K-netizens Loving the Height Difference and Chemistry with Kim Hye Yoon and Byun Woo Seok in tvN Fantasy Romance Drama Lovely Runner

I have a soft spot for K-dramas that deal with time travel or soul switching but used in a way that gives the leads more time with family and resolving unfinished business. 17 Again, Hello It’s Me, and Twinkling Watermelon are a few recent faves of mine. Upcoming tvN drama Lovely Runner (Running Away with Sun Jae on My Back) starring Kim Hye Yoon and Byun Woo Seok also fits that genre and so far it’s been filming under the radar but a new snippet this week has K-netizens perking up in excitement. Byun Woo Seok is a top star who kills himself in his 30s and Kim Hye Yoon is his devoted fan who travels back in time to when they were in high school and tries to change his fate. This week the two leads did a cute video highlighting their insane height differential and it’s so cute though it reminds me so much of Kim Hye Yoon with also super tall Ro Woon in Extraordinary You.


K-netizens Loving the Height Difference and Chemistry with Kim Hye Yoon and Byun Woo Seok in tvN Fantasy Romance Drama Lovely Runner — 13 Comments

    • It’s the school’s uniform fault that make you think she is a child.
      You kinda sound like you’re saying “short people aren’t allowed to date much taller people cause it feels wrong”.
      It’s very problematic to see adult women as children because of their height.
      There are people who think tall men as sexual predators and short women as victims. It’s just because of height and nothing else. It’s so problematic as well.

      • I see your point and there is nothing wrong with real couples with a big height difference. The problem is that whereas short women are mature and independent, dramaland (especially C-ent) seems to specifically look shorter actresses in order to play immature, childish characters. Hence the uncomfortable vibes, sometimes. It’s not Mimi or other viewers that associates short women with children; it is the industry that presents them as such. And this is deplorable, in my view.

  1. Thanks! I hadn’t heard of this drama. I will give it a look as I like Kim Hye Yoon. I feel like she should be a much bigger star than she currently is. Her agency made some weird choices after she broke out with ‘Extraordinary You’ not least having her play second fiddle to non-actress Jisoo in that flop North Korea spy drama and her buzz faded.

    Fortunately, she had another very well received role in the film ‘Girl on a Bulldozer’ so seems like she is getting some good opportunities again

  2. The plot seems very interesting and at the same it seems like it have the potential to be a messy train wreck along the way.
    Too many dramas with plots more or less like this in the last few years but I still check out everyone to see if it’s good or bad.

  3. I imagine Kim Hye Yoon has a chiropractor for her neck issues since she’s usually paired with men over 6 ft and constantly looking up 😂

  4. It is not a high school drama…it jumps between high school and then to the leads in their late 20s. Its a cute story and Hye Yoon’s been MIA for a hot minute. Can’t wait to see her back.

  5. Rowoon, Taecyeon (there was Min Jin-Woong in Secret Royal Inspector and Joy too) and now ByunWoo, she collects giants!

    But she’s so cute!

  6. I wasn’t really sold on “A Time Called You”, but something about “Lovely Runner” is catching my interest. By the way, is it me but does Kim Hye-yoon in the stills remind anyone of the heroine of “The Girl Who Jumped Through Time”?

  7. I feel like the large height difference works for me in those high school/young love type of scenes, but for characters who are older and need more tension and chemistry, I feel like it’s harder to generate that on-screen when the height difference makes it harder for the characters to turn and look at each other in the same shot. The director will have to work extra hard to get the right shots. Byun Woo-seok’s extra wide shoulders dwarfs Kim Hye-yoon. She didn’t look like short next to Taecyeon in their drama.

  8. I love the height difference. It’s so cool to see a short lead looking up at her man /lover. Looking like he could easily carry her to the room. LOL. She’s looking very portable. I love it so much.

  9. This girl is such a ray of sunshine . If she was a rookie i’d recommend her as the lead actress of the remake of Goong . She is already a good actress and hope to see her grow as a great one in the future .

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