Cast Thanks Fans as Uncontrollably Fond Ends with a Stirring Conclusion of Tears and Smiles

A great and satisfying ending for a drama affects me way more than an impressive start, it’s the last thing to cross my eyes and mind and with it the lingering effects leave a swelling crescendo. KBS Wed-Thurs drama Uncontrollably Fond ended its 20-episode run today, with an ending that was narratively expected but an emotional payoff way better than anything the drama has achieved up until then. In fact, the last two episodes were so incredible and amazing it redeemed the story for me, and along the way showed that patience does pay off.

Lee Kyung Hee tried hard and managed to bring it all together in the end, leaving me crying for 60 minutes of episode 19 and then sobbing for another 60 minutes of episode 20. Bravo to the cast for committing so fully to their performances and this difficult emotional narrative, with Kim Woo Bin deserving a shout out for his final arc acting bravura, Suzy stepping up continuously in incremental baby steps as the drama went on, and second leads Im Joo Hwan and Im Joo Eun being jointly amazing even though he made my heart hurt and she made my heart seethe.

The veterans were also phenomenal, with mommy Jin Kyung being the award-winning standout but Yoo Oh Sung, Choi Moo Sung, and Jung Sun Kyung were all impressive in their own right, and Lee Won Jung‘s guest starring role as the deceased father was the heart and struggle of the entire drama.

I loved the ending but get why other viewers may have hated it. At least it wasn’t Lee Kyung Hee’s classic truck of doom, nor was it a random event that threw in a last minute struggle. From the first to last episode Joon Young was facing a terminal illness and the entire story was about how he made things right and lived his life with purpose during the time he had left. It didn’t even feel unfair because when his Eul got hurt he prayed to God to save her and he would in exchange give up all the happiness in life, so it was merely a price he had to pay but in the end he did find happiness even if it wasn’t for as long as he wished. I’m soooooooo happy UF worked so masterfully for me in the end, especially as the middle sections had me increasingly bored and sometimes pulling my hair out. Now I’m going to rewatch and see if the drama works even better as a marathon session rather than a live watch experience.

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Cast Thanks Fans as Uncontrollably Fond Ends with a Stirring Conclusion of Tears and Smiles — 34 Comments

  1. OMG I cried so much, and am so sad it’s over. I will miss my wednesdays and thursdays filled with UF episodes. KWB and Suzy had amazing chemistry, I hope to see them in another drama in a few years.

    Suzy never ends up with her leading man in any of her drama’s. They either break up, or one of them dies.

    • I cried so much my eyes glued shut. Thank you to Lee Kyung Hee for the final two episodes, its better writing than most of the K-drama scripts out there can even attempt to elicit in raw emotion.

      • I agree with you about LKH. Many viewers blamed the underwhelming ratings on screenplay. But I always think this writer has more classical literary elements in her writing to show off. I’m on ep 16 now and really like the flow of the story and the dynamic directing as well.

  2. UF still leaves me reeling from all the feels. My eyes puffed up so bad! I thought I’m done witn UF but I went through the screencaps on Soompi and I still teared up! UF wasn’t perfect but like you said, the final 2 episodes made up for it. It was really hard to part ways with the characters esp JY and NE. I really hope KWB’s performance will be recognised. He’s just too good! The way he cried and smiled at the same time. It was soo real! Too bad the ratings didn’t meet his acting quality.

  3. Glad that it’s over finally! Woobin-ah choose drama carefully next time.He was the only strong link in this otherwise mess of a drama sorry.

  4. I tried watching this but had to quit in the middle, but now I may have to watch the ending! Want to see if this is really as sad as everyone is saying!

      • I can’t drop it. I’m already invested too much in Joon Young’s journey. I can’t sleep I can’t work properly for 10 weeks because of this drama. This drama ruining my life for 10 weeks LOL. Sobbing for every touching moment… Joon Young’s monolouges is the best…

  5. I don’t think im brave enough to rewatch, Captain. Doubt my heart can take it. Had a hard time explaining to Bosses about my puffy eyes yesterday, LOL..

  6. I tried watching this, but Suzy’s acting just doesn’t cut it for me, and the plot was boring as hell.
    Then I thought maybe the lovely Im Joo Eun & Im Joo Hwan could have saved this…but still no. Hopefully they’ll both pair up again in another drama & get to be the leads.

  7. What bored me the most is the revenge plot, it’ s just take too long.screen time while this is the simplest plot revenge i can remember for a melodrama lol. The politic shenaningan it’s also not that intriguing.but the rest is good. For me the best episode is epi 2-4, 11-12, 19-20.

    • And also, props to kim woo bin. He is abit stiff in the beginning, trying to adjust his acting as a person who is dying. But he come to his own slowly. Can I dare saying this is his best acting yet? I hope he will take more chalenging roles like this. I don’t hope much with Suzy, she is still un even, sometimes underact or overact. She is doing something right when she doesn’t has to potray a character with a mix feeling at once in one scene when it happen, she is having a hard time to emote.. But what a pity for IJE. Might be due to her roles is just hard to pull off of being spoiled brat, she only come into her own at the last 2 episode.

