Lee Jong Seok Travels Summer Casual in New Star1 Accessories Pictorial

I’m starting to get impatient waiting for news on Lee Jong Seok‘s next acting project. My gut tells me it’ll be a movie since his last work was the drama Pinocchio. I still don’t know why that drama wasn’t a buzzier hit, it really had everything working for me from OTP chemistry down to a impactful fully developed story. It was quite popular when it aired late last year, enough to continue the great momentum Lee Jong Seok has going for his acting career.

Summer is here and my boy helps ushers in the casual mood with a new Star1 pictorial showcasing the accessories line for Mandarina Duck. If I didn’t find him such a charismatic and charming actor onscreen, I might be tempted to have him stick with his day job as a model. He is really expressive in print, able to convey emotion in suspended animation, with an additional benefit of being not the most striking of models. His bestie Kim Woo Bin is so unusual looking, still handsome but harder to blend in, whereas Lee Jong Seok transforms effortlessly into any persona.


Lee Jong Seok Travels Summer Casual in New Star1 Accessories Pictorial — 65 Comments

  1. Healer stole the thunder from Pinocchio and LJS. I remember someone said that people will talk about Pinocchio more than Healer after 6 months. Look now, it’s opposite.

      • @Alison i was speaking in the context of koala’s “why Pinocchio wasn’t a buzzier hit”. I liked Pinocchio too and didn’t say anything bad about it.

    • I agree Healer stole the thunder. The chemistry of JCW & PMY is amazing.

      I actually would like to see LJS in another drama rather than movie.

      • I agree but only on the english speaking part.. they lost 80% of the shippers to healer. Pinocchio bearly survived domisitcally and was average at best. but however did good in China but it dosen’t mean that healer could do it better because healer came after the new SAFTA law came in and stopped the dramas flooding into china.. so we will never know who would have come on top there. but pinocchio only did good china.

        I never saw pinocchio as a potential drama, just average good show.

      • @dramafan – lol, you tried. Too bad the facts don’t back it up.

        and btw, Healer began airing in Korea on 8 December, 2014 – the SARFT rule about submitting all episodes of a drama for review before sale of streaming rights applied only to dramas that began airing AFTER 1 Jan, 2015. So it didn’t come “after the new SAFTA law” at all, it stood every bit as much of an equal chance in China as Pinocchio (premiere date 15 November, 2014)

    • The real fact is Kill me Heal me stole the thunder from both , Pinocchio concentrating on the media and the problems inside it unlike healer which concentrating on the romance relation between both leads .
      For me the real winner is kill me heal me bcz it was refreshment in korean dramas .

      • that is true. Kill Me Heal Me pretty much crushes every other drama when it comes to buzz, even six months into 2015. Viewers will probably revolt if MBC denies Ji Sung the Daesang at their end of year awards, that’s how strong the impact was.

    • healer was not a buzz hit either tho…
      and about stealing thunder from LJS?? Imao… he is really busy with FM in several cities/countries, pictorials, more CFs etc…
      as for pinocchiom it was a good drama but not that extraordinary.. but at least it’s more recognized in korea than healer…

    • Lmaooo,,healer didn’t steal anything from pinocchio and ljs,,yes, healer has many fans in soompi and dramabeans but it doesn’t mean it is more successful than pinocchio internationally,lolllll,if you say kill me heal me that stole thunder from pinocchio, I agree then , but of course not ljs,,,his fanbase is becoming bigger and bigger now after pinocchio,,there’s no single problem for him, his popularity iss still the same and increasing.

    • Sorry but if any drama is still getting talked about 6 months later both among Korean netizens and international drama fans, it’s Kill Me Heal Me. Only a handful of obsessed Healer fans on db/soompi talk about it now, that’s hardly making it more successful than Pinocchio.

  2. Jongsuk’s contract with his agency expires next January so they’re currently talking it over and until things are settled Jongsuk’s going to stay lowkey. He’s expected back for a new project in the fall though, at least that’s what his agency says.

