Playful Kiss Wrap Party Pictures

These adorable snapshots come to us courtesy of the wrap party for Playful Kiss. You gotta have a wrap party, even if the drama continues on with the 9 Youtube episodes.

I love peeking at wrap party pictures – you can always tell if the OTP really have chemistry in real life based on how much fun they are having with each other after the drama has wrapped.

It definitely looks like everyone is having fun, and our OTP are as comfortable with each other as it comes across on camera. But please, someone, anyone, can you tranquilize Kim Hyun Joong? That boy needs to sleep for at least a good week, undisturbed. It pains me to see how exhausted he looks. Poor boy, he really needs more rest.

As adorable as they look below, it makes me sad we never got to see our Seung Jo and Ha Ni have their first baby. I’m hoping we get to see some happy expanded family scenes in the Youtube episodes.

[Credit: pictures from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss Wrap Party Pictures — 118 Comments

  1. Lovely photos of so lovely people. Thanks. I will miss PK, the leader, JSM, the young Baek and even the lovable mom! I hope to see them again and I hope Group 8 make similar drama soon. Thanks for this nice blog. I never fail to read it each time a new one comes.

  2. Whaaaa, they look like family together.. so comfortable.
    BSJ&BEJ are sweetness!
    after getting used to her face, JSM turns out to be such a beauty!!

    however much I crave updates about KHJ, I do wish he’ll get some rest (and be able to take the rest)… *sigh*

  3. they look like a family..hahahahhaha

    eun jo look like they’re son..hahahaha
    thank you it..keep up the good work and morew powers..
    i always check this site to know the latest update about this two couple…

    we really miss much

  4. SO CUTE!! you know a drama succeeded when I seriously wish they could be family for real…
    but yes, leader should get some rest… i’ve been saying it since the early episodes but the poor guy looks seriously drained.
    and Jung so min is so so so pretty!! i don’t think i ever thought an actress to be as adorable as JSM, not even the minah even thought she is the cutest gumiho ever…
    kk. and won hong looks so adorable!! i really wish he’ll grow up and overcome his child actor status cuz i want to see more of him in the future!
    PK family daebak!

  5. I love the pictures! I hope they show more. They do look like a family! I’m a fan a both Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So min! Choi Won Hong is so cute! I hope they do a lot of promotions internationally!!! Excited for the you tube episodes! πŸ™‚ Thanks again!

  6. Ockoala, Kim Hyun Joong has really bad insomnia, so it’s not just the work sched but his own body reacting to stress. I’m just happy this filming went off without a hitch; no auto accidents, no fainting, no pill overdoses. Good GOD you don’t know how hard I was praying–for real. I’m going to write an awesome thank you letter to KeyEast for taking care of him, the production company and the fans.

      • :sigh: his life’s motto: “Do everything in one punch” was it? :shakes head: I have the same concern about Youngbae, but the only difference is HJ likes to internalize and store everything in… but at least YB has this spiritual outlet… πŸ™

  7. they look so adorable together even not as baek seung jo and oh hani!
    it seems like they are having fun!!!
    eun jo is really the cutest and seem close to his seung jo hyung!

    im missing them so much!!!!!
    nov 02, can you please come earlier!
    i badly needed my dose of PK!

    • I know fans like to imagine the OTPs to get together in real life.. what with the Joongbo-ers going berserk in other forums during PK airing… eeep, but if KHJ is gonna date every actress he’s ever worked or gonna work together.. then he’s not as professional as he should be.. πŸ˜›

      But if it’s true love.. like Jang Dong-gun and Go So-young.. then I’m all for his happiness.. of coz ~~

      • HAHAHA
        what you said made me LOLed so hard because that’s exactly what I had in mind without realizing it.. with the exception of GHS and his cfs partners, all the girls he worked with, even ryeo won, I wanted him to date them.. kk

