Yoo Seung Ho Serenades Fans with the Piano at his Japan Fan Meeting

What is this? How the heck did Yoo Seung Ho find time in the midst of harried live shooting Missing You to jet off to Japan for a fan meeting? Couldn’t it wait until after the drama wrapped? Come to think of it, the fan meeting was scheduled already, which makes sense since MBC did needle Yoo Seung Ho to step into the role of Kang Hyung Joon when Chun Jung Myung turned it down so he could film a movie. I betcha baby boy thought he had the rest of the year clear after he wrapped Arang and the Magistrate. I wonder if he accepted the role having only gotten the first few scripts, which is usually how its done since the rarely does a scriptwriter actually have all the scripts completed beforehand. Or was he told about the complete character trajectory of his role and he liked what was in store? I’m curious because I would have a hard time buying how Hyung Joon might’ve killed the rapist and in the process tossed Soo Yeon under a bus since it was clear she would naturally be a suspect since she has motive. He’s too smart for that. But if he’s all evil then that’ll be cool, too. At least he gets to play the baddie like he wanted. For the fan meeting in Japan that was held over the weekend, which was primarily as a result of the well-received airing of Warrior Baek Dong Soo there (though I’m sure his popularity will shoot up once the obasans get a hold of all three mega-Hallyu projects – Operation Proposal, Arang, and now Missing You), Yoo Seung Ho played the piano and sang for his fans. Dayum! Is there anything he can’t do? I’m sure if he played and sang for his noona Yoon Eun Hye, she’d probably devolve into fits of girlish giggles. I know I would.

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Yoo Seung Ho Serenades Fans with the Piano at his Japan Fan Meeting — 31 Comments

  1. Omg I’m sqealing internally. I need a video of this. Fancams?? Off to search for some after I get out of class haha<33 thanks koala 🙂 YSH is perfect T_T

  2. Wow! Fan meeting already?
    Kid’s got a lot going on without that.
    I can’t help but picture he would look cute as a highschooler playing the piano, unless he surprises me and plays Rachmoninoff (OK, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPEEL IT!)

    If I were his agent, I would suggest he slowwwwwwwww down.

    OH, and he cannot cannot cannot dance. He was adorably awkward in one episode of OP where he had to perform something or other at an MT.

      • I really can’t think of any other actor who, at this age, has such presence.
        In OP, there was a pretty good supporting cast, but he carried the show.

        Wasn’t he 18? I remember bringing this up on the recaps.
        Is there another series where they have teenagers as the lead role throughout?

        He managed to make the lather rinse repeat story as interesting as possible, but script wasn’t his fault.

        It was just nice spending time with him over the course of the series.
        Of course it is his looks. But let’s face it, someone like Minho in TTBY has looks but the charisma? Notsomuch. Plus MH is 2 years older!

      • Btw, aren’t his hands GORGEOUS. I like them even better than So Ji Sub’s famous long fingers. SJS’s are just a little too long and elegant. Jailbait’s is perfect.

        When I watch MY, I just want the camera to focus on his hands. And his face. And his profile. And his voice. And his………

        He’s so beautiful in that drama I get this ache in my chest. Harry, on the other hand, needs to stop lurking and maybe get a life outside of Zoe and revenge.

        Maybe buy me a plane ticket. I’d go back to France with him. 😀 Soo Yeon and Jung Woo can be mopey, guilt-ridden, and all grabby with each other for all I care. Let’s get Jailbait out of that dysfunctional pool of pain and back to the land of croissants and walks along the Seine.

  3. Wow… He is a busy man indeed. It’s hard to resist a guy who plays piano well 🙂 well enough that is. Go ysh!!!!

    Yeah, it’s strange that ysh with his gimp leg would be the one doing the dirty work. I guess he maybe had a hire hitman. I would be very surprised if he could not have foreseen the whole soo Yeon as a suspect thing. Furthermore, I hope he’s not 100 percent evil as much as I want ysh to do baddie roles. I would rather his character have a few levels of complexity.

