C-actor Zhang Zhe Han Returns to Entertainment Industry as Singer and Wins Award and Holds Fan Meeting in Singapore

So there has been one return from the recent batch of cancelled C-stars and it’s none other than the talented Zhang Zhe Han. Unfortunately for his OG fans who became his fans through his breakout hit period C-drama Word of Honor, his acting career in Mainland China remains so over with zero hope of return but he is back as a singer full time. He started in 2022 by releasing a few songs and in the year since he’s gotten his singer career off the ground and towards the end of 2023 held a fan meeting in Singapore and also attended a local station awards ceremony to accept a Artist of the Year award. He’s look has changed from trendy preppy during his acting days to full rocker look much like that era of Jang Geun Seok after he did Mary Stayed Out All Night and transformed his character into his real life. If you’re a ZZH fan at least now you can follow along with his singing career.


C-actor Zhang Zhe Han Returns to Entertainment Industry as Singer and Wins Award and Holds Fan Meeting in Singapore — 101 Comments

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  2. He was affected by Zhao Wei, is that the main reason behind his ban? Of course having evidence of Pro Japan photos from years ago just made it easier for them to target him.

    I cannot think why else… One thing occurred to me, Yu Zheng might be laughing behind his back.

    • How is taking photos as a tourist before A Japanese Shrine equivalent to pro-Japan? It’s so dumbfounding. Those ppl supporting Chinese ppl banning him are paranoid. LOL

      • @Somebody, 🫢🫢
        I should have “” my “pro Japan” photos… because even I found that ridiculous. I really found his ban one of the most bizarre. I suspect they tried to find wrong doings in his taxes but he was clean thus they picked on it.

      • From time to time, CCP would create scandals among celebs to divert public attention from the government mess to those C-ent gossips. There were numerous reports linking the timing of these C-ent sandals with CCP party shakeup or foreign policy fallouts. Surely news like that won’t be circulated on C SM.

        Whenever CCP had something messy going on within the party, they promoted anti-US or anti-Japan or anti-whatnot nonsense in China. ZZH was prolly just a victim under this sort of unhealthy sentiment.

  3. I’m glad he’s able to pivot to a different career. And he looks better than ever. Still sad that he was kicked out of acting altogether in China because of his pictures in japan. He didn’t break any laws. And there were terrible people going after his parents too. Even if he can come back, he may have PTSD from it all.

  4. Again, some people just like to pretend the shrine that he visited is some ordinary Japanese shrine when it’s a shrine that worships WW2 Japanese soldiers. Imo non-Chinese have no say over what the Chinese find offensive. Some Chinese celebrities also had scandals too but they bounced back in China just fine, how come ZZH couldn’t? Obviously it’s because his issue caused a threat to China’s national interests. I’m pretty sure America will also ban a Hollywood actor from appearing in the public’s eyes if the actor is found to have relations to CCP, and a certain third-class American here will fully support it.

    But I’m glad that ZZH seems to be doing well, previously heard about him trying to sell tea leaves to his fans and what’s not. Is he currently under a Taiwanese or Japanese agency as a singer?

    • @Lilith…I agree that the issue is not him visiting any regular shrine but that specific shrine. The public has the right to cancel him because those pics touch upon a very sorrowful and tragic part of their history. That makes sense. But saying that his picture actually pose a threat to China national interest is pretty asinine. It’s only a threat to their national interest because they made it so. Saying that ZZH has actual power to wield that kind of influence on national security as a celeb is so nonsensical.

      • @R I beg to differ, celebrities are public figures with fans that look up to them and they do have influence over those fans. The Chinese government has always been against Japan commemorating and worshipping their WW2 soldiers as they see them as war criminals. A Chinese celebrity visiting a shrine that worships WW2 Japanese soldiers is a major slap in the face for China that goes against their national interests. If the Chinese government doesn’t punish him, Japan will say “Look, you’re fine with your celebrity visiting a shrine that worships my WW2 soldiers, why make noise when I worship them?”.

        And imo there’s more to just the visiting shrine photos for ZZH getting banned. There’s long been rumours about him and his boss Zhao Wei having Japanese capital backing them. It’s no coincidence that both of them got banned at the same time.

      • I’ll try to cut my words short so as not to trigger any filters. It could be that it wasn’t just because of the photo. There was rumours of him and his boss ZW having Japanese capital backing, which can actually pose a threat to China’s national interests if he really is helping Japan to hold influence over the Chinese.

    • Lilith is like always mad extreme about cancelling people and being super pro dictatorship. Like everyone has to be so goddamm perfect. Oh wow sure he is pro empire of the sun and totally knows every location of the shrines even though he doesn’t read Japanese or live in Japan. You are probably the type to not believe the TNM square massacre existed. Like why even choose the name Lilith as your tag??? CCP is against religion so don’t choose an occult name.

      Mad reaching and always sound like some hater or miserable person. Literally if you don’t like America, Japan and Taiwan just say it. You sound racist at this point. Don’t ever visit these countries please.

      • @KJJ Lol get a grip. Who says the name Lilith is a symbol of any religious beliefs? And since when did I say I don’t like Japan and Taiwan? How am I racist? By the way, I’ve already visited all those countries and will be visiting them again soon, what are you going to do? 😘 LOL.

      • I’ve visited Yasukuni shrine and it’s museum. What you all don’t seem to understand is that the shrine houses CONVICTED CLASS A WAR CRIMINALS, those responsible for planning and carrying out WWW2 among the other war dead and that the Japanese primoe minister and members of his party continue to go to to the shrine each year to pay their respecrs which upset not just China but Japan. That’d be like Germany paying tribute to Hitler, Goebbels and the rest of Nazis every year. What’s worst is the museum next to it has justified WW2 as Japan freeing Asia from colonialism. Japanese aggression has been white washed from their school text books and many Japanese don’t even know about the atrocities their country committed.I remember a bunch of exchange students from Japan who were shocked to learn that Japanese soldiers had massacred 50,000 people in my country during WW2.Unlike Germany, Japan has NEVER fully apologised and that’s why Yasukuni is so sensitive.
        I don’t think ZZH is a national security threat or his agency accepting Japanese capital is a big deal when there’s been Japanese-Chinese Co productions as recently as 2017, e.g movie Legend of the Demon Cat.
        But ZZH as a Chinese won’t be unaware of the shrine’s background so he’s a total idiot for posting those pics. He won’t get cast anymore because from a purely commercial standpoint why bother with someone like that when C-ent is awash with so many good looking young talent? It’s not like he was a super top star to begin with.

