Gong Yoo Heads to Cambodia as Special Representative for UNICEF

I enjoy glossy magazine spreads of my favorite actors and actresses as much as anyone out there. But occasionally the overly posed and manufactured nature of packaged entertainment does numb the soul so it’s much appreciated to come across lovely pictures of the wonderful real side of an actor I like so much. Gong Yoo has been absent from K-dramas since Big two years ago and I’ll argue he hasn’t missed out on anything. His last movie The Suspect was a box office hit and his upcoming forbidden romance movie A Man and a Woman with Jeon Do Yeon is primed for critical acclaim. On the accolades front, he was named a top taxpayer (along with Ha Ji Won) by the Korean tax authorities, and followed that up being doing a stint as an ambassador for the agency. He’s also been working with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) this past year as a special representative, and recently took a week long trip to Cambodia working hands on with the agency to help children in need.

Of course Gong Yoo isn’t going to singlehandedly solve the underprivileged children crises around the world, but he is using his fame for a good cause to raise further awareness of a situation that can always use more financial and manpower support. Plus he made a bunch of kids in Cambodia really happy for the week he was there, it’s the little things he does so warmly which make me like him so much. He joined UNICEF specifically after doing the movie Silenced (The Crucible) and felt firsthand the plight of children who had no one to speak up for their pain and suffering.


Gong Yoo Heads to Cambodia as Special Representative for UNICEF — 19 Comments

  1. I love this man too ! He’s really natural in his interwiews or BTS. And he’s a great actor, even if the story of Big was weird, I loved him in. I don’t know anymore how many times I saw Finding Mr. Destiny :p

  2. Love this man. The more involved in philanthropy these celebrities are, the more i respect and love them. It keeps them grounded.
    Song Jae Rim also recently went on a trip to cambodia as ambassador of Plan Korea and worked really hard there as well.
    Thumbs up!

  3. He seems like a great guy and I admire him for it. I’ve been to Cambodia a year ago and have seen my share of kids and people living in poverty without even access to drinking water. Happy to see, that he cares.

  4. I adore him, made me cry in silenced (I didn’t watch all parts, if I did, blood would rush down my eyes) I read that that movie was a true story that got closed and no one cared for the kids, but because of this movie, they were reinvestigated.

    I hope he returns to the small screen with good script, we need him. I NEED HIM, especially after my babe will be gone.

  5. One of the most my fav. actors…like all of his projects especially Coffee Prince and Silence…

    He has handsome face with genuine heart…

  6. Is that him teaching the kids (baek khup insa?) the 90-degree bow in that last picture? That is so cute! Look at him and the kids having fun. Makes me so happy. 🙂

  7. Not only Gong Yoo but Song Jae Rim was at Cambodia few days ago too. I honestly love actors like these. It shows what type of people like they are and it made me love them even more. 🙂

  8. I read that doing the movie Silenced had deeply affected GY. How wonderful that it catalyzed his becoming a special representative for UNICEF. I’m sure he’s finding it very meaningful work, and hopefully he’s inspiring others to get involved.

    He looks like he’s in his element in these photos. Funny how I totally didn’t find him attractive at first, then gradually grew more and more fond of him, and now find him very attractive.

  9. I’ll take informal pics over a glossary spread a million times.

    These are just heartwarming, looks like the kids and Gong Yo are enjoying themselves equally much.

  10. I love him in Coffee Prince, love his big smile on Running Man. His smile brings me warmness for some reason. I appreciate celebrities like him doing charity work, with that genuine smile, I agree with you that it does not solve all the problem, but at least there is some small changes of awareness (hopefully leads to bigger change). Anyhow, I hope he do some TV projects because I dont have access to Korean movie, and I miss him 🙂

  11. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye have beautiful hearts. Love both of you and so proud to be your fans. (Keep doing good thing and god will blessing yours.)

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