      • I don’t mind if it’s just fangirling over the OTP (God knows I do that a lot too).. but I stumbled on some Joongbo-ers’ comments that, thinking about it, still creeps me out. Please don’t let those psychos near KHJ or JSM/any girl he works with who’s not Hwangbo… -____-

      • yeah… for me, it’s just entertainment and wishful thinking… i do realize the guy / girl have their own mind on who they want to be with… and I’m not confusing what’s a job to them as reality, even if it does have some real feelings involved… I have seen those joongboers comment as well, lamenting on the fact that jsm and khj were too close to each other and some even bashed JSM (that baffles me.. imo, she’s so unhatable) … i mean, khj needs to work, he can’t just be exclusively reserved for hwangbo. even though i love the ssangchu couple, i don’t feel like i have to right to own them.


        I feel like a bad human being when fellow Joongbo-ers attest to the “apparent” exclusivity of Hyunjoong to Hwangbo. I will use a throw back song, “How To Deal” by Frankie J, to help my argument.

        Fans have to realize that Hyunjoong, though having hit stardom with SS501, reached a new level with Hwangbo in WGM. However, irregardless of the bond they shared in WGM, we must realize that HJ has his own dream he’s trying to attain in the Industry. “Do I go on and pursue my lifetime dream?
        I gotta do this for me” While HB was able to help him with his dream that by no means his dreams are irrevocably changed by her. She and other people may have helped shape it, but I’m sure because it’s his conviction it hasn’t changed.

        Going further, “How do you deal with The fact that you had a chance But you chose to turn away for your career”. I’ve read that WGM slated the Ssangcho couple end around Feb ’09 instead of Dec ’08. It was a sad parting to us because we saw how well they developed and it was short lived because of the drama filming. In the end it was a prudent decision on both their parts to go focus fully on the tasks at hand.

        Another point: “To be in this industry Money, shows, and hoes come along with luxury and pain.” Hwangbo said it so poignantly after their “Manager for a Day Mission”. “…it felt nice coming home to someone other than pets…it makes me feel as if all the hard work was worth it…this is what Shillang meant by the comfortable life.” The Industry is filled with people seeking fulfillment, some gain it some don’t, which is sad. They’re as tired, lonely, as the rest of us, but they’ve got more pressure because on slip up and all their hard work bites the dust. I’ll use Tablo’s controversy as an example; one day he’s on top and the next he’s dragged through the mud thanks to one idiotic notion.

        “But this is the life that I was given So I have to live it to the fullest”. This is by far a close contextual interpretation of Hyunjoong’s “live life in one punch” motto. He needs to fulfill his dreams, and to be honest, I don’t think his dreams are fully realized yet. He said that after acting, and being in a band, he just wants to perform with his guitar, sitting on a stage, drinking alcohol with his fans. (Rocker, much?)

        I’m a Hyunjoong fan first and foremost, and although Joongbo is a happy place for me, I feel (and I’ll use a politically acceptable word–) miffed by my fellow Joongbo-ers at times. It’s fine spazzing and speculating, it’s quite fun. But harbouring a two year notion? At some point either you take it as a grain of salt, or you get enveloped by the idea. It’s basically projecting one’s self onto another person. But HJ’s got a face, he’s got passions, dreams, and cares like any other person.

        Sorry for the essay. I felt really strongly about this.

      • I’m sorry your essay got deleted… I know how it feels -_-“.. and I’m so impressed you came up again with a really well-formed and well-written essay, no quotations marks needed.

        It’s okay to feel strongly about this… I love KHJ but I can’t claim to be either a TripleS, or a hyunnie or perfect, nor am I a true joongboer… However, I consider joongboers as my “friends” I can chat happily with so it makes me upset sometimes how some, a minority but still a substantial portion, of them make joongboers appear like unreasonable fanatics… Of course, it’s thank to fans like you that make we see it’s not the case.

        And like you said, leader has his own dreams and I’m sure fans are important but he can’t just base every single ones of his actions on fans… besides, you can never please everyone. And yes, hwangbo helped him in his path but that’s no reason to stay behind and hang onto it. He has to and can do what he thinks is best for his own satisfaction.