    • Also: “His bestie Kim Woo Bin is so unusual looking, still handsome but harder to blend in, whereas Lee Jong Seok transforms effortlessly into any persona.”

      I see you’re trying to stir shit, but don’t you know that to be a efficient troll you’re not supposed to make it obvious? C-

      • We don’t know what is happening outside his work. Don’t judge his company. I trust him as a good actor.

  3. ‘My boy’!!!! I wonder where that koala is who said LJS looks like a joker…

    All of us already knew how good and charismatic he is before jumping on to conclusions and opinions about him without even watching any of his work.

  4. Jongsuk said that he wanted to have a break after almost non stop acting at 2014 with DS and Pinocchio. so it’s not because there’s no buzz about him or whatsoever

  5. Despite new SAFTA law, Healer is available for streaming at youko so let us study the number as of today. D
    Pinocchio release date: 2014-11-12, Total View: 1,251,838,046 Today new play:1,488,375
    Healer release date: 2014-12-08, Total View: 48,145 Today new play:NIL (lol)

    No comparison here. Only deluded fangirls think healer is more popular in china.

    • Yep. Half a year after it’s over, China’s still streaming Pinocchio into the millions, Pinocchio’s 1.2billion is catching up to Heir’s 1.3billion kdrama record on that site.

    • But thats only China tho.. healer was sold to china after it ended it’s airing time..

      Healer did worse domistically then pinocchio who survived on the ratings. but healer didn’t survive sadly it basically went down the toilet.. but on the english speaking part healer did far better then Pinocchio and gain more lasting fans.

      Pinocchio average show that did good in China and healer is failed show that did good in the west.

      • Pinocchio gained so much from china,,popularity and money while healer didnt get anything from “the english speaking part” you’re talking about. Healer just gets delusional fanbase.

      • @drama fan i live in china and healer was available on youku as it aired, kill me heal me was the first drama to be hit by china’s laws. Healer had a fair chance in china it just wasnt popular there

  6. in all the polls i’ve seens,Pinocchio is always winning whereas,Healer is not where to be seen or it’s at the bottom.kill me heal me is definaltely more popular than the two,epecially more popular than Healer.plus,u cant denial the fact than Pinocchio ranked in more money compare to Healer both dometically and internationally

  7. Why are Healer fans lying? Why are they even in this post? Healer was one of last dramas sold to China BEFORE new safta laws launched. It’s on sohu and it’s like 4mil views. Healer’s barely comparable to Pinocchio which is pushing 1.5bil. And that’s not even getting into Korean ratings which Pinocchio wins.

    • seriously, Healer premiere date was 8 December 2014, it was one of the last dramas sold without the SAFTA restrictions.

      Do these people claiming Healer was hit by new SAFTA rules for 2015 dramas, think we can’t check wiki or dramabeans for the dates on which Healer began airing?

  8. unsympathic fanbase —> JCW fans.. annoying af. they plagarized LMH’s show and now moved into his thread.. that Maja whore has no self-respect. she is friends with the mods at soompi thats how she is there nothing more or less.. unwanted persona at its finest..

    she is also stubborn like people her to change the number into international numbers rather then korean because korean hang out in DF, but she dosen’t understand or acting like she didn’t heard.. I really dislike that forum and shamed whomever she is fangirling

    • I meant DC instead of DF.. they told her to change the korean age number into international for avioding confusement.. into international age numbers since people coming there are international fans. I don’t know why her soompi mod friends are supporting her..

  9. @m13

    you should go that verbal over small things like that and I myself don’t like that individual. who certainly has low moral. moving in there is just a No-no and comes of kinda desparate for attention and brings bad vibe to her bias and herself.. you shouldn’t comment on her anymore

  10. I don’t get all this fuss about who’s show is still more talked about after 6 months. LOL…immature fan wars! Aren’t you all trapped into talking about some actors or dramas you don’t like whenever the rival fans mention them? What’s the point to make baseless comparison? It’s all about personal preference after all. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s very childish to argue with someone who basically just stated her personal opinions. What’s the problem when she thinks one show shines over the other one? That’s her personal taste and opinion. Please respect and don’t get so worked up.

