Sooyoung is a Summer Boho Beauty in the Pages of Grazia Magazine

Is boho one of the summer 2016 fashion trends, or has it simply never gone out of fashion as a suitable style for any summer warm weather days? Sooyoung of SNSD is on the cover and pages of Grazia magazine perfectly modeling the colorful frocks that would actually be wearable even on the average gal. Sooyoung is back on the promotional and television circuit thanks to the police drama 38 Task Force airing on cable network OCN this June.

Starring Seo In Guk and Ma Dong Suk, the drama is about a conman collaborating on a special task force with a government agent to chase down errant tax evaders. I’m sure it’s going to be way more interesting than the synopsis sounds since it’s from the production team behind Bad Guys. Sooyoung always picks interesting roles for herself and this looks like a step in the same positive direction for her solid acting career. That she always looks stunningly beautiful like in this Grazia spread is just icing on the cake.



Sooyoung is a Summer Boho Beauty in the Pages of Grazia Magazine — 10 Comments

  1. Say whaaat ? An article about Sooyoung ? Okay, I definitely love you XD.
    Even tho it has been quite a few weeks already for this cover and the first broadcast of 38 Police Squad, I am still happy, haha.

    Are you watching the drama by the way ?

  2. She was one of the few SNSD girls who I liked and now she’s the only SNSD girl whose acting I can watch.. Her role is pretty small so far in PU38. Hopefully, there will be more.

    • I just want her to get in on the cons, since her role is sort of sidelined at the moment due to not being part of the cons.

    • I’m really liking her chemistry with SIG as well. Like you, I’m hoping that there will be more. Based on how the story is going, we’ll probably see her character doing more in the upcoming episodes.

  3. Love the outfit and pose in the first pic, she is a natural at modelling.

    And she’s a good actress too, looking at her previous dramas. She takes different roles and does well at both comedy and melo, she’s hands down the best actress in SNSD even if her agency only wants to promote other “prettier” members by giving them opportunities on public broadcast or in China.

  4. I’m watching her drama and I don’t find her good. She’s not really charismatic. I prefer the other misses in the drama.

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