Kim Yoo Jung Confirmed as Female Lead for Romance Drama Clean With Passion For Now

It’s hard to follow up a mega mega hit which is why it’s understandable that both leads of 2016 romance sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds haven’t picked their followup drama since then. That’s changing now as female lead Kim Yoo Jung has finally said yes to the K-drama adaptation of webtoon Clean With a Passion for Now. K-ent is calling this her first romance role of her 20’s (she’s 20 years old in Korean age with the start of this new year) and has her playing her first adult role in a modern drama.

She played an adult in Moonlight and her role prior in Angry Mom was a modern drama but she played the high school student she was in real life. Clean With Passion tells the romance between an easygoing not afraid to get dirty and rather messy already female lead who goes to work at a cleaning company for her germaphobe CEO and the two opposite personalities fall in love. Reportedly actor Ahn Hyo Seob is in talks to be her male lead but if he’s not confirmed yet I do hope she gets a more established male lead, Park Bo Gum was perfect for her in Moonlight and someone of his charisma here would be ideal.


Kim Yoo Jung Confirmed as Female Lead for Romance Drama Clean With Passion For Now — 28 Comments

  1. so so beautiful,if I have my way I would have stopped her from doing this drama but I guess she finds something good in it.wish her all the luck.

  2. She is sooooo beautiful! What I love most is that she has this square/round face which is against the beauty standard of Korean (the V shaped jaw & small face) but still she shines so brightly that nobody can deny he charm.

  3. Wow finally! Not sure about the male lead as he is a rookie actor but off the top of my head I would have wanted either Lee Hyun Woo, Seo Kang Joon, Yook Sung Jae, Ji Soo, my ult bias Park Ji Hoon (heh maybe next year). I wish her the best for this one and am eagerly anticipating the show!

    • lee hyun woo has gone military. seo kang joon cant act. yook sung jae already had romance with KSH. PJH is too short, only 1m72, with heels yoo jung is already taller than him.

      • PJH is only 3 cm shorter than Jo Jung Suk 1.75m, and JJS is a very successful leading man in many dramas. JJS even acted with GHJ who is 1.72. I don’t think height is the biggest determining factor in drama casting. KYJ is not tall, only 1.61m.

      • Actually… what’s wrong with YSJ? He is a good actor… What do you mean “already had romance with KSH”? You mean he cannot act with KYJ if he has acted with KSH??

      • KYJ is 1m64. PJH face is very young, he might only play high school student, who would pass him as a CEO? And he never even have supporting role like Nam Da Reum, only few cameo when he was really young. He got into uni because of his profile with w1 right now (the requirement was appeared on cf for the last year).

        Jo Jung Suk is 37. He spent a decade on stage. His talents excess any flaw of his look (not that he has any)

      • I dont think YSJ is interested in being actor, he doesnt want to overshadow his group. He only accept project if there is someone hes really admire on there (gong yoo, lee seung gi). And the two kims will mostly avoid share same partner as long as possible, if now KSH act with PBG or KYJ with YSH, the shipping war, the shade as its not already there between fans.

      • agree PJH face is very young, I don’t think he will be suiting as CEO… I am only replying to your comment about his Height. Where did you read KYJ is 1.64m? My Google says 1.61m… Too bad if YSJ does not further his career in acting, he’s got potential. I really enjoy watching him in Goblin & School 2015. Those fan shipping wars are real dumb, who cannot act with who is totally nonsense… LOL…

      • I followed yoo jung a bit after LITM, compared her height when she stands with others.

        I rather pick Ong or Minhyun for eye candy. PJH can only go D.O way, straight to movies. Its hard for short actors to get role in dramas.

        Chang Ki Young would be good. even junho 2pm or park hyung sik. there are quite a few rising 9x actors. even kang tae oh, yang se jong

        I was hoping KYJ would get woo do hwan but he already pair with joy.

  4. Song Jae Rim is gonna have a newly created role which will have the 3 leads turning it into a love triangle. Tot a lot of dramas are doing away with love triangles. Plus he’s 18 years her senior. Hopefully it’s a one sided love otherwise it’s fonna be unwatchable for me.

    • Song Jae-rim is so much older than Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop so I hope that if he is the second lead, it won’t be a traditional love triangle. I can work with him being the object of the heroine’s youthful (and completely one-sided) crush, ala Weightlifting Fairy.

  5. Not the greatest fan of Song Jae Rim getting cast as a love interest next to Kim Yoo Jung. I basically have the same problem as I had with Kim So Hyun’s and Kim Sae Ron’s case. They still look so young. Aren’t there any young male actors around the three Kim’s age? Honestly, Nam Joo Hyuk maybe an actor who’s got a lot to learn but I’d prefer seeing him getting paired with the Kim’s rather than these 10+ year older male actors. Vice versa with actresses. It’s unnerving to see high schooler looking boys with women that could be their mothers (although this is more rare, most noona romances have women who are only a couple years older than the man). I’m totally fine with larger age gaps if either party is at least over 25. Then I wouldn’t mind as much if the ahjusshi or ahjumma was an actor in their forties.

  6. I’m a bit iffy by the age difference if it’s Song Jaerim as the male lead. Same goes to Yoon Doojoon and Kim Sohyun pairing. Both actress are still 17-18 (despite being 20 in Korean age) so it’s a uncomfortable to see them being paired to leading men 10+ years older… Why cant they get leading men around their age?

    • Kim So Yeon is so done dirty ! First Taecyon was such a miscast I couldn’t watch them. Then she gets DooJon I just don’t see his appeal

  7. just hope she dont get pair with old guy in their 30s+. she need a guy near her age with good acting. if she get pair with bad actor her first mature drama will be ruin by him.

  8. She looks so breathtakingly gorgeous in the new Laneige photoshoot.

    No over 30 actors please. I hope they will cast someone who’s only a bit older than her. I’m fine with An Hyo Seop as her leading man; he’s a decent actor in Father is strange.

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