    • Sorry Lilith but thus is a nonsense argument. It is like saying that because the British Empire was behind so much bloodshed and oppression in so many areas of the world for so many years, anyone taking photos in front of the Buckingham Palace or the London Bridge must face repercussions in his work. Imagine Bolywood banning 95% of its actors.
      Or imagine the whole of Europe and the US and Canada banning BTS back in 2017-2018 for the Nazi insignia scandal.
      Or maybe whoever has ever visited the Berlin Reichstag or the Kremlin should be labelle à Nazi and a KGB mole respectively and get fired from his job. Sounds logical?
      I haven’t watched Word of Honour nor anything else starring Zhang Zhe Han, but cancelling an actor for a picture in front of à controversial historical monument is ridiculous and would only happen in an authoritarian state.

      • Well my reply to R got stuck in filters again, but I’ve pretty much explained it there. It wasn’t just visiting the shrine alone, there had long been rumours of him being backed up by Japanese capital, which can actually pose a threat to China’s interests if he really is helping Japan to hold influence over the Chinese. It’s no coincidence that both him and his boss Zhao Wei got banned at the same time.

      • Looks like Koala wants to filter out some words. Both my comments to you and R aren’t showing up which explains why it may not just be due to visiting the shrine.

      • Lilith is just one pathetic mouthpiece of CCP. What she has spewed so far is consistently in line with CCP’s propaganda, total bullsh*t. There’s a lot of CCP money backing evil communists’ infiltration in the US, Taiwan, and other democracies including Japan and Australia to just name a few cos there have already been numerous cases brought to the court in these countries with spying charges and guilty verdict. Per Lilith’s spurious logic, all the Americans and Taiwanese people visiting China and taking pics before Tiananmen Square should be cancelled by the US govt/American society and Taiwan govt/Taiwanese society cos both countries have been very vocal protesting 1989 massacre at Tiananmen Square. Lilith’s excessive mental gymnastics would imply those American or Taiwanese tourists posing before TS to take photos were fishy with Chinese backing to have bad influence in the US and Taiwan cos to all the democratic countries, Tiananmen is a symbol of CCP brutality and dictatorship. LMAO. How dense!

      • @Somebody Oh, here comes our in-house CCP fanatic. Thanks for supporting my opinion that various countries can attempt to infiltrate other countries with money. But you need to improve your comprehension skills, I never said taking photos at controversial places are “fishy”. I’m only pointing out there could be further reasons behind this ZZH and ZW’s scandal such as helping Japan to hold influence within China.

      • @Lilith, LOL. You’re delirious all the time. You always talked as if someone from the inside circle knowing a lot of deals behind the door. That’s why it’s legit to gather you’re just a CCP stooge with strong connections with the regime since you position yourself as someone getting the first-hand information. Otherwise, you’re just a delusional CCP lackey good at mental gymnastics. LOL

      • @Lilith, Besides, I don’t support your BS. Here comes the same trick CCP stooges love to use online. Whenever ppl criticize CCP China, these CCP lackeys including Lilith would say: Oh, every country in the world is the same. So here you go! I pointed out CCP did a lot of infiltrating in democratic countries, specifically in the US and in Taiwan. Then you said that every country infiltrates other countries with money. LMAO. This is exactly the same cheap and dumb trick that CCP stooges love using to divert criticism of their beloved regime to everyone else in the world. Dunce! We all know that CCP is the one country doing heaviest infiltration around the world. Futile for CCP stooges like you to deny it. Futile for you to deny you’re a CCP stooge.

      • @Somebody Oh? You think China is the only country capable of doing infiltration into other countries? Well, that’s all we need to prove how brainwashed you are. Even American propaganda movies also feature American spies going to all parts of the world but of course in a sanistised way where the American spies are always featured as the good guys.

      • @Lilith, here you go again, just self-proving you’re an avid defender of CCP and attacker of democracies using exactly the same BS point CCP stooges always love to insinuate: China isn’t the only country doing blah blah blah. Countries like the US also doing the same blah blah blah. LOL. I just watched news about Chinese spies infiltrating Australia and US government for decades but getting caught up recently. All the spurious fallacy you have been spreading on this drama blog is only real in your own airhead always exercising excessive mental gymnastics LOL but without evidence to support.

        Just move to China and hail to your communist emperor. Then nobody bothers what crap you’re talking about. Support your belief with your action! LOL

      • @Somebody Telling the truth is not defending CCP, but of course a brainwashed American third-class lackey like you refused to comprehend it. I see someone else below calling you unhinged, which I totally agree. One more count added to the large number of people here who unanimously agreed that you’re an insufferable a-hole. Majority wins 😊

        You are so double standard like the country you belonged to. You tell people to stop interfering with a country’s affairs if they are not that country’s citizen? So why are you interfering into China and Japan affairs now? You aren’t even of Chinese ethnicity. A word of advice, if you are aged 13 and above, please go consult a psychiatrist, you are in need of serious help.

      • @Lilith CCP lackey! Look how dense you are having no hope to change. Call me troll. Sure! Be my guest! I don’t mind playing word games to have frivolous exchanges with you just to continue exposing your connection with CCP. Basically you’ve been exposed to be a US hater and democracy naysayer! A real hypocrite living outside China, much worse than those Chinese 50 cents and pinkies who have no choice but being a swarm of propaganda cockroaches pushed by their evil government. I can’t take you, such hypocritical leftards, seriously for now. How many times have I repeated this? Deranged Chinese expats spreading hatred against democracies including the US and Japan etc. should just move to China or Russia and then ppl might take you more seriously. There are a cohort of such incoherent CCP lapdogs visiting this site. Everyone knows whom I’m referring to. LOL

      • Hey Lilith! Who pointed out who has mental issues first? It’s me advising you first to have a mental health check per your persistently voicing for CCP and all the incoherent nonsense out of your mouth. LOL. Sure the majority of Cdrama fans have Chinese genes in their blood and by default are most easily brainwashed by Chinese state propaganda through entertainment. The opinions of ethnic Chinese on this SM don’t mean anything significant. Even 1.4 billions vs. the rest of 6+ billions are still minority. China is a force messing up the world order. The majority of the world have recognized that thanks to Wuhan pandemic and all the recent wars with CCP being the mastermind behind. These hard facts won’t change! You continue to live in your bubble built by your CCP master through C-ent propaganda. LOL. It’s futile to brainwash rational people with critical thinking. A lot of ppl are silent on this site. But I won’t. I live in the US and there’s nothing for me to be afraid of speaking freely about the truth. You delirious CCP stooge just get a grip without going crazy cos your master in Beijing is doomed. LOL

      • @Somebody, stop yapping and go see a psychiatrist already. Yep, it’s futile to brainwash rational people with critical thinking, so stop trying to brainwash us with your American propaganda.

