Jung Woo Sung in the March Issue of GQ Korea

I’ve already brought Song Seung Heon’s March GQ Korea magazine photospread here (channeling subversive debonair) to drooling fangirls everyone, and here’s my Jung Woo Sung’s photospread for the same magazine (channeling off-beat masculine charm juxtaposed with boyish touches). I’ve also seen all the pictures of Lee Byung Heon (entirely done in black and white, primarily intense close-ups, with one glowery expression used throughout) and Kwon Sang Woo (eclectic, a man-boy dichotomy, playful yet serious). I love how GQ Korea really went to such lengths to capture four of Korea’s leading men in such different concepts and presentations.

[Credit: all pictures from GQ Korea]


Jung Woo Sung in the March Issue of GQ Korea — 8 Comments

  1. Man, he’s hot!

    Except wth is the outfit in the “The dreamer” picture? o_O I mean, from the waist up, he’s hot, then you take a look at the pants and the shoes and…GAH!

    • You mean his fatigue hammer pants? I totally think it’s the next big thing in Korea. Expect Lee Min Ho to be wearing dem pants in City Hunter. *lulzing at myself*

      My fave shot is between the one where he is going topless, and the one where he picks his teeth. What can I say? My man’s abs or his adorable sense of humor.

  2. Hi!

    I’m from the Philippines. I want to get a copy of this mag, I wonder if I can get that here in the Philippines. Maybe you can help me guys, please tell me where can I buy this.

    Thank you!

  3. That’s odd. The number of comments above states “zero” although previous playgrounders did leave a few words or more. :-/

    Anyhow, I was googling pictures of JWS’s abs to show his undeniable talent in this field to a younger female friend of mine when this link appeared. Dang. *fans myself*

    Seriously, Mrs Koala, he probably is the only Korean celeb bachelor available left out there whom I could call “Oppa”. Yup, the other ones, even SSH, were born waaay after thy faithful follower and the noona-dongsaeng trend is not my style. Therefore I tend to overreact and call him “hubby” as if a done deal. For my sake, you don’t mind, do you? 😀

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