Singer Eddy Kim Also Involved in Hidden Camera Video Sharing Chat with Jung Joon Young

At this point basically any male star who is friends in real life with singer Jung Joon Young should just turn themselves in. The investigation into the sharing of hidden camera sex videos and pictures of women started by Jung Joon Young through various text chat groups has broadened to include singer Eddy Kim. He joins earlier this week reveal of singer Roy Kim being involved, and together the two get lumped together with the ignominious crew of Seungri, Park Han Byul‘s husband, Lee Jong Hyun, Choi Jung Hoon, Yong Jun Hyung, Jinwoon, Lee Chul Woo, and Kangin. Both Eddy Kim and Roy Kim are being booked and called in for investigation, and programs they are involved in have removed them from the lineup.


Singer Eddy Kim Also Involved in Hidden Camera Video Sharing Chat with Jung Joon Young — 26 Comments

    • Is he his friend too? I think every male who knows Jung Yong Young has received a wassap with this kind of photos or videos

    • Choi Tae Joon seemed really close with that trashy circle. It’s likely that he knew what these people were like but didn’t mind it because he’s either just like them or didn’t see anything wrong with them. Disgusting. If he happens to get busted, I wonder how this will affect Park Shin Hye and her career? Because she was friends with Yong Junhyung and at least acquainted with CNBlue Lee Jonghyun, even followed them on instagram. Her boyfriend CTJ is very close with the trash. I wonder if they are still dating? As far as I have checked, CTJ and PSH were spotted together around the time MoA was finishing its filming in Korea. Soon after both of them unfollowed everyone on IG and that was just 3 months before the molka chat got public. I wonder if PSH is still dating CTJ even after all this? I doubt she’ll continue to be acquainted with Yong Junhyung and Lee Jonghyun. It must have been a shock to all the female friends, remember these disgusting dudes only talk lowly of women whom they consider to be beneath them, they don’t touch the established women. But if she still will hang out with them then she’s very fucking stupid. In fact, I never thought PSH is that smart about these things, even now she’s really dumb for dating CTJ that long?? Her taste in men is so bad I wonder why is it so. Even Suzy is smarter when it comes to this. Seems like PSH can’t live without a man.

      • @prettyautumn – I don’t understand your comment, how do you go from expressing sympathy for PSH over her bf maybe turning out to be a molka-watching turd, to “she is stupid for being unable to live without a man”?

        I remember when her dating CTJ was outed, people here were pretending he was some big star on her level for being a “rising actor” – as if she wasn’t the lead of several hit dramas including two with 20+ percent ratings (I personally thought it was fishy and very convenient that he got to link his name publicly to someone so high-profile). If CTJ really is like his trashy friends, how is that a reflection on her?! We really think that trash molka gang treated their female celeb friends to that side of themselves?

      • Royal We,

        I just wonder why isn’t CTJ or his agency doing anything, clarifying or threatening to sue over the comments that are dragging him. Instead he steps down from a lucrative (for his standards) role. He’s staying quiet on social media and doing nothing. Equally baffling is that PSH and her agency are doing nothing either though her name is being attached to her boyfriend who is possibly trash. Aren’t they interested in their reputation anymore? Like….. It looks like 1) PSH is a fool and stupid when it comes to managing her private life 2) PSH is über shielded and has no idea what’s going on 3) PSH doesn’t care. She seems alright after this molka chat revelation, seeing how she’s attending events and all. I just think her taste in men is horrible and she’s possibly dumb? Even Suzy dumped LMH and LDW and manages her career better than PSH.

  1. Choi tae joon next target. Park shin hye have such bad eye for men. Just like hyeri use tony to get famous but there’s something pathetic about man using women to get famous.

  2. Garbage. Nothing will be missed if they disappear from show biz. CTJ drama does not have a confirmed airing date and he has no work now?

  3. Park shinhye fans asking her to break up with him but what if they end up announcing a wedding date instead? Would be hysterical XD

    • Are those truly PSH fans or delulu HB-PSH shippers? It may be the end of PSH career if she gets married now, no more shipping, no CF…. no more fan wars ? Her popularity will suffer.

      • 80% of PSH fandom is delulu shippers what will happen when she finally gets married? Her career will basically be over or if she happens to be lucky she can marry a top class A-lister. Just like how LMJ did by marrying LBH and still have a small acting career. She always said she wants to be a housewife like her mother.

  4. I have a friend who moved all songs from the singers mentioned in this article to a playlist called “Prison 101” and keeos listening to them. Just saying….

  5. CTJ association is through friendship and with if he hasn’t been charged yet why are you all speculating for? PSH fans telling her to break up with him are the biggest common denominator of being an anti fan more then anything else. Shame on you all if you are in this bucket you don’t own her so save your worthless advice for your own family and friends. She should get her team to start blocking all those so called fans on her IG. She doesn’t need them. Her life her heart her decision. If you want to spew then channel that towards Hwang Hana – Park Yoo Chun’s ex and her recent arrest for drug taking and supply plus distribution of sex videos? That’s the news break story right there! She ignored a court subpoena checked herself into hospital as you do when your rich and then got caught like they do in the dramas to gain empathy- Ah didn’t work in her case she ended up getting arrested. There’s your outrage right there. Rich chaebol grand daughter with no moral compass flaunting her wealth and connections; Koreans have every right to be concerned of the hypocrisy and serious violation of laws incurred by some of the wealthy in their country. And JJY case slowly gaining leverage now that Lee Mi Sook has been called in for questioning. I keep trying to find articles on updates for JJY but they ‘re getting smaller by the day. The disparity between JJH and JJY coverage is obvious and there is a cover up because of who was involved with JJY. President Moon said he wanted a full investigation into JJY case back in March. I’m expecting a ramp up; to date nothing much. What’s happening why has it been out on the back burner?

  6. that the reason why, it doesn’t matter to be suspicious but accusing people without evidence is dangerous. even facts need concrete evidence that can be accounted for.

  7. It is so easy to speak about other’s lives, stating opinions as though they were facts, as though the person knows them like he/she knows their own friends and family. Its sad that such people don’t realise how mean they are being. God forbid if someone were to spread even mildly malicious gossip about someone you love, how do you think they would feel?

  8. Sharing explicit videos is probably common in Korea with too many hidden cameras in hotels and many places. If they are going to charged everyone in Korean who did such things, majority of the Korean men are probably guilty. The Korean gov’t should start building more prisons.

    JJY is most probably just a collateral damaged to cover up more high level crimes such embezzlements or sexual abuse or any form of abuse of power by high officials or chaebol. Media is controlled by those in power. We can only read what they want us to read.

    • Pretty common with sex offenders, they usually want women who doesn’t want them since they see it as a challenge, and once they have her, they’ll treat her as a trash for being ‘easy’.

      • What are you talking about? The issue here is about sharing explicit videos. I noticed many people don’t understand what all these scandals all about.

  9. Sharing illicit videos, of ladies who didn’t know they were getting famous, is so low caliber and against the law. Some might call them, “dirty young men instead of dirty old men. ”

    They, for sure were really dumb to believe they wouldn’t get caught. Either dumb or just arrogant and trashy.

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