      • LOL. All the CCP lackeys are mentally unstable and need collective counseling. You’re particularly ill.

      • @Somebody You need to be locked up in a mental hospital, it’ll do the world of good.

      • To be locked up in cells? LOL. Ppl must love to see that happen to all the CCP stooges like you. Hahahaha. CCP and all its lackeys are literally possessed. It would be good riddance if all of you just disappear from the sight of human beings.

      • @Somebody “Ppl must love to…” Lol an assumption made one-sidedly by you as usual, typical brainwashed unhinged behaviour. Practise what you’ve preached below, stop interfering into China and Japan affairs if you aren’t their citizens. LOL.

      • LOL @Lilith the dunce! When did I interfere with Japan and China? Did I tell the governments to do or not to do anything? LOL. I have no interest in foreign affairs. Everyone is entitled to speak openly and freely about anything outside China, you the clueless included. LOL. I spoke of my opinions openly and lawfully. But I don’t tell their citizens what to do, unlike a silly CoraLIE trying so hard to influence my voting decision in the upcoming US election. That’s called interference.

        You should just move to China and ppl might take you more seriously since then you would live your own words not just rambling crap on a democratic forum where we believe what is contradictory to your own values. LOL. You’re the perfect definition of hypocrisy. SMH!

      • @Somebody Lol so when others talk about America, it is interfering, but when you’re talking about other countries, it isn’t interfering? *Double standards AND hypocrisy* just like the country you moved to. I’m very sure my values aligned with many others here, you’re the only odd one out.

    • @Lilith, even thru I found the photos taking being the reason quite bizarre, but I find your comment of Zhao Wei may have Japanese finance interesting.. We may never know the truth…but if it was investigated by PRC she did get undertable Japanese money. It will definitely cause harm to her brand. If it is above board and open, I dont think it is a issue. As we know the are Japanese investments in China and China in Japan. The economics side is not unusual.
      But if it was unreported then that is where she got herself in trouble. Zhang Zhe Han being under her agency is also caught up.

    • The place where he stood and took pictures is a tourist hotspot that CCTV has reported on. Zhang Zhehan himself has clarified that he has never visited or paid homage to this shrine. There are so many tourists in spring, and he is just one of them. Why only criticize him? There are millions of tourists, including tourists from other countries besides China. Do they count as visiting the temple if they pass by? How ridiculous!

      • didn’t he attend the wedding of some Japanese people of influence? There’s more to the story than merely taking photos at a shrine. We will never be told of the truth!! The fact is China can cancel anyone anytime because it is a communist country… everyone is being watched and tracked. We can never use our outsider mind to decipher their thoughts unless we are one of them.

  5. Can he act in dramas outside of China? Like a Taiwanese or Singaporean drama? If his passion is music, that’s great. If he enjoys acting, then it seems a bit of a shame to not be able to do that anymore.

    • @Soph

      I read an article where he said he’s reconsidering returning to acting this year. However, he expressly said he was looking into romcoms and will NOT be starring in another BL drama. He said that part of his life was over and done and he wanted to move on. I do believe he plans to return to acting in probably Malaysia and Singapore. And if allowed, they could possibly air his dramas in Hong Kong or Macau and Taiwan. Not sure about the politics of those regions, though. It wouldn’t be as large scale as working In Mainland China, but he will get plenty of support from his international fanbase and from people who are sympathetic to him outside China. As a non-Chinese, I feel sorry for him because the whole charges seem trumped up and bizarre but I would also like to give the Chinese government the benefit of the doubt as no one can tell another person how to feel about a tragedy that befell their people or nation.

    • If Taiwan wants to take him, Im going to question their sanity bc they were the dominant government at the time of the sino japanese war

  6. I wonder why he didn’t go to Hong Kong entertainment industry. There’s hardly any good looking male actors in Hong Kong.

  7. Everybody in China knows what this shrine is and everyone knows how much of a no-no it is and what the consequences are. Everybody.

    The things Japanese did in China are absolutely horrific and nobody but the Chinese gets to decide what is and isn’t forgivable. That shrine is still a place where Japanese right worships those same criminals.

    And let’s not even start on the Japanese general refusal to fully acknowledge what happened before and during WWII. Korea has plenty of issues with them for this same reason.

    Back to the shrine, Justin Bieber got banned for this very same thing. ZZH absolutely knew what he was doing and where he was going. His ties to Japan and through his family too are well known. These are the consequences for that. He has a career outside of China and is doing well so he walked out of it fine, again thanks to the money behind him. So his fans should be happy but leave the Chinese to sort out their own house.

    • I dont get why people kept parroting that zzh visited yasukuni sgrine. He NEVER VISITED YASUKUNI SHRINE. He denied it, there’s no proof of him going inside the shrine (the shrine was even closed on that day). He like many millions tourists (including chinese tourists) just followed the hanami course that was suggested by CCTV and took pictures in front of sakura. As simple as that. Why people kept repeating fake news about him visiting yasukuni shrine?!

      And to someone above saying he attended wedding with japanese controversial figure, the said figure is dewi soekarno whose husbands, the president of indonesia, was as pro china as he cd be. The haters and bots basically lied that her husband was soeharto, the one repoonsible for riots affecting chinese communities in indonesia, in order to slander zzh.

      One thing for sure, all the charges against zzh has been proven false. Someone who have backing and money mustve wanted him gone and hence auch concerted attack on him. Zzh even filed though court challenging hus cancellation, but china being china, so yeah…

      Anyhow, people should really STOP slandering someone without proof and based on hearsay. He has not done any crime and he has never visited Yasukuni shrine. So stop saying that he knows it’s a nono shrine and he knows it. He never visited that vloidy shrine. End of story. Stop spreading fake news.

    • 1) It might be true that everybody in China knows what this shrine is and how much of a no-no it is. But you also assume that they know what the shrine looks like and its exact location in Tokyo, as if they have an inborn Google map in their brain.
      2) How did you come to the conclusion that “ZZH absolutely knew what he was doing and where he was going”? I came to the opposite conclusion. The shrine is located at a cherry blossom hotspot visited by millions of tourists each spring. The shrine compound has multiple entrances, and only the main entrance has the name written clearly. It even has a road bisecting it. ZZH could have wandered in unknowingly to take photos of the cherry blossoms.
      3) “His ties to Japan and through his family too are well known”. Again, where did you come across this? If this is true, they wouldn’t need the shrine photo and the 30+ other rumours to bring him down. This alone is enough.

  8. My friends went to his concert in Malaysia and had a blast. He was great in the Singapore concert too, donning Hanfu. ZZH, Jia Yo!

