Kim Soo Hyun Cast Opposite Han Ga In in Sageuk The Moon that Embraces the Sun

I’ve got more casting news, people! MBC‘s upcoming fictional sageuk set in the Joseon era called The Moon that Embraces the Sun has confirmed it’s leading couple. Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High) has just been cast as the fictional Joseon era king who falls in love with a female shaman, who will be played by Han Ga In (Bad Guy, Witch Amusement). The drama will be adapted by a novel written by Jung Eun Gweol, who most notably is famous for writing Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This will mark the first sageuk for either actor, so we’ll have to wait and see on how this turns out.

Directing will be PD Kim Do Hoon from Royal Family and Spotlight, with a script by Jin Soo Wan who did Capital Scandal and My Sister-in-law is 19. Kim Soo Hyun and Ha Ga In have a real life six-year ago gap, but I’m not sure the story involves a noona-dongsaeng romance. It likely will have Kim Soo Hyun playing older and Han Ga In playing younger, which isn’t hard since she looks like a high school student at times. I’m intrigued by this pairing because it’s never once crossed my mind to have them play OTP in anything. Plus I’m a sucker for the illicit love story between a king and the woman he quite possibly cannot love. Forbidden romance is soooooo tasty, especially if it involves royalty. The broadcast date is tentatively set for February 2012.


Kim Soo Hyun Cast Opposite Han Ga In in Sageuk The Moon that Embraces the Sun — 18 Comments

  1. I like the story, it seems really interesting but Ga-In. She’s decent at best, she can be okay but she’s not a very strong actress and Kim Soo Hyun is frankly a stronger actor even though he is quite young.
    But I hope this will be good.

  2. YAAAAAY!! Kim Soo Hyun!! lol Been waiting for your next project! XD

    I think this pairing will work somehow cause just like you said, Ha Ga In doesn’t look old at all. Plus with a sageuk costume (I mean, clothing, lol),it should somehow make KSH look older… but, err… I dunno. Haha! I’m confused cause this guy is just so cute! He can play a role as a high school student again and again. XD

  3. YAAAAAY! Though I’m not too keen on the drama, sageuk lover I am not, it’s Kim Soo Hyun, so I’ll definitely be checking it out

  4. Kim Soo Hyun @___@ <333333
    Ah I'm excited about this! Forbidden historical romance 😉 love it already!
    I heard Han Ga In is going to play a Shaman. LOL. I hope my vision of a shaman is different from Korean's. In animes and stuff shaman = a hairy ruffled up man wearing torn up straw bags who is somewhat crazy. Hahah imagine me trying to picture Han Ga In as a hairy old shaman hahahaha. Oh gee I make myself laugh.

  5. ah,Moon Geun-young was originally offered this role, but she rejected it 🙁
    i’ve nothing against Han Ga in but MGY and KSH are two of the most wonderful actors I’ve ever would have been so awesome to see them together on screen =(
    too bad it’s not gonna happen now

  6. I was happy when I found abt KSH’s casting that I jumped around my room and made a sound that is probably unrecognizable to huma ear..hehe……I read elsewhere that Han Ga In hasn;t actually confirmed yet…that actually gives me hope ‘cuz forbidden love or not I somehow can;t see her alongside KSH..their age difference isn’t actually that bad….i dont feel like she’d be convincing playing someone younger than him….I’m also not particularly excited about her asan actress though she has doesn’t irritate me in anyways

  7. I actually find Han Ga In to be sooooo much older than Kim Soo Hyun. I thought she’d be about ten years older rather than only six. Perhaps it’s that she’s been married for some time now. I can’t quite shake this sense of puppy love.

  8. This OTP alone piques my interest. I almost can’t believe Kim Soo Hyun’s going to be romancing Han Ga In. It blows my mind. When I heard about this casting yesterday, I was really worried that perhaps they wouldn’t be able to have any onscreen chemistry together, because of their six-year age gap. Now that I think about it, KSH is mature enough in his acting to pull it off. (Like, who’d have thought that Song Joong Ki could play a young King in Tree With Deep Roots AND rock the role?)

    Guess this one will be one of those see-it-to-believe-it-type of romances. I’m looking forward to it. Squee!

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