Yoon Eun Hye Plays a Chubby Village Girl in Blood Merchant Cameo Role

The good news for Yoon Eun Hye fans is the opportunity to see her on the big screen right now in South Korean theaters with the movie Chronicles of a Blood Merchant. She’s even getting good reviews for her acting and saturi despite the very small cameo role. Bad news is the highly touted movie starring A-listers Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo is basically tanking at the box office. It premiered in third place behind Ode to My Father and Love Forecast, and the second week numbers look even worse as ticket sales decreased over 40% and the movie dropped out of the top 5 all together. I wonder if the problem is the directing or Korean interest in the underlying story based on the C-novel because I can’t imagine acting is a problem with this stellar cast. At least the production released two official stills of Yoon Eun Hye so fans can see what she looks like playing a very chubby (100 kg) peasant girl in the same village as the lead couple. My verdict – she’s so adorbs even in a fat suit.


Yoon Eun Hye Plays a Chubby Village Girl in Blood Merchant Cameo Role — 80 Comments

  1. this girl needs to choose good projects and stop doing craps

    She used to be one of the A list actress, but now……..it’s saddening
    She was so good in coffee prince

    • I don’t think she was ever considered anything close to A-list. She just happened to jump on a Hallyu bandwagon after Goong and Coffee Prince.

      • WTF are you talking about??? She’s not an A-list but consistently gets big deal endorsements of high profile brands. Consistent as the no.1 most favorite Korean Actress in Japan, she looks like a Princess in Japan. Have been invited in China’s biggest award ceremonies, the only Asian in New York Fashion events. Who the hell is your idol, I bet your idol is so ugly, she’s stucked in S.Korea and cant even get out of that small country to be recognize not only in Asia but the World! I think Yoon Eun Hye is the most famous S.Korean actress in the World!

      • Lol Yoon Eun Hye never considered an A-lister you say? YOON eun Hye was the youngest to have been part if the 20 billion club cause she gets paid a lot for a drama. she is also a best actress at the grimme awards and best actress at baeksang. you can criticize her for her acting all you want, but her A-list status is undeniable without you coming off looking bitter. Even ockoala knows that Yoon Eun Hye is an A-lister.

      • Talented and beautiful Yoon eun hye people are forever going to hate on you and that is because they’r just jealous.
        yoon eun hye was A-list actress and she still is A-list actress whether you like it or not.
        I love you more then Everything my beautiful YEH.
        I will wait and watch your movie after love and this one.

        one more time, Screw the haters who nothing better to do then talk shit.

        YEH Fighting!!!

      • @Prince Harry, my idol is called ‘common sense’, I bet you’ve never heard of it. What exactly in my post did you find so offensive? You agree that she is not an A-list actress and that she is a Hallyu star, that’s exactly what I wrote.

      • For someone who was never considered an A-lister according to some ignorant folks, they sure paybher a lot along with other A- listers.

      • Dong-A Ilbo
        What do Lee Young-Ae, Song Hye-Kyo, Jun Ji-Hyun, Yoon Eun-Hye, Choi Ji-Woo and Kim Hee-Ae have in common? They are the ‘Special A Level’ actresses who makes your heart flutter with mere mentioning of their name. Another common bond they share is that you can continue to meet them through CF (Commercial Film)s even if it gets difficult to see them in a drama or a movie..

        Although Song Hye-Kyo hasn’t been active with a new project since the drama The World They Live In (2008) and the movie Fetish (2008), she has appeared in 9 televised CFs since 2009..

        As for Yoon Eun-Hye, while she hasn’t had a project since My Fair Lady (2009), she was televised in 7 CFs just in 2010. Jun Ji-Hyun also had 3 televised CFs even when her last film was movie, Blood (2009).

        Choi Ji-Woo hasn’t had a project since the movie Actresses (2009) and Star’s Lover (2009), but she appeared in 5 CFs since 2009..

        The contract/pay for appearing in a CF depends on the advertiser’s preference, consumer’s awareness and interest (of the star), and is divided into ‘Special A Level’, ‘A Level’, ‘B Level’, ‘C Level’ and etc.