  9. Here is my take on the whole Zhang Zhehan incident as a Zhang Zhehan fan.
    I am ethnically Chinese, but I am a Malaysian citizen. Malaysia was also a victim of Japanese imperialism during WW2. I have heard horror stories from my elders.
    So why am I in support of Zhang? Because he did not do what they accused him of, which is worship at Yasukuni Shrine. He was there to take photos of the cherry blossoms, which the shrine and its surrounding area is famous for. I cannot condemn a tourist for taking touristy photos.
    Secondly, the shrine is located in busy downtown Tokyo with multiple entrances, and only the main entrance has the shrine name stated clearly. It is very likely he was not aware he had entered the notorious shrine premise.
    Most importantly, this incident was clearly a frame-up. His accusers fabricated rumours and made changes to Baidu maps to trick the public into thinking the shrine is in a remote location, implying that Zhang travelled there expressly. They also claimed that the shrine was mentioned in two of the books Zhang had read. Neither of which is true.
    Seeing as this scandal happened when Zhang was at the height of his acting career, it’s easy to see that it’s all a ploy to bring him down. Pointing at a deer and calling it a horse. If it was not this, they would have found something else.

    • This!
      I haven’t seen ZZH in anything but his scandal is bizarre. People were too harsh on him for something which could’ve been a legit mistake. He may have not realized he has entered the premise and well he’s an actor, there’s a huge chance he doesn’t remember what the shrine is for. People forget what they read of their history in school. I don’t want to hurt the sentiments of Chinese but there is a greater possibility of this not being intentional. The guy and his family were subjected to a witch hunt for this which is totally wrong. If you even think he was wrong, you can at least empathize that he was treated very wrongly. His nephew was bullied in school for these photos and what not which if turns out to be a sincere mistake was nothing huge. And then when people commit su****e, the audience then contemplates on what they did or they still keep thinking they were right in calling things wrong and right according to their limited perspective.

    • Why did other people survive the scandal that happened at the height of their carerr and he didnt? You make it sound like survival rate is zero

  10. I saw a comment saying Americans would react very badly to an American celebrity who shows support to an “enemy” nation. I’d not be so sure. Countless American celebrities have showed support to America’s enemies along the decades. Jane Fonda might being the most famous one. They’re all working fine in the USA.

  11. Zhang Zhehan once clarified that he had neither visited nor paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine. His trip to Tokyo in 2018 was organized by his friends at the time. . Many tourists passed by there at that time. Were they also guilty? Is traveling also a sin? Will others be able to travel to Tokyo, Japan in the future? just find an old photo to accuse you when the dark force want to ban you? What are the intentions of the people in the comment section who are bent on imposing charges on him? He has not been banned by Chinese officials, so he held a concert in Hong Kong not long ago. If it is officially banned, it will never be allowed.(the concert)

    • Hong Kong is not “completely” controlled by Chinese officials until 2047. Would this concert be a slip in the system? Let’s see if he can hold a concert in Shanghai or Beijing !!

  12. Google ‘Unit 731’ and you will understand why the Chinese react the way they do about YS. ZZH should have known better.
    Everyone know the atrocities that happened to the Jews but not many know the Japanese have done worse in China. If I had ancestors that suffered like that I would be sick to my stomach about zzh posing infront of the shrine dedicated to war criminals.

    • Exactly! My grandmother’s cousins were carted off and shot on the beach. And they saw babies being bayonetted by Japanese soldiers. And the right-wing LDP government has been white-washing their atrocities in WW2 for decades. I’ve spoken to Japanese friends and colleagues who have no idea what their own country did in WW2, but they all know about the atomic bombs of course. I’ve been to Japan countless times and like it but their government is cowardly. I’m actually kinda glad about the global influence of K-ent, at least they’re shedding some light on what happened, albeit in Korea. If you watch Gyeongsang Creature on Netflix, it starts with real photos of Koreans who had been subjected to inhumane experiments by the Japanese imperial army. Many J-netz were upset with the show, funny how when someone tries to tell the truth about WW2 in Asia, they get branded anti-Japanese. LOL

      • If Chinese made movies about the unspeakable crimes the Japanese committed in China, these same people would dismiss it as propaganda. When it comes to China people seem to lose their basic common sense.

      • Even if Japanese people have no idea about their country’s atrocities in the past, aren’t they even a little bit surprised or confused about all the hatred stemming from both China and Korea? It’s not even light hatred, it’s strong hatred. Do the Japanese remove news about that too?

        Ironically, I think I read statistic that said more than half of tourists who go to Japan are from China. So…China has brought a lot of business to the country and vice versa. While on one hand they have economic ties but on the other, there’s a lot of hostility. My mom recently went to Japan and she asked her relatives in China to come visit. They told her it’s sensitive to visit Japan, so she didn’t meet up with them. Interestingly, another one of her relatives is in Japan for school, so it’s like…wtheck is this lol. A huge contradiction.

        Japan needs to issue a big apology already. It’s beyond late to the “sorry” party. Even just an acknowledgement of what they did would resolve a lot of the bitterness between these countries. Maybe they’re afraid of reparations if they admit their crimes.

      • @Coralie, LOL. You’re asking nonsense out of ignorance. The Japanese are pretty aware of brutal aggression and harms their government caused to other Asian countries during WWII. That’s why in the constitution of Japan, Japan can’t own formal military to initiate any attacks or military aggression, but only Self-Defense Forces, unlike Chinese PLA who have been constantly poking fishing boats and intruded the territories of neighbors in the South China Sea. Japanese people aren’t ignorant of their infamous history in WWII and Japan defense needs votes from their own citizens to change the current constitution to expand military. But Chinese unforgiving spirit gets out of control thanks to their evil government’s propaganda that does more harm than good to China. Now the tide has turned in favor of Japan instead. Recently, China has been the most hated country among all nations in the world mainly thanks to the virus manufactured in the Wuhan lab and also aggravating aggression of PLA towards neighbors in the region. China also supports evil regimes like Iran, N. Korea, and Russia. China is currently considered the leader and mastermind of evil axis.

