Song Hye Kyo Brings the Youthful Sporty Vibe to New Sneaker CF

I’m a petite person so I have a fondness for high heels and an inordinate ability to endure the discomfort. So it’s a great trend to see platform sneakers so popular the last few years, allowing sporty comfort to coexist with height boosting. Song Hye Kyo has been wearing heels for her current drama Encounter (Boyfriend) befitting her hotel president business role but in her last drama Descendants of Sun she did platform sneakers/high tops especially during the overseas scenes as a field doctor. She’s petite and the sneakers were so cute on her, it makes sense now for her to rep newer platform sneakers styles as seen in these CF stills. Her hair from Encounter is growing out and overall the looks is super sporty chic, love it!


Song Hye Kyo Brings the Youthful Sporty Vibe to New Sneaker CF — 83 Comments

  1. Pretty but her acting is mid-tier. She can never give a performance like Son Ye Jin in Last Princess. Her acting is nit there and seems like she has no desire to go to that level. Why bother when her beauty can land her CFs? Suezy idol doesn’t even have beauty like SHK but she’s still getting lead roles so SHK is good

  2. NOT a fan of the look esp sneakers + obvious heels – or trying too hard to compensate for lack of ht with heels can be unproportionate overall. Like ‘too much heavy hair’ on a shorter frame too.

    It shows, when you’re short … and it depends – often those super high high heels aren’t proportionate overall to many shorter figures.

    Rather short people in flats … so petite a pixie-ish elfin type type look which works – esp for a less chunky SHG these days, Pumps don’t work either – they tend to chunk legs.

    I LOVE watching SHG these past yrs – she’s improved so much. While her perfect face is always mesmerizing, and she’s making very good clothing choices (rather than chunking her figure with matronly choices, and too high heels which unfortunately make her look instead – Stocky!)

    I never started out liking SHG (esp not in teary Autumn’s Tale). Nor in Hotelier.

    Nor Full House which I found noisily immature (no offence)
    And her too high heels, platforms and short skirts in Full House which tend to chop her body. So fussy, so unnecc.

    She needed better choices in clothing proportions to suit her frame/figure/ht, back then. But her face – was always so beautiful.

    Think it was All In when I finally enjoyed SHG – her quiet brand of calm maturity in acting shone through, and she wore clothes to suit her frame. And it just went on and on – Worlds Within = > current Encounter, where she’s so naturally nailing the role.

    I like them both. (Now … if you compare her to the other CF darling – Kim Tae-hee – her petulant mouth makes her a notch down from SHG n beauty, and KTH’s acting … now there’s something to discuss).

    Otherwise SHG is a different FLAVOUR from Son Ye-jin … who can be in her own way one-note too. for eg: in Personal Taste. (you can see some of that in Pretty Noona – that deliberate cutesy childish etc)

    • Agree SYJ can be one note….the scene where she’s dancing with the sister and two younger brothers walk in was very Cringe….
      and SHY tho’ no great actor has evolved and has quiet dignity to her craft. She doesn’t act cutesy like SYJ.

  3. I’d say she’s radiantly rocking the look bec she’s teaming it right.
    With the gorgeous bob sitting down well on her, and the shorts.

    When petite folks try to over-compensate with high heels on shorter figures – it sometimes shows. And they’d be far better off with flats which instead packages the pixieish quality … rather than the trying too hard vibe (Full House and too high heels, with those short skirts = proportions were all wrong).

    I enjoy both SHG and SYJ.
    Both imo have diff flavours – Son Ye Jin can be one-note too, with her deliberate ‘childish girlishness’ – ie same fr Personal Taste’s Kae-yin ===> Pretty Noona.

    Now if we consider the other CF darling – Kim Tae-hee, then I’d say she’s not as ‘beautiful’ bec of the down-turn in her mouth … which comes across as petulant (maybe those ‘roll the big eyes until they almost pop’ images of Stairway to Heaven and the ugliness of the petulant downturn mouth registered too strong a bias in me).

