TW-actress Chen Qiao En Gets Nabbed for Drunk Driving Start off 2018

Welp, clearly someone is having a worse start to 2018 than me and boy do I hope things get resolved quickly for the star in question. TW-actress Chen Qiao En was arrested for drunk driving in Taipei on the wee morning hours of January 4th, spotted by cops for running a red light. She blew 0.67 on a breathalyzer which let me make clear is nearly eight times more than the drunk driving limit 0.08. She posted a huge bond and went back to their countryside family home in Zhu Bei the next day with her  parents. Chen Qiao En has long been known for running with the crowd that drinks and smokes a lot so it’s not a out-of-nowhere surprise. I’m glad no one was  hurt, herself included, and hopefully this is a wake up call to drink as much as you want safely and never ever drive afterwards.


TW-actress Chen Qiao En Gets Nabbed for Drunk Driving Start off 2018 — 32 Comments

  1. Sorry I have no mercy for a person who drunk and drive and I actually HATE those people.
    i hope she gets purnishment that she deserved.

  2. In S.Korea how many celebs drink and drive and get away with it unless they get caught.Its bad behaviour it happens and it needs to stop. South Korea is extremely irresponsible when it comes to this behaviour and its often celebrated as part of the culture..Education on the alcahol abuse in Korea needs to be taken seriously and not celebrated because it will ultimately end up in a car and often as a silly out of touch celebrity.

    • Firstly, this isn’t South Korea. Secondly, not just celebrities, literally everyone gets away with it until caught. How’d you know someone’s DUI if they aren’t caught?

      I think Asia as a whole need to have some sort of control over alcohol abuse. While substitute driver is such a good thing, it’s not used enough obviously. In general, alchoholism shouldn’t be taken as somewhat of a given.

    • I live in Australia. S Korea can’t even compare. Since recreational drugs and alcohol are used so freely here. Its bad enough when people binge but worse when they drive with children in the car.

      I have seen so many people brought into ED with BAL levels that is considered not compatible with life. And people who need daily alcohol. S Koreans drink. But other countries citizens are or can be just as bad.

      At least there are drivers in S Korea. Cab fares cost a lot here and not everyone has a designated driver. I actually applaud the fact that you can hire drivers to drive you home in
      SK. And you can catch a cab home.

      There are less drunk celebrities than drunk ordinary citizens driving.

      • The fact is alcahol consumption statistacly 4 times higher per person in South Korea. As this is a entertaiment website we are talking about celebrities not the popuation in general which we already know about. The fact is S.Korea has problem with alcahol and if you have lived their you will understand that..end of comment.

      • You presume a lot of things. That I don’t know about the alcohol consumption in S Korea. Or that I have never been there or have family there.

        There’s no point in writing anymore for someone who replies with ” rubbish ” as if I am a child.

    • I’m just nitpicking on the fact that this article is about Taiwan, not South Korea. ? But in all seriousness, drunk driving in any country is a severe crime. Unfortunately, the system isn’t perfect, and people who should be punished, either come off scott-free or with a slap on the hands. On another note, and by no means excusing Chen Qiao En, but is she the actress who’s best friend committed suicide last year/two years ago? Really speculating here, but maybe her lack of judgment in D.D. had something to do with that.

  3. Koala says she’s been known to be in the crowd that drinks and smokes a lot, what crowd would that be? Just curious, as an international chinese drama fan, I thought she had the image of a demure, mature actress, so I thought her friend group was the same. But all in all, hopefully she understands the danger she put herself, pedestrians and vehicles out there, and doesn’t do it again.

    • koala is right. She is one of those that has not settled into her age. It is not uncommon news in TW. I dont think she is a happy single thru.

      • It is well known within C-nets that Taiwan media is known to create false news on her and what do taiwan media know when she is spending most of her time in China working and not Taiwan? She herself said that she has much more friends in mainland than in Taiwan. Don’t tell me that Taiwan media outlet know more on this than Chinese outlet? This is the same questions always asked by those on weibo 🙂

      • And about settled into her age comment.. I don’t know that there is such restriction for women (and men) that at certain age, we can’t enjoy drinking wine or any alcohol? Older men also smoke a lot. Is that mean they are not settled into her age?