        Source: Dong-A

      • Stop hating on her. Have a look at yourself! First of all, I’ve seen so many plastic surgeries, no acting ability just their looks going for them Korean actresses/actors/singers! No talent seriously!
        Not all actors will have hit dramas/movies. Look at the real talents here in the U.S. Some of them sucked too. So get off your high horse!

    • Cutie pie YEH has never been an A-list actress. She was in the top bracket of drama actresses for a few years after Goong and before Lie to Me but has since then lost some of her teflon luster but still gets plenty of leading lady offers.

      She’s what is perfectly described as a Hallyu star, and at that she’s definitely A-list. But as an actress in South Korea? No, not by a long shot. She needs to do movies that either rake in the dough or bring in the awards to vault to the A-list. Actors and actresses that are popular doing dramas are not and never will be A-list by that alone. That’s true of any legit entertainment industry really.

      A-list actresses in SK include: Ha Ji Won, Jeon Ji Hyun, Jeon Do Yeon, Song Hye Kyo, Son Ye Jin, et. al.

      Hallyu stars are the likes of Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Seok.

      The only Hallyu star who is really crossing over to become an A-list actor, and too early if you ask me, is Kim Soo Hyun thanks to the raging success of both Covertly, Grandly, and The Thieves.

      • KSH is really going up the ranks. It’s ridiculous how successful he’s become when his first leading role was just 4 years ago in Dream High. I think he’s very deserving so hopefully he keeps making the right decisions. He works so hard, it’s not difficult being his fan.

      • I find this whole discussion amusing because it totally doesn’t even matter. YEH’s probably laughing and rolling in her masses of dough. Who cares if she’s A-list as an actress or a Hallyu star? As long as those who like her continue to like her and those who don’t move on, the point has zero importance in her career.

        If she wanted to be an A-list actress then she needs to stick with movies, period. That or do a sageuk like a Dae Jang Geum or Empress Ki or Queen Seondoek that headlines a female historical figure and the drama gets massive ratings like the ones mentioned. But I honestly don’t think she cares, she’s not a workaholic doing 2-3 dramas or movies a year trying to get to the top.

      • Thank you for explaining it so well,although I am afraid you just can’t reason with some people.

      • The actresses you mentioned above are Top Stars, YEH has not reached that status yet, but she’s definitely an A-lister.

      • So the criteria of SK A-list actor/actress is the one who has a few success movies izzit? How about choi ji woo? I don’t recall she ever did a successful movie before but her acting daebak! Can she be considered A-list actress or just hallyu star?

      • @saicy

        I think it’s probably the opposite. YEH is a top star, or was at one point, but is not an A-list actress.

      • So nice to see an unabashed YEH fan with a very clear perspective on her stardom. She was my first K-Ent crush, and I wish her well for her future career whatever direction it takes. So I very much enjoyed your objective assessment. Perhaps her willingness to change it up like this for a cameo suggests that she is trying to become more of an actor. I would love to see her extend herself and grow professionally, almost as much as I’d love to see a Drama reunion with Gong Yoo or Kang Ji Hwan.

      • @ockoala, I think you’re confusing all the more the A-list actress definition! So are you saying to be an A-list actress, you need to be in a SK box office movies??? Who the hell cares for South Korean movies, these are not even distributed world-wide like Hollywood does. But Korean dramas are distributed world-wide through their local partner broadcasting networks in each countries all over the world. Those actresses in Korean movies are not really famous outside of Korea. Those A-list you mentioned are probably well received in Korea but outside they are nobody, real talk.
        And just everybody knows, Yoon Eun Hye already got Best actresses awards in her younger days from Vineyard Man, Coffee Prince, some of it she even got from prestigious Baeksang Awards. So what I cant accept is someone here comparing her to Park Shin Hye, like what the hell is wrong w/ your brains. You should have better stated that Yoon Eun Hye’s A-list fame are the likes of Choi Ji Woo, Lee Young Ae and Lee Yo Won, these actresses doesnt have to try hard to accumulate all the awards to get to the Top, since these actresses are the forefronts and cornerstones of Hallyu wave all over the world, and not those so-called A-lists actresses only in South Korea!!! We’re talking of the global scale of their influence as Koreans and not domestic only.

