Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Attend Drama Wrap with Cast for Rating Surging Memories of Alhambra

The latest episode 10 of Memories of Alhambra hit its highest ratings ever with 9.207% and its weekly buzz ratings also jumped to right below Sky Castle so it’s the perfect time for the cast to celebrate with the drama wrap party. The drama started filming in the summer with an extended location shoot in Spain covering scenes from the beginning of the drama and also scenes in episodes 9-10 (and maybe more) so this was a very large scale production. It shows onscreen with the beautiful visuals of Spain as the backdrop of the AR game and also with now the AR game CGI is seamlessly integrated. Male lead Hyun Bin hard carried the drama in the first few episodes as the story unfolded a tad slow on the substance but has kicked into narrative hyper speed in the last three episodes so now the story is also the central engine pushing the train forward. I love this drama soooooooo much and am so thankful my love for Binnie kept me following along until it all coalesced now.


Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye Attend Drama Wrap with Cast for Rating Surging Memories of Alhambra — 17 Comments

  1. Any pictures of Park Hae Soo and Chanyeol? Did they attend? Hyun Bin looks super dapper as always and MOA is the best watch in the weekend! Glad they’re holding their own and doing well. Happy New Year people! ?

  2. HB is doing a superb job in MOA which has upheld his status as an A-listed actor. His acting is so convincing that I can feel his fear & pain every minute while playing the AR game. Excellent drama with good game telling (minus the romance). Hope the remaining 6 episodes will continue to engage us in the search for the answer to end the killings.

  3. Happy new year from France . I wish you all the best and a year with creative and good dramas. Bonne Année à tous et à toutes. Je nous souhaite une année pleine de bons dramas !

  4. Happy new year everyone its good for MOA. Does PSH changes her hair ??it looks super pretty. and hyun Bin aaaaah so handsome as always. Fighting Moa.

  5. Congrats to MOA team and Happy New Year! I just caught up on ep 9 & 10 and it’s absolutely gripping. The underground jail part had me crying my eyes out.

  6. Love this drama. It’s so refreshing for kdrama. I can now see the hype surrounding Hyun Bin. He hasn’t always chosen the best dramas to date other than Secret Garden and Millionaires First Love. But with MOA, he’s proven himself. But disappointed with the production crew, particularly for the person who’s supposed to make sure that details are consistent. Did anyone notice in episode 10, that Jin-woo left the train in Granada without his stick and his limp off? But, suddenly the stick and limp are back on in the preview for the next episode?

    • The continuity person is responsible for ensuring each scene is intact and correct. You have to have attention to detail and it is a hard job to maintain. I’m hopeless I’d be too focused on the scene and acting. However great spotting Janette you’ve got skills to notice that particular part.

      • He is in the VR game where is not limped. Remember the tonic drink created by his staff in the VR. Although nit shown that he drank it it must be that he drank so that he is normal during the game.

    • I noticed this but I think it’s part of the plot and a deliberate choice for the writer rather than a continuity error. This drama does flashbacks a whole lot so following the sequence of events is quite challenging, but I think that the writing is supposed to convey that he no longer needed his walking stick when he got to Granada he was “magically” healed.

    • Don’t think that’s an error
      It was intentional, the camera even panned to show him taking a step without the stick – he stopped limping in the quest

  7. Enjoying MOA, can’t wait till Saturday.I watched some of the drama awards. Does anyone know if there are any cable drama awards? MOA & encounter should be getting awards too. Happy New Year everyone ^.^

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