  4. Trash. Drunk drivers will never get any sympathy from me. There have been one too many times an innocent person has died because of drunk drivers.

  5. Did she do something to her eyes? Because I remember her eyelids were not as prominent as above picture. I think they were more hooded? But well, the last time I watched her was in The Prince Who Turned Into A Frog, so maybe makeup effects? Early 2000 makeup made her eyes looked smaller?

  6. China has new traffic rulings and going tough with no mercy . As long caught with alcohol smell, driver are detained. They have this substitute driver to send them home service and it’s popular.

  7. That was very, very irresponsible of her to drink to drive. Hopefully she will never do this again. She could have killed someone for that. Actually, she was arrested in Taipei, Taiwan, not China though.

  8. She was arrested in Taipei, not in China. Please get the facts correct to not mislead people. I have noticed that your blog is giving out inaccurate information sometimes on the c/tw-news stuffs, which is a huge deal since there’s not many English-speaking blog that covers their news… Commentary is up to you but News should be accurate.

    I am disappointed with her actions. She’s known to be quite a drinker, having her friends outed her in variety shows about her drinking habit (of course in a joking manner), but for drunk driving, it’s totally not a joke anymore.

    • Thanks for putting this succintly. Ive been really frustrated with this blog and it’s inaccuracies. You pinpointed exactly why. There aren’t many who cover cent so please don’t half ass the information and report so many inaccuracies. Even the simplest articles have misinformation. The one in which she thought people were actually holding photoshopped vegetables as awards at an award show was the worst.

  9. Drunk driving is never okay.

    As others have said, this occurred in Taipei. She was ordered to post bail of 100,000 NTD. According to an article by Kwongwah Daily, if she had been caught in China, she would have lost her license and would only be allowed to apply again after a period of five years. In Taiwan, the punishment is getting your license revoked for one year.

    What really bothers me is that she admitted to drinking, but only to having one drink. Experts in Taiwan have been coming out saying that it’s impossible for her to have had only one drink and that it would take at least 8 drinks to get a BAC of 0.67.

  10. Sooooo, I’ve enjoyed a ton of her dramas, but don’t often read about celebs beyond their current projects. Had no clue that this wasn’t a surprise because of the crowd she runs with. I think it’s sad and completely irresponsible. If you wanna get drunk, that’s your business, but do not get behind the wheel of a car and endanger others. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

  11. Why didn’t you add her picture on the front page like you did with all the other stories? Please make sure that you have the accurate information for your articles. We are counting on you to get that. We are only getting about 10% articles for Chinese entertainment news on this website anyway. Thank you very much!

  12. Aye I can tell she is really depress and lonely. .and shit has happen during her early life perusing her career ….that we don’t know…I know .it no excuse …but we pple don’t wouldn’t understand a depress drinker. trust me I know family members who is like that which is sad …She neeed therapy …drink to 4get and to ease the pain.
    That why idols keep dying becoz we behind the screen judge and say the meanest thing to hurt them and we don’t even know anything .
    I’m not defending her action but u can tell the diff btw party and a depress drinkers…
    I’m pretty sure she learnt her lesson and now she has added one more problem to her depress .list and YES!! It her own doing, no one to blame but herself… Who end up taking her life like her friend kimi and then it make everyone happy …is that the punishment u all would like ? Aye so complicated to explain a person with depression and drink… but I’m totally sure she is one of those idols.
    Yes I’m ready 4 all those judgemental pple who’s behind the screen ? to judge my comment …?

  13. Joe Chen is a talented versatile actress. No doubt that she can pull scene in her field of specialization which is acting. I admire her work. And I also understand the weight it cause off screen… Just like the stars we see at night beautiful but for that to be bright and beautiful it has to burn itself to brightness.

    She is just human. She was never perfect. She made a mistake. Taking responsibility was a wise action for her! Who are we to judge her! She walks on a path of complications and loneliness. We can only hope that she learns to love herself (kind to oneself) by finding what she truly lost (true contentment to happiness).

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