    • Geesh. I am a YEH fan too and you guys are making her fandom seem crazy. Let it go. I don’t care if she’s A-list or not and I doubt she does either.

      Can we now just talk about how adorable and awesome she is to take on this role? I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I adore her more now.

      • Geeez, and you call yourself a fan of YEH and not know is she’s an A-lister??? She’s an A-list! Of all the actresses mentioned by others here, she’s more famous, in terms of worldwide/global scale. She could even marry a King or Prince. I know a certain Arab Prince used to be her suitor. She just appears really low-profile and seem not trying hard, probably as someone mentioned, she’s not that desperate actress!

    • I think it’s more because of the ugly looking main leads! Ha Ji Won & that guy is not interesting to look at for 2hours (more/less) on the Big screen, real talk people.

      • Not all people are shallow like you, you know. And the movie is not for children, just saying in case you intend to watch it.

        I’m not gonna even comment about HJW being ugly beacuse that’s the most false statement

      • You need to watch more Korean movies. I don’t and am not usually so blunt. But movie actors thankfully can act. And the Korean public don’t flock to the movies just on the actors looks.

        I don’t want to presume your bias is just good looking and maybe an idol. But that is one of the most shallow and superficial comment. That a movie tanks because of the leads looks.

        In fact, some of the comments for this post have been not logical and substantiated at all.I have watched CP probably 30 times or more but even I am not that dense. There are other criterias other than insane fandom watching any K movie. What is with EUH fans? Could you all post more comments that actually doesn’t make some of you come off as just…

      • whoah! its not all about the looks if they can act well and if the story is great, then people will like it. and HJW ugly?! really?!

      • Ugly? You we’re probably looking in the mirror and saw yourself! Go back to the trash where you belong and continue obsessing over your fave fake plastic surgery c-list actress! HA JI WON IS PERFECTION! DEAL WITH IT! LIVE WITH IT!

      • real talk girl … Ode to My Father if measure by your standard is full with bunch of ‘ugly’ people and perhaps you do know how big that movie currently doing on cinema right? 12 Million and counting! #7 in Korean top box office of all time list..

        REAL TALK

  2. Yoon eun hye was never considered an A-list actress.infact,she was much more critize for her acting and craapy projects after Coffee Prince.its just that her popularity happens to save.I’ve always loved her drama,well,except Mirae’s choice.but my best would be lie to me and coffee prince.I just hope she pick a better project with female centric.

  3. A qoute from Shailene Woodley… to those stupid idiots who think they know better and pass judgement on other people…

    “Like WOW! You spend your life spreading hate, Are you proud of yourselves? Do you go to bed at night and think you are doing something right or making a difference in the world? Why don’t you all focus your energy in talking about what you like instead of spending your time talking about what you dislike so much.”

    To Yoon Eun Hye…
    Hating people takes too much time. Forgive them, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you are on a higher level than them. Keep doing what you are doing and be the greatest person/actress you can be. – You cannot put a good person down!

    Thank you.

    • Amen to that! Yoon Eun Hye not an A-list???, good for her she still can endorse Cartier!!! What about their A-list idols, can they do that??? Poor these idiot bashers, they are so full of envy &jealousy of Yoon Eun Hye’s goddess image!

  4. In Hollywood, actors do not have always a top rated or box office tv or movie project to be oonsidered A lister. These actors are the ones influences people in whatever they do, sometimes be it not so good or very good influences. A lister means creating a big impact on their acting career and so created their names big like an Empire State building in New York, just hypothetically speaking. So for YEH, she is an A lister for leaving a legacy of why coffee drink became big in South Korea. Everybody wants to become an excellent barrister to create good coffee and it was influence through YEH’s Coffee Prince. So she was a big influence for South Korean business enterpreneur for coffee drinks.