    Lee Jung Sook has been one of my favorite actors since I Hear Your Voice. I like him in Dr. Stranger even that show failed at many different levels and is now completely a remote strange item to me. LOL…But somehow I don’t like Pinocchio that started really interesting but I felt bored at ep 8 or so. Ji Sung is amazing in Kill Me Heal Me. Also the OSTs are awesome. But for me that’s it. Again it’s my personal preference that I usually don’t appreciate a drama with plot developed on psychological topics because of my family background. I never liked Ji Chang Wook’s previous dramas including highly recommended Empress Ki. But His charm in Healer mesmerized me. What’s wrong if fans are attracted to a particular actor/actress who is not in your favorite list so you have to mock or put them down? Is it just your vain pride to show you’re one-man-up and have better taste or a drama buff? LOL…We are nothing but customers of the K entertainment market. There’re various kinds of products to target and satisfy different customers in the entertainment industry. So just enjoy the service and satisfaction we’ve got from our faves and don’t bash other people. Geeeezzzz!

    • How hypocritical when someone brought Healer up in a Lee Jongsuk post to put him down to begin with. And that person wasn’t stating a ‘I liked Healer better than Pinocchio’ opinion, it was ‘Healer stole Pinocchio’s thunder/buzz’ as if it were fact… which isn’t true no matter how you look at all the statistics/ratings. Literally no one here bashed Ji Changwook or Healer btw, I don’t know where you’re getting that from, we’re just stating things based on proof. If Healer fans have proof then they can bring it out as well.

      • So basically she hurt your pride! I see it because you’re a fan of LJS as I am. Why would you get so emotional even someone’s opinion is not really credible. Opinion is just an opinion. I think you’re too sensitive. I don’t get offended by her comment at all but you are.

        No one bashing? Go back and read each comment carefully. I did read somewhere calling JCW fans delusional.

      • @Drama2015

        Did you not read what I just wrote at all or are you being obtuse on purpose? Literally no one said one show is better than the other, no one bashed Healer saying it was a bad show or bashed Ji Changwook’s performance. We merely brought up statistics because someone else brought Healer up saying it stole Pinocchio’s thunder based on nothing, and Healer fans have been saying it since forever and it’s getting ridiculous. I’m not the one writing a whole wall of text about other people’s opinions and then turn around to say people are bias here. You know what being bias comes from? Opinions, not facts. Maybe you should form your thoughts better before posting them so you don’t contradict yourself.

        Fans are a different story. They can be are delusional, so I don’t care if people call them out for being delusional lol.

      • Also, If it were about pride then Pinocchio fans here wouldn’t be admitting that KMHM stole Pinocchio’s thunder, you see us admitting it here. It just wasn’t Healer.

      • I think you have to watch out for your mouth calling people with different opinions “obtuse”. That’s my whole point here with that unplanned long speech. You can express your points anyway you want. But the bottom line is to have basic courtesy towards other commenters without calling them “delusional” or even worse “hypocritical”, or “obtuse”. That’s how arguments start and getting aggravated. How is “stealing thunder” to do with statistics? LOL…as I know, many people watching Pinocchio did switch to watch Healer at midway. I was one who originally watched Pinocchio for LJS sake, but quit at midway and got hooked with Healer. It’s my and many ppl’s personal choice. How does this need statistic to support? You’re illogical and trying to connect to something irrelevant with random numbers to what “K” claimed. And don’t talk about statistics before someone who has a Ph.D. in the field. LOL

      • @Drama2015

        “How is “stealing thunder” to do with statistics?”

        Oh jesus. Because statistic prove your opinion is dead wrong, that’s why it matters. Because of what K (and now you) were implying. If you said you thought one show was better then good for you, who cares, but if you think Healer stole Pinocchio’s popularity (thunder and buzz) then it’s hilarious.