  4. why is this guy so hot and yet so cute at the same time?! It totally baffles my mind 😀 I literally had this HUGE smile on my face when i scrolled through the pictures! I knew he could sing cos i heard that song that he did with IU when he was in africa (or somewhere like that) and he was good, but he can play the piano as well o_0 that is one talented guy!!

    • Did he? LOL, I had no idea. Was it the weekend of fanmeets for the leads of MY? Did Eun Hye have a secret fan meet I didn’t know about? That would be awesome!

      • Yoochun had one and Yoon Eun Hye was one of the guests….

        And didn’t YSH’s character in the drama say that he knows how to play a few songs on the piano… Songs that Joy/LSY likes?? Maybe he’ll play…

      • Can both JW and HJ play the piano for SY? 🙂 A detective that is super musical is totally within the realm of possibility. 😉

    • Ah, so that’s probably the reason why Seung Ho didn’t show up at Yoochun’s fanmeeting. I read Yoochun had a fan meeting in Japan as well, and that Yoon Eun-hye, the two kid actors, and some police station actors were there as surprise guests, but I was wondering why Seung Ho wasn’t there. Probably would have been too tiring to jet off to Japan twice and probably couldn’t fit it in his schedule.

      • I though he had the fanmeeting with Japanese fans in Korea. Thus why the other casts of IMY could guest on it.

      • @wanne, oh, then I misread it in the news then! Thanks for the correction! I guess that is a better reason why Seung Ho didn’t show up… they were in different countries at the time.

  5. doesn’t the boy need to study?is he enrolled in a university or is he still in highschool?
    and I wonder how it feels having ladies as old as his mother as his fans?

    • None of the above. A quick google reminds me that he has graduated from highschool and decided as a junior not to go to college but to continue acting full time. So, no studies.

      However, that said, this obasan would totally have been at the fanmeeting for the baby jailbait as well.

    • I remember watching his interview, that he didn’t further his study after high school because he wanted to focus on his acting career.

      And having ahjumma fans is a good thing you know. They are the one who control the tv and will spend big on their favourite artist. And it also means he’s appealing to all ages, a trait that a lot of artists admire.

  6. I see the writter leaving clues that the killer is older cleaning lady at police station. Rember bandage scene at police station . Handling that much dry ice to kill someone , you would def get burned. I am a pharmacist and have burned myself with small amt before. Also she has access to a lot of info. And also dry ice has to be stored special fridge which they prob have at police station

  7. Oh this kid!! N yes absolutely wonderful hands. Such a hand girl here 🙂

    Still haven’t tried drama. So need to get some willpower to sit through long enough to see YSH!! *sigh* Exhausted just thinking about it.

  8. So gorgeous. So hot. And so cute. How is that possible?

    I think he suddenly become a man through Harry. I mean, I don’t remember feeling this way before. I thought he was cute and handsome in Operation Proposal but it is really with his appearance as Harry that I’m like struck by lightning.

    • Me too. I’ve seen him in T-ara mv but I barely remember about him, never watched his drama also, but when he appeared as Harry Borrison for the first time I was like “Omo, this guy is so hot” and after googling about him I was like “what??? He’s a 19 y-o boy???” and now I’m in love with this kid [man]…
      Seung-Ho ya… what have you done to this noona???

      • IKR! Maybe it’s him in suit.. and his calm demeanor.. and his stare.. all combine together.

  9. Dang, can this boy get any hotter? *drools/swoons/squees*

    Grow up fast and be legal, my gorgeous boy! So that noona stops feeling like a pedophile every time she drools/swoons/squeals over your gorgeousness. ^_^

    • You are definitely not alone in the dirty noona category. This naughty pedo-noona feels the same. Seriously, however old a woman you are, how can you not just melt into a puddle looking at YSH? His eyes and his acting give off the wisdom of a much older man, so I always get tricked into forgetting he’s a baby. At least he has graduated high school now, so there’s that.

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