First Look at Cute Park Shin Hye in Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost

The first stills are out of Park Shin Hye in the KBS drama special Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost. She looks so adorable it just makes me even more curious about how this drama will turn into. Something quirky and fun? Bong Tae Kyu is a great choice to play the leading man since he’s hardly conventionally handsome so we’ll focus less on the eye candy and more on the story about a memory-less man and his unique romance with a cute ghost.

Nam Gyu Ri has also joined the cast. If she’s not careful she’ll get type-casted in dramas involving ghostly spectres. LOL, just teasing, she might not be a good actress but she tries hard and doesn’t annoy me too much anymore after she improved tremendously during the course of 49 Days. Betcha money she’s the one that Bong Tae Kyu ends up with at the end of the drama, probably with his ghostly love interest doing her best to get the two living folks together.


First Look at Cute Park Shin Hye in Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost — 5 Comments

  1. This is the first time I find PSH truly adorable! 😀

    Sounds fun. I doubt it will air in my country though. 🙁

    (PS Koala unnie, I’m having withdrawal symptoms, trying *not* to read your Big ending theory. Your 1st theory post was so spot-on I’m afraid your ending prediction will be a spoiler.)

  2. Nam Gyu Ri will be in Haeundae Lovers (the drama airing after Big) so no worries about type cast roles. I wonder when the drama special comes out! I’m really excited because it’s Park Shin Hye. :))

  3. Nam Gyu Ri freaks me out and not in a good way. I think it might be the circle lenses she’s always wearing. They’re really noticeable and unnatural looking. That’s all I could focus on during 49 Days.

    • For me, its how doll-like her face is…you know those porcelain dolls with huge eyes that always freaks u out when u walk by the shop display windows -.-

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