MBC Drops First Action Teaser for Yoo Seung Ho in Ruler – Master of the Mask

The last time a K-drama put a honey of mine in a mask it did not end, I’m still mildly traumatized by Lee Jun Ki being so wasted in the narrative and directorial hot mess that was Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. I hope MBC knows what it’s doing for spring sageuk Ruler – Master of the Mask, because if Yoo Seung Ho gets suck in a terribly written sageuk imma flip some tables. The drama released the first substantive preview this week with action scenes from the story, lots of quick cuts that show the titular mask (full versus a half mask) as well as all the leads. Yoo Seung Ho will be joined by Kim So Hyun, L, Yoon So Hee, Park Chul Min, and Heo Jun Ho in what appears to be a Joseon twist on The Man in the Iron Mask. The teaser looks intense and gripping, with plenty of Yoo Seung Ho eye candy, even if behind a mask half the time, to make it worth checking out.

RulerĀ – Master of the Mask:


MBC Drops First Action Teaser for Yoo Seung Ho in Ruler – Master of the Mask — 5 Comments

  1. While Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart is a mess, I do love Lee Jun Ki in it and I love him most during the earlier episodes, when his Wang So was still wearing the mask. It’s the mask that made Wang So captivating (ofc for the part that my LJK is so phenomenal) to begin with. I don’t like the mask in Ruler, though. Looked kinda a cross between Phantom of The Opera and The Man In Yhe Iron Mask. And maybe, the mask just not matching well with the Joseon royal robe. But the trailer, looks promising and with Yoo Seung Ho snd Kim So Hyun headlining, the performance is something the least to be worried of.

  2. The one in the mask is L. So I guess he and YSH role will be switch back and forth.

    Just seen Yoon So Hee in queen of the ring, she acts as “the pretty one”. She seems to have the “bitchy” face. She looks mature compare to KSH.

  3. I was hooked the minute KSH pulled out that sword! Yes please! Badass saeguk heroines are such a rarity! Hope that scene isn’t a one time thing and hoping both ladies show off fight skills! Also, L looks surprisingly good in that 1 sec glimpse we got of him.

    I actually like the mask trope even if the mask itself needs some getting used. Its really pretty on its own but with the garb it can look a bit weird. Nonetheless, I’m sold on the overall awesomeness of the two leads!

  4. o me emociono el tease esta perfecto ah capturado totalment mi atencion,., pero quisiera una escena de kim so hyun y yoo seung ho juntos xd eso es lo q quiero ver q tal es su quimica spero q para su 3 teaser salga ya q la curiosidad me mata

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