Jeon Ji Hyun Relaxing in Stonehenge Jewelry Pictorial

South Korea’s vaunted TaeJiHye top three beauties is having wildly divergent summer of 2019. Tae is Kim Tae Hee who is currently on work hiatus pregnant with her second child with husband Rain. Ji is Jeon Ji Hyun who continues to rake in CF dough and just chillaxing already with two kids. And Hye herself Song Hye Kyo is having a tough time with a high profile divorce but she’s a fighter with two decades of making it in K-ent so she’ll be fine. Jeon Ji Hyun has a Stonehenge jewelry pictorial out that I love and feels so relaxing to look at. The matte simple makeup is so elegant on her and the sage and turquoise colored dress is really dreamy. I love all three ladies so keep defying the laws of aging and find happiness as it happens.


Jeon Ji Hyun Relaxing in Stonehenge Jewelry Pictorial — 6 Comments

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