        Healer fans implied that once Healer started that no one cared to watch Pinocchio anymore. But statistics showed otherwise and that’s why we brought it up, it showed that Pinocchio did better in ratings (and Pinocchio’s last quarter was the highest ratings it got, while you can look up Healer’s ratings for yourself) and it was streamed way more in China (Healer’s 4mil opposed to Pinocchio’s overall 1.5bil, Pinocchio’s still being streamed over 1.5mil times each day right now), in Korea Pinocchio’s internet live stream averaged at 35% each people. Pinocchio made it in the top three of the CPI throughout its whole run which South Korea would use statistics (oh no, I know you hate that word~) of South Korea’s interest through search rankings and social media BUZZ and such to determine what is currently popular in South Korea. What thunder did Healer steal when it couldn’t achieve those things itself? That’s the thing I’m wondering.

        Btw, the English speaking fandom doesn’t mean shit to South Korea, you guys to make them no money so they don’t care. So if a few of you moved to Healer then that’s your decision, but for some reason you want people to think Healer was more popular than Pinocchio.

        I don’t expect you to understand this either though. So you can keep believing what you want to believe.

    • You are complicated Drama2015 do you really want to talk just about the photoshoot then after that dragging other actors here. You are no different from others.

      • Basically everyone is free to express personal responses to a blog as long as the owner doesn’t block it. I’m not complicating the subject matters. I’m just tired of many fans intentionally bashing fans of those actors/actresses who are not their own biases, including calling “delusional”. This “delusional” has been abused to an extent that sounds very offensive to people who basically just say what they think. Who cares about statistics? LOL..Don’t talk about that in front of a person who ‘s major is math related. How’s a number related why a show like Pinocchio is not buzzier as Koala described? This person “K” basically just said what she thought why Pinocchio is not as supposedly popular as Pinocchio fans had expected.

      • BTW, as a fan of LJS and also Kim Soo Hyun, and also Lee Min Ho myself, I saw that a legion of rabid fans of these three actors dragged their own biases into conversations and blogs totally irrelevant to the actors all the time.. LOL…before you asked me this question, you, as a frequent visitor of Koala’s blogs, should also note that and don’t just single me out for this particular case because the actor dragged in is not your bias. Irrational much!

    • @ghost, there’s a light-speed travel distance between any random “statistic” numbers and meaningful conclusions based on the numbers depending on context, in various areas of statistics application including market surveys, biodmed,.etc… So LOL…it’s basically meaningless for people to jump to the conclusion regarding which drama is more “popular” based on those whatever numbers you quoted in your comment. I have absolutely no interest in arguing with someone without professional knowledge and training in the field of statistics. Apparently you lack understanding of meaningful application of statistics and I doubt those readers here residing on what-so-called “statistic” to support their points have any basic training in statistics either. So I’ll leave you alone to believe what you believe based on those dubious numbers. LOL….

      • Why bother arguing with you, you are too smart to listen and to arrogant to understand. Healer is the best can you now just breath and relax. Lol

      • I might not have professional training (though I have taken plenty statistic classes), but CPI sure is professional. I guess the CPI information and ranking is wrong to you lmao. Damn those statistic-driven idiots, don’t do they know that Drama2015’s opinion has more weight than all the data for their analysis of South Korea’s buzz and popular topics?

      • Btw just in case you don’t know what CPI is (I’m not saying this in a sarcastic way), CPI is South Korea’s Content Power Index. It’s kinda like “star power” except for shows, they analyze what shows are being talked about the most and currently most popular.

      • @ whoever! LOL…You folks’ continuing ignorance just turned on my argumentative mode. LOL…Who cares about random numbers published by K media. Still don’t get my points? Geeessss! Just enjoy what and whom you like to watch. That’s your choice and taste. I don’t care. But don’t argue to put down other fans who don’t have the same taste as you.

      • You only say that because you have nothing to back your shit up. How hypocritical that you say you don’t care about numbers and it doesn’t prove anything, yet you go into a JCW post and brag about how it has more comments as if it’s an accomplishments. Koalasplayground’s numbers count but South Korea’s whole analyze of social media buzz doesn’t? But I guess you would need to grasp at straws since you have nothing else to hold on to.

