Romantic Making Up Teased in New Stills for Episode 9 of Marry Me or Not

How can one picture drive me insane with want? I need to have a talk with someone over at the production of TW-drama Marry Me or Not and get the insider scoop on the secret sauce. Whatever magic they are wielding, it’s electric and addictive, with each new episode raising the bar ever higher. This is an amazing drama, whether from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, or China, the quality in writing, directing and acting hasn’t flagged in the least in 8 episodes, and judging from the spoiler stills for episode 9, doesn’t seem likely to trip up anytime soon.

I don’t mind the OTP having a brief time apart, both played each other and need to get down to the basics before they can overcome personal hangups, but seeing the insanely swoonworthy still above of Huan Huan and Justin doing their version of the Lady and the Tramp past scene has me melting into a puddle of goo. It’s even hotter than their make outs, this is romance that feels visceral in every way because the two are equals in emotional and mental intelligence.


Romantic Making Up Teased in New Stills for Episode 9 of Marry Me or Not — 4 Comments

  1. I need this show to hit a sour note soon otherwise I’m going to have serious problems when it ends. We’re already at episode 9 of 15. The thought of it ending… I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. This is indeed getting really good! <3
    And to those who understand Mandarin and need something to occupy them b4 Sunday, and if you like the directing/script writing, I recommend a drama which was from the same trio (the director and the 2 writers). It is called Ex-Boyfriend from 2012.

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