    • Agree! Yoon Eun Hye is just like Julia Roberts Asian counterpart. Yoon Eun Hye became famous for playing a Korean Princess in “Goong/Princess Hours”, while Julia Roberts became famous for playing modern LosAngeles Cinderella in “Pretty Woman”. Btw, both got gorgeous sexy legs too! Korean reaches the world thru their dramas/kpop, while Hollywood thru movies. These girls doesnt always get the Best Actress awards, the Best rating shows, box office movies, but their fame is undeniable, and they are truly bankable celebrities w/ endorsements and project offers. I wish YEH ventured in Hollywood, please God make it possible!!!

  5. YEH part in this movie was offered to him by HJW and accepted it because of her friendship to him and his brother and she did it for free or did not get any talent fee. I aS just wondering how would you categorized an A list actress in Korea? Is it the fans that says that this actress is an A list? Hollywood A list changes every yeAr just like whAt James Ulmer said (the one who started this A list). Hollywood make a list every year and mostly it’s Forbes magazine who released it, so probably they based the A list on the actresses income for the year.

  6. What is with YEH fans? Seriously. Comments here are saying she is a Hallyu star and not an A-lister. Which is the truth whether you accept it or not. No one is hating on her, in fact, her ignorant fans are the ones calling people names. So immature, it’s ridiculous!

    YEH is so not A-list and the only successful projects she’s been a part of were almost a decade ago. If you compare that to someone like HJW or JJH, it tells its own story. I do like her very much though, so I hope she stars in a drama that isn’t crap on her resume. Maybe this is her year.

    • I don’t see that many dramas coming up that really have the potential to be a huge hit or critically acclaimed. MBC’s big sageuk this year in Princess Jeonmyung (Splendid Politics) is already headlining Lee Yeon Hee. I wouldn’t trust SBS or KBS sageuks at this point, unless it’s fusion-ized and the other big SBS sageuk for later this year is a co-male lead centric one.

      If I were YEH and trying to really kick the acting side of career back into gear, the only drama with potential is Descendants of the Sun so she needs to go talk with Kim Eun Sook STAT. Though all the rumored female leads of DotS have all been A-list movie actresses that Kim Eun Sook has been in discussions with so far.

  7. Talented and beautiful yoon eun hye people are forever going to hate on you and that is because they’r just jealous.

    yoon eun hye was A-list actress and she still is A-list actress, whether you like it or not.

    i love you more then Everything MY beautiful yoon eun hye.
    i will wait your movie after love and this one.

    one more time, Screw the haters who nothing better to do then talk shit.


  8. Before you guys talk nonsense, fist read this article then talk.

    Yoon eun hye has used success to found and promote several charities. Most recently, she worked to promote a fundraising campaign with the Make-A- WISH Foundation. The campaign raised nearly 10 thousand dollars for the charity. Even with all of her charitable commitments, Yoon Eun Hye is considered an A-list Actress in South Korea, and she continues to be active in the entertainment industry.

    Give me a proof that YEH is not A-list Actress Ms.Kola and others.

    • I know right! They are hallucinating. They cant accept that fact coz their idol havent reached yet the level of fame Yoon Eun Hye got all over the world! Poor them and their idols, always resorting in bashing after Yoon Eun Hye to raise-up whoever is their freaking idols!

    • If I may add for these ignorants to know, as early as 2008,
      Premiere Elle published a list of the “Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential People in The Korean Entertainment Industry”, where Yoon Eun Hye was ranked 44th. Yoon was one of the only five actors (following behind Bae Yong-joon, Rain, Jeon Do-yeon and Song Kang-ho) ranked among the top 50, which was composed mainly of film directors and writers, CEOs or presidents of media stations and entertainment companies.
      Now who’s a fool who’d think Yoon Eun Hye is not even an A-list. LOL!

      • Another one, in 2009,
        Nathalie Colin, Swarovski’s Creative Director, personally designed the “Swarovski Nirvanna Yoon Eun Hye Ring” and presented the ring to the actress as a gift. On 21 July, Yoon Eun Hye graced the Daniel Swarovski 20th Anniversary event where she was presented the “Yoon Eun Hye Nirvana Ring” personally by Colin. Yoon is the first Asian star to have the honour of her very own Swarovski rings.

