South Korean President Moon Jae In Orders Further Investigation into Jang Ja Yeon, Former Minister Kim Ha Ui, and Current Seungri/Jung Joon Young Probe

The South Korean public is hopping mad and one good thing to come out of this current Seungri into Jung Joon Young criminal probe is that two formerly swept-under-the-rug cases are being re-examined. South Korean President Moon Jae In has issued a decree to fully re-investigate the Jang Ja Yeon case and the former Vice-Minister Kim Hak Ui matter. Jang Ja Yeon was an aspiring actress best known for having a small part in Boys Before Flowers who committed suicide in 2009 and left behind a 7-page letter naming over three dozen names of men she was forced to have sex with by her manager in order to continue her entertainment career. Disgraced and resigned former Vice-Minister Kim Hak Ui case was from 2013 when a woman alleged that she was raped by him at a drunken orgy party attended by many powerful men. He resigned and the case was reportedly stifled by now impeached former president Park Geun Hye and her crony Choi Shin Sil who got Kim Hak Ui appointed in the first case. Jang Ja Yeon’s statute of limitations on her case was scheduled to run out in a week but will be extended for two months as the police re-open her case.


South Korean President Moon Jae In Orders Further Investigation into Jang Ja Yeon, Former Minister Kim Ha Ui, and Current Seungri/Jung Joon Young Probe — 11 Comments

  1. Yep, finally a decent President doing something on corruption and fighting for justice. I will never forget the Jang Ja Yeon case – I hope she is smiling in heaven at this news.

  2. Only two months? That’s not really enough time. They need to publicize that list and get dispatch to help out or something

  3. How prevelant is this in the Entertainment industry.Only a very
    Small few are exposed and most arent for all sorts of reasons. More need to speak up for the sake of all women over career priority.

  4. Mr. President of South Korea…God is pleased that you ordered an re-investigation of these criminal cases…all the rotten criminals…powerful figures or not must be brought to justice otherwise South Korea’s worldwide reputation is totally destroyed.

    • Other countries have people involved too………Japan, Taiwan, China just to name a few (they went to his night club parties)

      • I agreed. My though, it is, this criminal acts came to light, because there are international figures envolved, maybe as a victims. This violence against women, even men(even though are kept secret), in entertainment world, where idols /actors and more abused their co-stars, and more, and trainees, newcomers, experience actresses/idols/actors are used as escorts, and entertainment(prostitution ) for investors and well known actors/idols, it has being going on for many years, with little done to end it, so they felt confident to spread it.
        If you research on google and Naver , you will find articles referring to many of agencies of famous and popular artists in SKorea connect to investigation on activities with so call “brokers” that are/were connect to international escort( prostitution) business. .

  5. I was worried that the celebs would be used to cover up the rich and powerful who are likely involved in this. It’s promising news this, that maybe that won’t be the case.

    • But just because they are being used as a cover doesn’t mean they are not guilty. If they did do everything they were accused of they should be revealed and punished accordingly.

  6. I don’t know, can all these cases be Completed in such a short time, because the culprit is not only what has been mentioned. I think there are many more people involved

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