  4. SHK is very beautiful and for me her acting is very one dimensional that is it. Son Ye Jin has the charisma and talent to roll with any given role and her range of characters that she chooses is phenomenal. Beauty sells CF deals but acting talent gives you credibility.

  5. Is she really that thin? And are her legs that slim? Too much photoshopping in ads these days. Whatever it takes to sell those sneakers…

    • Damn, you’ve spoilt the CF! I thought she looked gorgeous with those long slim legs and was more interested to know whether she has any gray hairs?

    • Hahaha. The only part without any photoshopping is the sneakers, Sneakers ??? Just compare these photos with her Airport pictures will give you an idea of the shape of her legs ?

      • Just check the bts video pictorial for this Ad. And you guys will all see that this ads just have a mild ps. She lost a lot of weight that explain the slimmer figure and legs.

      • ps is ps regardless of the flavor. No one has said her ps is spicy hot. Are you being a bit too sensitive here?

      • @candycane me a bit too sensitive? Lol NO. Just trying to point out that her final ads is just same with her raw bts video shoot. Cause some pips cant believe how slim she look well guess what she lost a lot of weight that is why.

      • Lol … but she has lost a lot of weight since Encounter. She looks better and younger.

        She does have stumpy legs tho.

        She looks matronly on ENCOUNTER. gave up on this drama. Like misfit of science.

  6. The hairstyle fits her perfectly. I love that she seems to always look good with both long hair and short hair. Watched the BTS for this CF and she amazed me with her beauty. I also heard that Sulwhasoo and Suecomma Bonnie are enjoying the increase in sales..thanks to SHK and Encounter.

      • I haven’t started using the product yet but I’m tempted to. I blame SHK for this lol

      • Regardless of age, put sunscreen on face every morning is the best advice my mom has given me 🙂

      • @sunshine: since when this topic about SHK commercial turn into age-related topic about us hehe, anyway, I know it sounds cheesy but here is the quote from Frank Sinatra lyric: “if you should survive to a hundred and five
        Look at all you”ll derive out of being alive
        And here is the best part, you have a head start
        If you are among the very young at heart.”
        @candycane, yes, your mom gives the best advice to you.

  7. Such distortion with the weird angles to make her legs look longer.
    They should have just embraced her petiteness . This is my problem with Korean pop culture. The obsession with long legs, small faces, proportions etc etc is depressingly shallow.
    SHY is symmetrically perfect but give me the intriguing talented Bae Doo Na with her unique quirky beauty any day.

    • About attempt to make her legs look longer in this cf, go view how lo….ng her legs had grown to unbelievably long in her cf for Levi jeans some years back. Those pics looked even weirder. Its understandeble advertiisers ps their pics but if overdone can only make the pics look odd.

    • Seriously do you think athletes will wear platforms to play sports? These shoes are for shopping ??? and now she is resting in the bedroom after going to the mall. LOL.

  8. No need to bother with people who want too much of this and that. Nit picking on every little things. What don’t you salty people understand that every CF models shit in the world is full of photoshop despite a short frame model or super tall models. No one is perfect so like it or not.

    Song Hye Kyo slaying no matter what. The more salty people get about her the more success she’ll be.

  9. So many salty insecure ladyboy/girls in the comment section cant accept the fact that at the age of 37 Shk is loooking mighty fine and throw tantrums that this pictorial got too Ps and comparing her with other actresses just to drag her down so silly and childish.
    Saw her in person i think commented this a ton of times and this pictorial is the closest she look in real life petite with slender FLAWLESS legs.

  10. Was never her fan. Havent watched her any other drama or movies. Well i gave a try to dots but i dropped it after 6 episode. But i absolutely lover her character in encounter. I almost dropped encounter too in 1st episode cause of park bo gum but m glad i didnt..

  11. At first when i saw the pictorial on twitter i said to my self there is some Photoshopping going on here and there. But suecommabonnie dropped the unedited pics and videos and i ate all my words haha shk slay and still my peg for life.