        When criticizing Japan, Chinese like you supporting CCP narratives should look into the mirror themselves before pointing fingers. Ironically as far as Sino-Japan war in WWII is concerned, it’s officially recorded in the history that Mao Zedong, the founding bandit of CCP, thanked Japan for invading China so that CCP could have opportunities to usurp the official Chinese government back then. This was out of bandit Mao’s own mouth when he met with several prominent Japanese figures including Japan internal affair prime minister. LOL. Chinese Commies should be grateful for Japan’s invasion of China instead of hating on them. When talking about hatred towards a country, there is currently No.1 target among all the nations, i.e. China! LOL. Per several surveys conducted around the world, China is now the country others hate the most. Thanks to the egregious regime under communists, the Chinese including Chinese expats outside China has become easy targets and victims of this shifted hatred. It’s a folly for the Chinese to keep spreading agenda of CCP, part of which is to spread hatred towards democracies of which the countries such as the US, Japan, and Taiwan are among all to be defamed and attacked the most. It’s moronic for Chinese expats outside China who live in a democratic country to parrot what CCP like to hear. You’re spreading that hatred promoted by the CCP to aggravate abomination of Chinese expats that’s already prevailing in many countries.

        Read more history rather than just watching fake Chinese historical dramas!!!!! LOL

      • @Coralie just wanted to clarify that although my family did suffer under the Japanese imperial army, I don’t hate Japanese or Japan and I do like holidaying there, especially since it’s pretty cheap these days hahah. There’s a lot to admire about the Japanese, their civic mindedness, dedication to their craft, how clean and orderly it is and Japanese produce is top notch blah blah. They were the first developed Asian country so I think for many Asians there is a sense of admiration mixed with some frustration? I’ve been careful to use the terms Japanese Imperial Army and Japanese govt when talking about the atrocities to make a distinction. The right leaning LDP has been in power for so long which I feel is part of the issue of not owning up to their past and keeping ordinary Japanese cocooned in a state of “innocence” about their war past.It’s too bad really. I gotta admit visiting Yasukuni and it’s museum made me pretty upset but I had to see it for myself. Surprised to hear abt your mum’s relatives not wanting to visit Japan, the place used to be crammed with Chinese tourists pre covid!

    • Nobody is denying what the Japanese did. That is not the crux of the matter.
      The crux of the matter is that ZZH got bashed for taking photos of cherry blossoms.
      For those of you who say he knowingly went to YS, I’d love to hear how you come to this conclusion. The shrine has multiple entrances. There is even a thoroughfare bisecting it. I believe he wandered in unknowingly.

    • @Somebody LOL WOW, just wow. You’re unhinged. I mean, no doubt you are gauging from your responses and hatred of China. But slander? For one, there is NO proof that Covid was created in a lab, show the proof since you’re so committed to your delusions. Stay away from Fox News and Trumpism already, you gullible fool, it’s rotting your brain.

      Secondly, yes I don’t know Japanese history because why would I? I don’t live there and have no interest in exploring Japanese politics.

      Thirdly, one of the most common reasons people cite about the tension with Japan is that it has never apologized or acknowledged their crimes and PURPOSELY hid historical facts from their own textbooks. If the Germans won’t accept that about Hitler, why the heck would the Chinese? I don’t care what Mao said, he wasn’t the one whose family was devastated by the invasion. Only those who have had personal experience with this have the right to demand an apology. And they have. So shut your trap.

      Finally, I don’t even know HOW you derailed from the topic at hand and continued to attack with these straw man arguments that generate no productive responses and just point fingers at something completely irrelevant to the topic.

      At this juncture, I can solemnly say that you’re just an attention-seeking troll, who hates China LOL.

      • LOL. As expected, you’re just parroting CCP propaganda. Defending CCP again? Nobody except for CCP lackeys would easily believe CCP’s lies any more. Your folly is excessive cos ignoramuses like you have been doing more harm than good to Chinese expats overseas! Almost everyone now knows Wuhan virus was spread exactly from the Wuhan lab. Otherwise, why has China been refusing several requests from WTO to send experts to do inspections there except for one arranged trip obviously planned by CCP to only show what they wanted to show to the outsiders???? WTO and the countries demanding answers from China have been expressing frustration with China’s attitude regarding the origin of the virus. CCP is hiding something huge. LOL. I don’t watch Fox. I’m a swing voter with rational mind and very well informed besides financial/economic knowledge, unlike you obviously relying on Chinese state propaganda to feed your airhead mis- and dis-information. You talked as if you lived on the moon not knowing what had happened to the earth since 2019. LOL. You and some CCP lackeys visiting this site are severely brainwashed by commies based upon how you reacted to criticism of those egregious regimes including China and Russia and how often you spread hatred towards the US and similar democracies. You, Jana, and Lilith the like have undeniable track records speaking against democracies and positioning yourself as mouthpieces for commies. You’re hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you live in the US, just get your ass out here cos you’re not welcome ass kissing your commie master in our homeland. If not an American citizen, mind your own business and stop interfering the US affairs including elections. So obnoxious!

        You, not me, is unhinged. LOL. Who dragged in politics first? ZZH just visited a popular tourist spot and perhaps took regular tourist pics on that popular spot. But you guys linked that to unfounded connections with war crimes. You were the one starting off politics. But then you accused me of digression? LMAO. Such a self-absorbed dunce with no education on general history other than rumors and gossips from C netizens. It’s also impossible to reason with you or knocking any sense into your airhead cos your brainwashed mind is so screwed up by all the lies fabricated by Chinese commies. Perhaps you have family members who are related to CCP and that’s why your reaction is so conflicting with normal citizens living in democratic societies.

        I’m done with you!. Don’t panic if Trump is elected again. Don’t think the US will change in your favor either if Biden is re-elected successfully. Either one will make sure CCP China is doomed. LOL.

      • @Somebody K, troll. I won’t respond to your unhinged, delusional mumbo jumbo. Your fantasies are only useful when talking about dramas, because that’s where they belong.

      • @Cora Lie! LOL. You’re absolutely talking about yourself! An ignorant drama bumpkin resorting to Chinese SM gossips like WeChat and Weibo for mis- and dis-information. Did you ever read serious news? LOL. Ignoramus!

  13. I think you guys are missing the point here, comparing his photo to taking a photo at Tiananmen or Buckingham Palace. Yes the British did some horrible things in their ex-colonies and Tiananmen is something that will forever be stuck in my mind. BUT Yasukuni houses FOURTEEEN CONVICTED CLASS A WAR CRIMINALS.
    The closest comparison would be IF let’s say the Germans entombed Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and all the Nazi class A war criminals in a national cathedral and the German Chancellor and cabinet ministers paid their respects at the cathedral every year and some American celeb poses in front of the place and posts it on X with a smiley face.
    Growing up, the yearly visits by the Japanese PM and his ministers was always covered on TV together with the diplomatic protests by China and Korea (I’m not from either country btw). Mind you, if a Korean celeb did what ZZH did, they’d get cancelled too! And no, I do not believe ZZH just happened to stumble upon the place. I’ve been there, its in Chiyodo-ku, a special ward where the Imperial Palace and other government buildings are. It’s not like walking through Ginza or Shinjuku and then going oh lookee here, the peach blossoms are so pretty, I’ll just take a pic and post it. ZZH grew up in China, I’m sure he’d know even better than me, about Yasukuni. And if he doesn’t, then he’s pretty silly and if I was an investor, I wouldn’t put my money on him. I mean who knows what other stupid thing he might do and jeopardize a drama from airing?