  8. I stuck with it and I’m so glad I did. I feel the story maybe could have been told in 16 episodes and cut down the angst a little but overall and in hindsight I can honestly say I did like the whole thing. There were a few episodes where nothing seemed to happen but now I can see it was good for Joon Young to be cruel to Eul so she could find her strength to not give a s@# and move on in the face of her world crumbling around her. I kept remembering how she went from feeling she needed someone to take care of her at the beginning to being the strong side of the equation by the end. Plus, 20 episodes of Woobs > 16 episodes of Woobs so it’s all good. The ending was so beautiful and satisfying.

  9. I skipped the few intermediate episodes after episode 8 and only catching up with the final two. I don’t have the stomach for a marathon re-watch. I think Kim Woo Bin did a good job here and Suzy is annoying in the beginning (I don’t totally blame her, it’s because her character is written as such) but I get used to her in the end. Overall, it’s an ok watch.

  10. I watched all episodes and was entertained. The last two episodes had me crying so much my eyes are still puffy. I thought the cast was great overall (from the leads to the supporting cast). KWB is amazing and Suzy was did well for me.

  11. I don’t know what others are talking about but UF has been strong through out for me. I’m trying to wrap my head around the new dramas and I can’t stomach watching them Bc they have strong actors but their attempt to be cute or “light” has me scratching my head and just cringing. At least with UF there is a strong story line

  12. I didn’t follow each episode since too many other dramas on my plate to watch. Now half way marathoning towards the end. Thanks for not spoiling the plot although I can guess how it’s gonna end. Suzy was getting less annoying than the first half of the series as long as she toned down her yelling. So far I still appreciate LKH’s writing style that keeps reminding me Russian classic and the directing flow is very fluid and smooth that I like very much. Overall, UF is still a solid melodrama albeit Suzy’s acting was lacking through the first half of the drama series.

    • Finished watching???? … agree that Suzy has redeemed herself. I finally connected with her during final scenes…????.. o gosh my heart hurts

  13. I hope Woobin picks a better drama next time, I suppose he thought he had a sure hit on his hands since almost all LKH’s other dramas were hits and she had a rep for writing breakout roles for young actors (which she did again here, even though the plot itself was stupid and really exposed its early-2000s cliche roots). I liked his performance and I hope it’s recognised.

    Suzy’s cute but honestly not leading lady material, imo – she doesn’t have the chops to handle a genre as demanding as melo. Im Joo Eun was really cheated, but I’m not surprised since LKH always makes her female second lead roles either inconsequential or crazy bitches. And I thought Im Joo Hwan did really well.

  14. Loved every episode of this drama and have enjoyed each and every one of them. I have just rewatched episodes 19 and 20 and I am crying just as hard this time as I was when I first viewed it earlier in the day. All the cast (the leads and the supporting) were excellent , special mentions for KWB, Suzy, IJH and IJE who were all acting their hearts out in the last two episodes.

    The mother and son, the father and son and the brother and step brother scenes were heart breaking and I have never cried so much watching a drama! So well done to all who were involved in producing UF! ???

  15. I really enjoyed this drama. Love kim woo bin. Think he did a great job showing his range of emotions. Suzy came into her own after a couple of episodes. The story line in the last couple of episodes really make you think about how precious life is and your own relationships. Thank you to all the actors I look forward to their next projects

  16. Suzy should stick to ice princess roles like go hye mi in dream high,she just aint talented enough to pull a melodrama where she has to play a character with different emotions.

  17. totally dropped this drama after ep 8 as I could not stand Suzy’s screaming… Have watched the last 2 episodes & quite like them, KWB and his mom deserve a great big applause in their amazing chemistry & actings. Enough said about the lead female choice, it is a bit too late to turn around only in the last 2 episodes… sorry! I think I might have enjoyed this drama better if…

  18. Really if you dont cry whith the last episode you are not human. I think the final was so sad and really this serie was a best of drama. Uncontrollably Fond really make me thing about the life and love and really this stuff happen in the real life. So hurt to No Eul endured much pain and the hopes not fulfilled in concerning of her love. So ” See you tomorrow ? … Right ? “…..

  19. Uncontrollably Fond maybe the best expression of k-drama this year, really i think was so sad. If you dont cry with the last episode you are not human xD.. This serie made me think about life and love and their connections so this kind of history really happen in real life. so hurt to No Eul, endured much pain and the hopes not fulfilled in refering of her love, much tears in her face but the life goes on. ” See you tomorrow ?… Right ?? “.

    PD: Sorry for my English is so bad hehe…

  20. Ohhh!!! My…..I cried to the extent of even shading tears…..buh I relieved wen joons manager watched his tape satin three months had passed buh he was still alive…Geeezz

  21. Oh!!! I really love this movie… Kimwoobin acting is soo dope… though i didn’t like the ending, he should have lived… looking forward to watch more of your movies… Suzy tried too…

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