Park Seo Joon May Work with SBS Next on Drama What Happened to Secretary Kim

K-actor Park Seo Joon may be trying out something different in 2018, he has been offered the leading man role in SBS drama What Happened to Secretary Kim. Park Seo Joon is a known workaholic and last year did two dramas with Hwarang and Fight My Way. Both were KBS dramas and he’s also worked often with MBC, but with SBS he only has ever done one drama One Warm Word in 2013. He’s still considering Secretary Kim which is a drama about a bad tempered second generation chaebol who suddenly has his long time of 9 years secretary quit her job and sets out to find out what happened. If Pzrk Seo Joon accepts this drama is slated to follow Peacock King with Jang Geun Seok on the Wed-Thurs time slot.


Park Seo Joon May Work with SBS Next on Drama What Happened to Secretary Kim — 13 Comments

  1. Hwarang was filmed in 2016 whereas Fight My Way was done in 2017. I don’t follow PSJ that much but he is quite of a ratings magnet.

  2. What an unattractive picture of him, above. He’s gotta strike while the iron’s hot. FMW was quite a hit and so was his film Midnight Runners, he’s already done his mandatory military service time so now he can keep building his resume up.

      • Especially Kang Ha Neul. He still hasn’t played a leading role in a drama. What a waste of promising talent. He was so natural in Misaeng, his acting is so good. But shit ‘actors’ like Nam Joo Hyuk keep getting leading roles despite not having established himself in the acting scene.

  3. Rumored female lead is between Park Shinhye, Seo Hyunjin and Seohyun.
    Can imagine if they offered it to Seohyun… Knetz will shred her apart.

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