  14. @wapz – have you been there? Do you understand the significance of the place to not just the Chinese but the Koreans as well? Did your family suffer under the Japanese Imperial Army in WW2? Were tens of thousands of your countrymen massacred? Did you learn about WW2 in Asia during history lessons in school? I highly doubt ZZH did not know about the shrine, actor or not. There’s no way ZZH growing up in China would forget learning about this history in school. I can guarantee you that, unless he is illiterate. LOL. Like I said in my other comment, it’s not exactly a shrine that’s close to malls or shops that you can just happen to walk by. I don’t believe he had bad intentions, I think its ok to visit, after all we all need to find out for ourselves what this shrine is about but as a public figure, posting it online shows he clearly lacks any judgement or good sense. I’m not Ok with the family witchhunt and bullying, why should they all be punished for his individual stupidity. That I don’t get. But if a K-celeb did the same, K-netz would cancel him too. Yasukuni offends not just the Chinese, but Koreans and the rest of Asia!

    • Just because ZZH knows about a shrine does not automatically mean he knows what the shrine looks like and its exact location in Tokyo.
      Besides, did you actually look at the area surrounding the shrine? There are nothing but shops surrounding it. It is also connected to Chidorigafuchi, famous as a cherry blossom spot. It is entirely possible he just followed the crowd of tourists to view the cherry blossoms.

      • I HAVE BEEN THERE. That picture he took is clearly on the shrine grounds, nobody just wanders into Yasukuni OK.

  15. That person isn’t Zhang Zhehan,
    The one who held concert in Thai, SG, MY, n HK was Zhang Sanjian, the impersonator of Zhang Zhehan

    And Zzh isn’t banned by the Gov or Ccp, he is banned by CAPA, and NGO with powerful control over platforms n medias, n now he is working for his defamation case

    He has nothing to do with Japan n the political things

  16. Okay, I feel like there is such a disconnect on history and education I have to step in and clarify.

    ZZH was cancelled for crossing a line whether intentionally or unintentionally that no star/celebrity/public figure in Mainland China can cross. If he was an average citizen he can do whatever and there are no consequences beyond his personal family. As a star he lives and dies by his image and that’s the price to be paid to be famous. It’s like selling your soul to the devil and one day the devil comes to collect the payment. Being famous has a price, you cannot say one can be famous and also do whatever one wants. If one wants to do whatever one wants, then don’t be a public figure. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    ZZH was cancelled for taking a casual selfie outside Yasukuni Shrine, the most controversial place in ALL OF JAPAN both for the Japanese and for countries that Japan subjugated during WWII, mostly China but also Korea. Even the Taiwanese tour groups who are the most friendly with Japan due to the relatively kind colonialism there DO NOT VISIT Yasukuni Shrine. One does not randomly wander there. It’s like saying ooops I randomly wandered into Auschwitz when I was visiting Germany. Nationalistic Japanese says Yasukuni honors their military, doesn’t matter what said military figures did during the war, it was war and all is forgiven. Progressive Japanese align with the Chinese, Koreans, and really most of the world in saying you can venerate your military figures but not Class A convicted war criminals which is what Yasukuni Shrines houses all together. There is a reason Germany DOES NOT put Hitler and Goebbels in a museum because said figure was a part of their history and needs to be honored.

    ZZH is a public figure and had an image of being well-educated, well-read, and refined. Hence the blowback was even larger. If he was a meathead wrestling star I think people would have said he has never touched a school textbook so give him a pass and have him do some remedial education now. There is no way any Chinese citizen who went through the Chinese education system would not have been taught everything about the Japanese conquering of China before and into WWII and how that pain and trauma still reverberates today.

    It doesn’t matter whether ZZH visited Yasukuni Shrine in going inside or not. What he did shows he either doesn’t know Chinese history or he does and doesn’t care enough to avoid Yasukuni Shrine. Neither possibility is acceptable to the audiences of Mainland China whom are his customers so to speak so that’s why he’s cancelled and cannot have a career there. It’s like selling a product no one wants to buy anymore. On top of that, there were other things he did that were seen as pro-Japanese so he was cancelled for the totality of it all. It’s a shame to me because he’s a very charismatic actor and had so much upside, but his personal actions ended up cutting short his career. I’m happy he can be a singer elsewhere but his true talent was in acting IMO. I really like ZZH but his cancellation in Mainland China is both logical and unfortunately realistic.

    • @ockoala

      Thank you for posting the clarification statement here for all readers to see. It helped settle the very controversial debate here. It should remind people what terrible things Japan have done to China, Korea and other Asian’s countries. I hope that Japan will apologize for it soon in the near future. The current, future Chinese, Koreans’ generations should never forget this.

      ZZH is paying for his stupid action and I hope he learned from it. I don’t feel sorry for him though.

    • @Koala, sorry I have to disagree with you. Your logic is flawed. Your presumption is that ZZH as a public figure is supposed to be well-educated, well-read, and refined. It seems you’re mirroring yourself on him regarding intellectual level. LOL. I don’t think this presumption is necessarily accurate or in line with the fact. Yes, he paid the price cos he angered many emotional Chinese people. But if he was simply unaware of much of the history of that shrine and all the controversies, I don’t think he should be blamed for hurting the feelings of Chinese or Korean or other WWII Asian victims just bcos of an ordinary but clueless action that many tourists will take when visiting a historical point of interest. That being said, under the current sentiment in China and hatred towards Japan always promoted by CCP state propaganda, ZZH was too ignorant to avoid unjust cancellation. He is ignorant at best but I won’t accuse him of committing unforgivable crimes as many C netizens have been doing. I don’t think cancellation is justified either. It’s like most foreign tourists taking photos before the statue of Chiang Kai-shek when they visited CKS Memorial in Taipei without knowing dictator CKS committed the ever worst crimes against the Taiwanese in the Taiwanese history, killing 10s of 1000 Taiwanese elites during 228 tragedy and many Taiwanese people including me hate Chiang family to the heck! But I don’t think anyone including a celeb should be hated or cancelled for posing and taking pics before CKS’ dead statue.

      Posing and taking pics before a shrine or a statue housing or symbolizing criminals =/= paying tribute to those criminals.

