their petty fans likes and dislikes with whom they worked or will work with??? As actors its theirs, their agency,investors, producers etc….choice who they work with…fans really have no say other than voice their opinions or boycott, spread rumors or whatever floats their boat..but if a cast will happen….it will no matter how much distain fans of one or both sides have against each other. Most times the artist themselves have no beef to begin with but the fans will act like the actors are the worst enemies even without a proof that both are on good terms or not.

    I personally don’t care about their fandoms mental issues…I would very much like this cast to materialize, even though it’s a rumor, in my opinion I wannt to see XZ and YZ in a historical costume drama together…I’m also dying for XZ and Bai Lu also… This is one reason why I just stan the artist more and leave fandom mess to themselves…as it makes watchers becomes bias against artist and each other, where not even in opinions they can remain sane and agree to disagree respectfully…

    If it was up to fandom…LYX and BL wouldn’t have work together again…really fans are just too much sometimes.

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