      • According to the article “Scientific Methods of Korea’s Advertising Industry”, Yoon Eun Hye was the most significant actor who affected the TV ratings from 2005 to 2010 when all things are equal.
        With all these, maybe Yoon Eun Hye is not that desperate for recognition after all. And someone would really have to be so stupid to think that Yoon Eun Hye is not an A-list. Sorry hater people, your bullshit is busted big time! Get over your selves, your envy and your jealousy; Yoon Eun Hye’s fame is here to stay!

  9. The amount of butthurt in the comments is crazy. No one is even really insulting YEH. Everyone acknowledges her Hallyu star status, no one that I’ve seen has insulted her acting prowess (her project choices are another matter) and plenty of them have said that they are fans of her too. I am very confused about this ruckus. Also the large quantity of spelling and grammar errors in their posts is not helping the diehard YEH fans’ case.

    Anyways, I agree, she does look adorable.

  10. Again, your comment section did not disappoint when it comes to Yoon Eun Hye. As long as YEH is doing whatever she loves to do, I’m with her.

  11. Oh dear lord, so much drama. I for one love YEH and I’ve watched her in almost all of her dramas but I haven’t really been happy for her choices. The whole A list vs Hallyu star argument is a bit superfluous/extraneous/irrevelant (choose your adjective) to the topic of the post since it was merely a post about how YEH looked in a movie as a 100kg girl and how regardless of the fat suit she looks pretty great.

  12. Wow – I am just floored by the comments here and not in a good way. For me, I like her but I haven’t enjoyed her recent dramas. I just don’t think they have showcased what she is capable of. But that’s just me. I hope she picks better projects. She is an adult and fully capable of selecting what she wants to act in. My only hope there will be one that really catches me in the future. 🙂 Fighting!

  13. Wow, there are certain actresses that just bring out the oversensitive, slightly unhinged “fans”. The same thing happened with the article on Yoona. I’m sorry you have to put up with comment sections on perfectly reasonable articles degenerating into illogical hate- and worship-fests, Koala.

    To be on topic, yes I agree, YEH looks adorable. And while I wish she would pick more/better projects, I feel like acting is not the only or even the main thing she’s focusing on in her life. I’m pretty sure she struggles with chronic illness so I think that’s a smart decision. More power to her, she’s awesome.

    • Well, it always depends on the project the actresses took to determine what kind of fan base. For YEH’s 90% of her projects were romcom, so her fan base always teenagers- raging hormone and very sensitive groups.
      Ha Ji Won suffered the same thing also, before Secret Garden, most of comments about her were very mature comments, but now same with YEH’s fate-full of bragging and nonsense compliments.

      • Nonsense compliments of YEH??? Talk to the wall, will you! You dont know what you’re talking about, because you’re probably not even her fan in the first place.

  14. wait till Yoon Eun Hye achieves something in the film industry, for instance getting Best Actress award in Blue Dragon, Grand Bell or Baeksang (film category), or headline a film that breaks the box office 10 million mark, then only she can be considered as a top A list actress in Korea.

  15. That her cameo role was noticed and praised I am content, that her Hallyu status was cemented by Goong and Coffee Prince, I am happy, that everytime YEH’s article is posted, she polarizes people and unwittingly causes a ruckus, I have observed with amazement…most posts about her, if not all, generates a lot of buzz and livens up this blog.

    Asking Someone Up There for highly rated and critically acclaimed drama and movie projects for her in the near and distant future.

  16. To my beautiful and talented Yoon Eun Hey. .:) Thanks for all the wonderful and great acting! ! To me you are always an A-lister^_*:)) Hwaiting YEH…Love love you!

  17. Idk about her being an A lister or blah blah blah and i think she has really lost lots of her fame.
    She is uniquely pretty, cute, lovable,fashionable and a good actress. Very easy on the eyes.. But i winder who has been choosing her projects.
    Jer dramas other than goong and coffee prince were bad.
    Now she is even in a movie with park shi hoo which enrages her fans.