        Healer fans deserve to be called out since they’ve been hijacking other drama’s posts since forever.

      • @ghost, I happen have this dang time to goof around with you. LOL…It just proves your brains have no room to read between the lines. Who cares about ANY numbers as a fan of drama land? It doesn’t matter it’s media rating or any blog veiws..LOL….I only said that regardless of if you like it or not, Healer and Ji Chang Wook always stirs up conversations – by just looking at how many ppl responding to a single post. LOL…Hijacking? Are you jealous or not? Sounds bitter much! As I see, all the fans of the following actors have been habitually interjecting conversations about other actors and irrelevant dramas: Lee Min Ho, your (and also my) adorable Lee Jung Sook, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Woo Bin, etc., etc…. LOL….

      • If it doesn’t matter then why are you still talking to me? Don’t be a hypocrite, own up to your bitterness. Numbers do matter if you’re talking about which was more popular, but you don’t get that. You’re free to like one show better because that’s opinion, but if you’re going to say one show was more popular/had more buzz/stole thunder from another show then bring the proof. Otherwise you just sound dumb.

      • That JCW post though… Good for you for having so many comments, but you guys are destroying yourselves in that post and showing your asses. The way you guys talk about the women is just vile. Again, you guys deserve to be called out for being rabid.

      • @ghost! I said I didn’t mind goofing around with you ignorant at this site because Koala’s blog has been my daily-must visit. So as long as you insist replying to my shit, then I won’t bother to continue throwing shit in your face. Hahah…LOL…Just enjoy your idol LJS and his dramas. Don’t try to use rocket science logic to support your faves. LOL…it looks so idiotic trying to force what-so-called (shit) statistic to feed the definition of “popularity” that is not necessarily presented that way and the only way. Darn it! This would be my last effort trying to rationally explain how logic works in real life application and to avoid random abuse of numbers.

  11. Ms. Koala, I see you’re getting more biased readers who always like to claim their faves and favorite shows are better than others and even the best. It’s ok to say what you like most or prefer. But it’s very provocative to keep calling other fans delusional or some bad names. I don’t have respect for these kinds of readers of your blog. It’s getting more and more annoying coming over here to read these comments.

    • SO, just leave and don’t comeback. LOL, there are a lot reader enjoying. It’s a blog not a e-newspaper. LOL. Who care your annoyance. LOL

      • LOL…I’m here regularly to read Koala’s blog because she’s so resourceful and give out interesting drama update and good recommendations as well. So what! You’re pissed because I don’t appreciate ppl complaining about Healer fans? LOL

      • ” So what! You’re pissed because I don’t appreciate ppl complaining about Healer fans? LOL ”

        Haha, If u wanna think that,I don’t mind. Ha Ha. I just took pity on u when u have to fight so hard but your comments are really nonsense and illogical. LOL. I know u didn’t understand what pp here said and I said, so I just do LOL. Take care yourself and your fingers to fight and write comments. :)))))

      • Haha LOL….I just have plenty of time outside my professional work. And I enjoy goofing around with you much-agitated LJS lunatic fans who can’t swallow the fact that there’re many fans who love other K actors more than your bias. Hahaha…LOL..I tried hard??? Nope! Nope! Nope! It doesn’t take me a few seconds to blah blah blah with you folks and I’ve been a frequent visitor of Koala’s blog. So it doesn’t bother me at all. Besides, the blogger welcome the sociable atmosphere. Wait! Why do I even bother to get back to you? LOL….I think I’m just too bored to get past your nonsense. BTW, you’re comical talking about “logic” before a professional using logic in her daily work. LOL again.

  12. I imagine LJS’s rabid fans get so offended and worked up by just a single post (by “k”) and comments not in favor of their idol’s drama. LOL…I love LJS whose dramas have been always in my to-watch list. But this whole legion of LJS stans….incomprehensible! LOL….They always tried to force LJS in the spotlight, rivaling with other stars such as Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Min Ho, etc….Childish!

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