  12. Gorgeous human being…oh my..she is so pretty in her new drama Encounter…sometimes I lost word to describe her beauty.
    she is always a great actress for me…I read some comments her comparing her with song ye jin…..well, that must be a matter of preference since I am not enjoying that other actress’s acting especially her latest drama.

  13. I look up at song hye kyo’s appearance in Encounter after reading comments about her leg being photoshopped a bit too much? But hey, her legs look really slim in the drama. Also in the video of the bts making of the cf. In Encounter press con, wow she look really slim there too. Searched some more and I found her video at Incheon airport, aigoo, she totally petite person with a flawless skin. I envy her, I am younger 10 years than her but her skin and body obviously look younger me.hwaaaaaa……

  14. I know,bitter comments about SHK always come from the same person or the same person using different name.haha…they obviously don’t like her…then what are they doing in almost all article about her.I don’t know, I just find it so funny and somehow only people with bad intention will do that.they’ll claim that it’s up to them to post any comments to anybody…yeah sure…I just wonder why they waste their time doing that.

  15. Just Photoshop in you look in press conference boyfriend her leg was full of wrinkles. If you remember her trip in Paris with song joong ki she look like exhausted and haggard. Thanks goodness her drama will end soon, sky castle and last empress will extend in more episode. My prediction rating in ep. 16 was 8%.

    • U sound so jelous here.this post about song hye kyo ptohoshoot why u want to cmpared the drama rating.u can go to drama review to cmpared bout that or just enjoyed it silently if u dont have any psitve comment here..

      • Excuse me what? Since beginning before this drama airing I made prediction this drama will be flop! And shk fans call me troll and idiot! They are happy when 1st 2nd episode get higher rating!! Then what!! Rating keep decrease because she can’t acting just like Kim tae hee. You now why she didn’t win apan and seoul drama award 2016? Her acting as Kang mo yeon was hopless! Even park bo gum fans disappointed because this drama gaining faction between him and song song shipper!! Song2 shipper very mad with him cause he bite shk lips that impoline even you called this acting. Song joong ki was actor but he still human, can believe he doing that to his hyung wife. the rating it’s self speak that truth they acting was awkward and mediocre.

      • Let me help you summarise your long post :
        1. Encounter is a flop
        2. SHK can’t act
        3. SHK didn’t win Apan and SDA for DotS
        4. PBG fans are frustrated
        5. SongSongCouple fans are angry at PBG for kissing SJK’s wife.
        6. SJK is a human


      • @Valentinozara thank you for showing us your real intention here.
        Now I can see through you clearly. You are SHK’s other word suit you..HATERS..

      • Encounter ratings are good and high for a cable TV. It is airing during weekdays but still got great ratings compared to some other dramas which is airing during weekend. Why that Valentino or whatever name she/he is,said that the drama is flop? And she sounded really hate song hye kyo? I can;t blame her/him though, song hye kyo has it all. She is really beautiful and gorgeous,has handsome and popular husband who support her work, got to work with many hot actors. what else? Rich and kind and being so popular in Asia. that valentino person seems trying very hard to bring her down, badmouthing her, leaving hatred comments in every article about her,some of her/his word is so mean and for me it is a cyber bully. take note that SHK’s agency had took legal action to person who bullying her with a slander posts in internet. Just saying that your bad deeds might not just stay in should be careful with your words.

      • ????, chingus,(친구), for some reasons I couldn’t got mad at him/her. And sometimes thing maybe because of her that SHK post always get more traffic lolzzz.
        Trust me, SHK fans have learned to weather through a lot. I think this person must be obsessed with SHK: think about it, he/she followed her thru this post, to Soompi thread??, to instagram?, and twitter. Just for what, why, ???
        I think she/he is the best thing happened after the psychological term: obsessive compulsive disorder.
        And while someone is bashing her, SHK is slaying her roles; continue to gain more CFs, she herself is a luxury brand; is a famous korean actress in Asia and happily married. What can we ask more ????????