  18. I think that YEH is kind of “behind the scenes” type of person, she did drama or movie for a purpose not just to pursue the popularity, so as her fan i’ll support her in everything she decide to do.

  19. We all have different opinion as a fan of YEH i respect all your opinions but you cannot denied the fact that YEH is the most popular and well known actress outside Korea esp.Japan and the Phililippines and to me it doesn’t matter if you are Alist actress in Korea but more importantly she is known outside SK .That proves something right?

    • Exactly my thoughts! Those so-called A-list in South Korea from their movies, hasnt reached the level of fame Yoon Eun Hye got outside of Korea. Just to point out, her flop drama “Marry Him if you Dare” in South Korea will be nationally broadcast in my country this coming Feb, all her flop dramas in South Korea were bought and broadcasted here nationally. South Korea is a very small country, my country is even times 3 it’s size, to content your fame inside that small place is an understatement for actresses who made it to become famous outside all over the world. Yoon Eun Hye, consistent favorite actress in Japan, China, Southeast Asia, known in South America, Middle East, Americas, and Europe, maybe soon in North Pole or South Pole. Now tell me, how come she’s not an A-lister, these talks are full of Bullsh*ts really and most of here are ignorants of Yoon Eun Hye’s fame!

  20. About Yoon Eun Hye’s fame in Japan as Korean actress, me too I’m puzzled. I think second to her is Choi Ji Woo or Ha Ji Won. What’s interesting is, Ha Ji Won for “Empress Ki” even got Daesang there in Korean awards, but even if she got the highest award in Korea, most Japanese people still love Yoon Eun Hye. It’s that mysterious facet in every celebrities &fame, maybe you dont always have to try harder or prove harder w/ awards, people will just love you for who you are. But Yoon Eun Hye didnt stop her charities that’s why she’s lovable. I love you Yoon Eun Hye! Also to remind others, a Hallyu A-list actress/star just needs to breakout in One drama of undeniable success w/ an outstanding role, for her fame to be cemented.

  21. I swear Yoon Eun Hye fans are weird. As much as possible, I don’t wanna deal with them. They once bully me in Soompi forums before when I’m not really bashing her.

  22. The AUDACITY (meaning the rude, disrespectful behaviour, bad manners, discourtesy, disrespect, incivility and impoliteness) of people in this blog who bashed YEH.

    Instead of talking or commenting about her doning a fat suit to look fat for the role she accepted for free to show her kindness to her friend and her professionalism and versatility as a actress, you went why out of topic and belittle

  23. My bad, that should be
    “way out to topic and belittle YEH.
    I stand corrected.
    Nobody is perfect, you know.

  24. Every so often on the road of life,
    You meet a woman that touches you deep within.
    She is this woman, who has a quiet demeanor,but a core of steel.
    She is this woman, who has experienced adversity,
    only to rise above it.
    She is this woman, who has faced trials and sadness,
    emerging with compassionate tenderness for all that is fragile.
    She is this woman, who thought she could not go on,
    only to discover that she could not let go of the passion she has for life.
    She is this woman, who had moments of weakness,
    only to step back and re-focus on what really is important in life.
    She is this woman, who is willing to give her all for her family,
    encouraging them to be all that they can be.
    She is this woman, who looks with hope at storm clouds,
    knowing that they are clearing the skies for the sun to shine.
    She is this woman, who recognizes someone she meets for the first time,
    as reflecting her core values and determination;
    moving her to share all that she has learned.
    She is this woman, who deserves the same love, respect and understanding that she gives to everyone else.
    She is this WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE, that can only be, YOON EUN HYE.

  25. O.M.G, I never knew poor YEH has this much crazy delulu fans *creepy* bringing in hollywood and calling HA JI WON ugly hhhhh! I would love it if she takes a good (not rom-com) project, she & Jang Geun Suk need a good project ’cause they proved to have really bad choices.

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