      LOL. It’s just a very simple tourist behavior telling everyone: Here I’m visiting the site for fun. LOL. How can’t ppl including Koala tell the difference? The only explanation is that those who have strong emotions attached to WWII victims under Japanese aggression may have trouble telling the difference. It’s understandable. Still, cancellation as a result is not justifiable IMO. I’m not convinced nor settled by Koala’s “clarification.” LOL.

    • Thabk you for clarifying for us that its not just China! Some unhinged asshole is quick to point at ccp, like its not just China??

      • I haven’t seen any countries other than China cancel anyone bcos of related incidents. Point me to similar examples in other countries then if I’m wrong. Provide evidence rather than just rant according to your emotional attachment to CCP China. LOL

      • CCP stooges and Chinese lackeys being louder on SM including this site will not give ppl misconception that the majority of ppl in the world agree with you. Who are unhinged assholes? I’m pretty sure many in most democratic countries will point to Chinese expats working as cyber mouthpieces for CCP China per several large-scale polls conducted across the world. You dunces are just out of touch with the current status quo of China in the real world, having wrong focus on C-ent garbage. Keep being delusional living in your C dramaland!!!!! LOL

    • @Koala, BTW, I’d like to correct you about Taiwan. Stop dragging Taiwan into this nonsensical mass. Taiwan has the highest favorable opinions about Japan among all the countries in the world. Taiwan has been on pretty good terms and a close relationship with Japan in all aspects including agriculture trading and collaboration on high tech, e.g., semiconductor. Polls consistently show that Taiwanese people like Japan as a country the best.
      Hatred of minority Chinese living in Taiwan doesn’t stand for the voice of the majority Taiwanese. You’re absolutely out of touch with the current Taiwan. Taiwanese ppl hate China perhaps more than Chinese ppl hate Japan. As far as I know, the recent trend in Taiwan has been addressing the period governed under Japanese government as “Japanese ruling” rather than “Japanese colonization” but brutal Chinese KMT’s regime as colonization by a foreign force. People aren’t stupid! Taiwanese people clearly know who treated Taiwanese people better under their regimes. The answer was shown time and time again in the numerous polls. Get a reality check rather than living in your Chinese-brain cocoon!

  17. I find it hilarious that someone claims they hate China and yet, they continuously watch Chinese productions and use Chinese products and then complain about them lmao. Going by their logic, they’re being traitors to their own country for ensuring the continuation of economic success by their enemy.

    Don’t watch anything Chinese, or else you’re betraying your country. Don’t even wear, buy, or use anything from China lmao.

    That’s how you show you’re patriotic to your adopted country.

    • Sure bumpkin! Then you should just stop getting online since by your logic you hate the US so much while using all the tech invented by the US. LMAO. To pay allegiance to your CCP master in Beijing who BTW is the number 1 enemy of Taiwan, just throw away all your electronics and get your life back in the stone age cos all the electronics have made-in-Taiwan IC chips originally invented by Americans. LMAO! Chinese dunce! Not all Chinese are dense but you are!

      • hahaha LOL. You know I’m talking about the facts and you were just too uneducated to come up with legit reaction! Delirious!

    • @Coralie you said it girl! Just what I was thinking hahahah. Ignore Loony tunes, anyone who doesn’t fit her pro-American/Japanese narrative has to be part of the CCP. There’s good and bad in every system and a person who can’t have a balanced discussion isn’t worth engaging with. Probably feels so grateful to the American govt for granting her citizenship she feels she needs to defend them all the time. I guess it’s level up from Taiwan. Lol.

      • She reminds me of those Taiwanese politicians fist-fighting, hair-pulling in their own Parliament.
        Lucky us that this is an online ‘discussion’ … Lol.

      • @Pinky Agreed. She can stay in her delusional bubble. And drive herself nuts (which she already is) lol. Looney tunes hahaha

  18. As to ZZH, I am firmly in the camp that he doesn’t deserve a career ban for taking pics in a Japanese shrine (yes, even a shrine for class A war criminals.) He doesn’t seem to be doing that out of malice, perhaps he really was unaware. I’m not sure if there are pics of this shrine in every textbook, because that’s the only way I would be able to recognize a place that’s considered forbidden.

    China hasn’t banned him, I believe; it’s the domestic market which did. Maybe the domestic market took their lead from China’s attitude towards his pics, which is likely, but on the other hand, there are a LOT of patriotic netizens who might be outraged causing a boycott of his career.

    Either way, what he did doesn’t seem severe. He only took pics as a tourist. Not to make a statement. And I think someone said it was only pics of the outside shrine with pretty blossoms. I believe he apologized for that.

    But I’m not the domestic market. If someone really offended me as a brand, I would boycott too, e.g. D&G. ZZH is able to make a living abroad where people’s sensibilities haven’t been heightened, so he’s still making a living, just not on home ground.

    • Sure! Keep parroting your lord in Beijing. LOL. Just get your ass out your adopted country (as you called) and move to China to pay your allegiance.

      • LOL. I have no K genes in my blood. But I’m more than happy to expose all the Chinese lunatics spreading commie ideology on SM, you surely included. Just move to China to pay your allegiance. I bet you dare not cos you honestly know it would be a hell for a nugu like you living there. LOL.

  19. @Somebody, I have been reading some of your comments…not all as I cannot follow some of the content. Frankly, I am one of those migrants Third Gen Chinese that is so far removed from China, I have never even been there, I dont care about their politics very much. I care to a point as a observer but my heart is not attached to CCP. I dont like CCP nor do I hate CCP. I just dont know them, I dont understand how it feels to be in the regime.

    I do know my ancestor who was 5 Gen above me is a high level ‘Guan’ who was paraded and behead by CCP for being powerful and rich. My grandma still remembers how she was quickly sent off to get married as second wife- ‘Ping Qi’ to am Malaysian businessman for her safety. my grandma dont tell me how she feels about CCP as she keeps taht to herself. She is now moving on to 100yrs old but she still talks about her childhood as a Uni student which is rare in those days and how grand her wedding was etc.

    China’s history and culture pre- cultural revolution interest me alot…anything after is a new world to me.

    I dont engage in all this CCP arguments with you or others, frankly, I am not smart enough to do so nor know enough to have strong opinion. I do not see those you call CCP mouthpiece as so but that is just my personally opinion. You have yours.

    But you made a comment yesterday that shocked me to the core, I googled on it and it was in Wiki…I was in so much shock and anger…I could not remember when I was so angry and upset about something. I cried about it.


    My husband had to calm me down to remind me it is politics. Politicians say many things…how do they feel we dont know. I told him…regardless, what Mao said is very wrong. Thanking Japan is wrong. But he is clever as China in those controlled media years would never hear nor know of it. And now if locals read about it, they will say it is fake. I feel so so sad for all the hundreds of thousands that were abused, killed and harmed by the invasion. To thank them in 60s then now use Japan invasion as mouthpiece to create hate against Japan does sound hypocritical.