  16. Calm down everyone if Valentinozara wants to go full on beef mode against SHK isn’t that a good thing with the number of posts generated and still being added even though there are other Koala articles above? Yes we know that SHK is a queen to many and it’s great her drama is holding it’s own so all her fans can rejoice as for the rest of us still watching Encounter yeah thank God there are other dramas around to whet our appetite in the time being. So please remember ‘What people say about SHK is their reality not yours’.

    • I thought it’s such a decent of person to use beautiful quote teach someone. Well, It seems like you are okay for someone to attack actor/actress who are not your favorite and tell their fans to calm down but you are so quick to jump in to defend your bias in another thread. That’s okay since there is no such thing as fairness when it comes to one’s preferences.
      However, please “practice what you preach” or else you are just talk the talk but not do walk the walk.

      • All good Ta keep harping on let’s hit 70 posts here cos the timing is right and defending HB cos some nutcase called him a gay is definitely a reason to jump up and down. Big difference is Valentinozara is consistently dogging 24/7 and yeah I thought this was the thread where poetry and quotes intertwined. Ahh shucks….So tell me where do I ‘attack’. I’ve been very diplomatic and it’s your interpretation not mine. Not everyone is in the same boat as you hence that’s what makes this blog the perfect place.

      • Oh now you’re nit picking my responses yet others actually say worse here? E.g About ps legs…..

      • Oh myyyy , you really don’t understand what I meant?? Did I say you attack??? Or is it from your mouth? You are too quick to run into consumption. Am I nit picking my response?? You are very diplomatic, I don’t deny it, i event said you are decent to use quote.
        However, you are so quick to jump in defend for your bias in the other thread( Do I need to say his name) just like us defend for SHK but u tell us : to calm down?? Isn’t it funny?
        Why don’t u practice like you said :
        Calm and : what people say about your bias is their reality, not you??)

    • Well what you see mirrors differently to what I am saying and you can disagree otherwise but go above and work your way through the anti remarks given and ‘practice what you preach’ there and tell them how it is. Frankly telling someone with paraphrasing and ‘???’ amI supposed to reply to my own statement? Please Ta your rebuttal is getting boring. I guess were over 70pists now Congratulations! You’re winning!

      • Lolzz I don’t preach anything why do I need to practice. And thanks to you this thread have more than 70 posts— clap ?.

      • Ouch bimbotic ohhhh and who the hell is Ann Joel A? She got fans or something? You a follower? That’s a good one. You got me I gotta go twirl my locks and stretch me legs. Yep clap clap for 70 posts and rising plus still going strong Ta with that Ta Ta ??

      • lolz, so you have nothing except just making fun of my nick name?? Pathetic all the way but act so high mighty.

    • Your nickname? You mean your username? Oh goodie we gonna hit 80 soon totally unrelated to the original post but too true keep replying with your nonsensical replies. You clapped so I waved back.

  17. Some people are just so pathetic…I just can’t help but wondering how poor and twisted their mind are. Yeah, I am song hye kyo’s fans.I am her admirer, both for her beauty and grace,also for her acting. Why should I stay calm if someone posts hatred comments and negativity about her around. No one want to see their bias being attacked like that, right? The problem is that person is not just bitter about SHK, he/she just write senselessly about her, picking her private life matter and make fun of it. There is also people who acted neutral to her, in fact, taking every chance to cynically wrote about her. Call me fussy or busy body, I don;t mind…just let me be…It is something I must say or I’ll going nuts here.

  18. Wow congratulations for shk fan this thread hit 79 comments. Keep going on koala????????✌️✌️more traffic more money ?.

  19. Wow…Song Hye Kyo got a few more new CF..beside suecomma bonnie, there are vedi vero and Chaumet too. She already has Sulhwasoo and Dyson. Any more that I didn’t know. She really has the star power in her.

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