    I hate the invasions… but I don’t have hatred over current Japan. I dont hate CCP as I really dont care about them at all. But I do feel very angry with Mao.

    • Honestly she should be hating Japanese, because it is due to THEIR invasion, per Mao, that the CCP were able to win. It’s a brilliant move to pass the blame (although it is the truth), and at the same time, feels like such a traitorous comment. But then again, it’s Mao, who has killed millions of his own brethren, so what’s a few atrocities if it means his party can win?

      Now that I think about it, perhaps Japan will never allow for an apology, because that means they’ll resolve hatred with the Koreans and Chinese, and that is a way to peace between all of them. The West wouldn’t like to see that. Japan certainly wouldn’t appreciate losing the West’s support, either.

      • @Coralie, when I read that Wiki page, I cannot express in words how I felt emotionally. My vocabulary is not extensive enough. I felt so betrayed, angry and so sad… Imagine the locals hearing him say that. CCP will fall. He would fall.
        It goes to show just how little anyone knew behind that closed door under his regime. Even now…it is still the same.

        But even thru I hate Mao as a person. As I hate Hitler for his deeds. I have never lived in China to be affected by CCP ruling…Thus I have no feelings for how they run their current Country.

        My love for China and its history lies in the old world. The new world means nothing to me. I am keen to explore and look at the historical parts of the Country only. And maybe look at my ancestors family book if it still exists…

      • Excuse me! I’m not shifting blame of Japanese invasions and instigating WWII along with the other two evil regimes back then to other parties. These three countries had the own shares of criminal acts against human beings during WWII. But CCP couldn’t always divert attention from their own current criminal acts against human beings (mostly ethnic Chinese besides Uyghurs and Tibetans) to a criminal nation in the past by constantly provoking Chinese people’s hatred against Japan. It’s scapegoating. What I quoted about bandit Mao is true and clearly recorded in historical documents surely only accessible outside China. Many Chinese expats had knowledge of that. There are actually many Chinese expats hate the CCP founder to the core. As to the civil war in China after WWII, it’s genuinely power struggles between two corrupt Chinese parties. But per what had happened in China under CCP compared with what had happened in Taiwan under KMT, the evil nature and corruption of CCP is on a whole different level than KMT. This commie ideology and regime is 100% demon possessed. LOL

        True! CCP took great advantage of Japanese invasion to seize the power from exhausted KMT when the nation was worn out by the war. It’s understandable why many Chinese expats fleeing China during that period and their descendants still have strong emotions against Japan. I brought up this history to remind commie Chinese that they actually owe credits to the Japanese invaders LMAO for what they have now. It’s legit for Chinese KMT to hate Japan but not CCP though per that logic LMAO again. OK, I’m just being sarcastic.

        Well. Regardless, hatred about ZZH’s tourist photo and cancellation as a result isn’t justified at all. Although around 20 millions of Europeans including many millions of Jews alone were killed in WWII due to Nazi’s aggression, I don’t see the level of unreasonable and bloated resentment towards Germany and Germans promoted by European politicians or the US. While actually being beneficiaries of Japanese invasion, not victims instead, CCP has been promoting hatred towards Japan and Japanese whenever they felt the need to divert attention from their own failures. CCP is a perfect definition of liars. Those ppl who defend this evil regime is ither moronic or evil themselves.

      • @Coralie, your ignorance and folly about international affairs is beyond my words. LOL. The US actually would like to see more reconciliation between Japan and S. Korea, which are both allies of the US and have American military bases in both countries per defense treaties. The US also have critical supplies chains, mainly in semiconductor, in both countries. Since the incumbent SK president is pro US, unlike his predecessor, the US has been able to successfully mediate between the two governments to come to terms. Japan has lifted bans on export of some critical chemicals to SK needed for chip processing. It’s absolutely folly to say the West (led by the US wouldn’t like to see peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

        China is the trouble maker who has been trying to change the status quo of the Indo-Pacific region by poking almost all its neighbors. The escalating tension between China and the Philippines recently is just one example. There have been numerous conflicts between China and India, Vietnam, Malaysia, and S. Korean reported to the international court and requests for the US to intervene militarily.

        If you’re an ignoramus gleaning most of your information based upon the fake sources in Chinese SM, you’d better zip up your mouth on this part in a forum like this so that you won’t appear asinine.

      • @Somebody LOLOLOLOLOL you’re talking politics to me on an Asian gossip forum, Looney Brains. Just how many more holes does your brain have lol!!

        That comparison to Germany is heinous, it’s despicable. You’re beyond sick in the head to think what’s happened to China in the past and their reaction compared to Germany is at a “level of unreasonable and bloated resentment” and even BENEFICIARIES of Japan. No! Germany had to do a lot of reparations and apologized to the practically the entire world and are still apologizing for their past behavior to this day. The Japanese has done none of the sort and for you to even THINK this is none of CCP’s business when it’s comprised of majority Chinese people, is absolutely ludicrous. Whether it’s CCP controlling China or another party, the end result is the same – Japan needs to apologize for what they’ve committed.

        You’re conflating different issues when you say it’s hypocritical of China to request apologies when they have been oppressing others, but that has nothing to do with the current conversation regarding the hatred between Japan, China and Korea. Uyghurs and Tibetans aren’t even part of this conversation.

        Also, until Japan sincerely apologize for their actions, they can kiss cooperation between S. Korea and Japan goodbye. In that case, the West has even more reasons to push for an apology. So, when all’s said and done, it is VITAL for Japan to apologize, for political and moral reasons.

      • @Coralie @Somebody, I have a very close friend who lived near me as our kids grew up together. She is a Japanese and her husband is German. To be honest, with 2 boys, the young kids take about many things. When they touch on the war…my son who is older and love any war related topics will share with his friend. I felt very awkward and once had to stop my son from chatting about it. My friend then turn to me and said, no need to stop him. He is being honest, as a Japanese and German, her son will learn such true. And both parents hate that part of history alot and have educated their son about it.

        I learnt, in Germany, Hitler and the Nazi party plays no role in current German GOV. Many Germans hated what happened. And have apology for the actors… but Japan is different, Reiko, never knew about it growing up as it was in her history books. But she does now. She knows such topics will make her son uncomfortable growing up in Europe but she will teach her son to have understanding and deal with those awkward situation with a level and calm head.

        That was a very enlightening conversation for me as I never thought of the situation from their prospective before. We are still good friend but she have since moved away..

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