        LOL.. don’t even get me started on the whole Tablo isssue… I’m still baffled that some individuals like that exist on this planet… I can even begin to fathom what on earth goes through their mind. Sometimes, I tend to think there’s another side to the story but the guy didn’t even REGRET anything…

        anyways, back to topic, point is, let’s not take this whole pairing thing too seriously. It’s fun but at the end of the day, it’s their lives, not ours.

      • @v, @JJ.

        Well said, ladies. While I may swoon over our Lettuce couple and engage in “wild fancy” over what could be, I also love them both as individuals (maybe KHJ a little bit more than HB) to wish them nothing but the best in their careers and loves.

        The way I see it, JoongBo in WGM is like one of my favorite books. I pull it out and re-read it every now and then, laugh (or cry) at certain parts…actually more laughing, especially with KHJ’s unforgettable lines (i.e. “Do you want me to wear my boxers and nothing else then?”) but that’s it. To think in terms of exclusivity is futile and would certainly not do me or them any good.

        Its their story that I love more than anything else. And although that chapter is now closed, it also doesn’t mean that I can’t go back and enjoy re-reading it. πŸ™‚

      • kk. well, i think i might be natural for us to love khj a little more than hb.. after all, he has a natural and natural advantage over her where we’re concerned… (i assume we’re all girls here.. haha).

        your analogy about the book is brilliant! well said!
        and for me, in the boxer matter, my fav line is actually, “it would have meant trouble if I really wore my boxers” it gets me EVERY TIME.

      • I second this analogy. Forgive me if I was coming off too strong or “ridged”. I am all for fun, really I am. But I’ve got this low threshold for the ridiculous, contextual and not saying that people are ridiculous. -_- I <3 my joongbo friends, my sister's a joongbo-er before she is a Hyunjoong fan, FYI.

      • @JJ yeah well said indeed!

        I loved 4D Shillang and Hwang Buin in WGM, but honestly, I can’t see them as a real life coupe… however much I love them together… But if they are… that will only be nice, because despite my deep fandom love for our Leader, i do wish him (and HB) all the love he (/they) could master to find in this world… be it in each other or somebody else. For me, that is true love from a fan, to wish your idol eternal happiness!

      • LOL thank you for liking my “essay” I did it right after waking up. It’s quite a feat when I’m coherent right after waking, but it’s all for the sake of clarity.

        I like clarity.

  8. The little boy who plays Eun-jo is SO ADORABLE sitting on his hyung’s lap. Seriously. The pictures of them together make me grin from ear to ear. Thanks, ockoala, for taking the time to upload these. Since I don’t speak/read Chinese, I’ve definitely benefitted from you putting up stuff from the Chinese fans on your blog. A big, resounding “thank you!” from me. πŸ™‚

  9. Lovely pictures of the Cast.. Imiss PK alreadii… I also hope to see them make babies in the upcoming youtube series…. fingers cross.. Thank you for setting aside time these past month for recapping PK…

  10. I really love those two to be together for real. Love their chemistry both off & on screen. I don’t know but I really have the feeling that there seems something between the two.

    • Am also secretly hoping something good is brewing beneath the surface for these two. Since PK has sold well internationally, I expect there will be the obligatory promotional activities the leads ( if not the cast ) will have to participate in which will throw KHJ & JSM into each other’s path. Crossing fingers and toes spark will fly in time to come.

      • Promo activities OMG! I remember some of the stuff the hosts made KHJ do for BOF promo activities during shows and one of them was re-enactment of certain scenes. I wonder which scene they’ll choose to ask KHJ to re-enact for PK promo.. hehe (CPR! CPR! CPR!)

      • I’ve read from other blogs that they are going to promote PK abroad. That makes them working together again & Ive heard that’s going to take off early next year.

  11. Isn’t this lovely.. there is a level of comfortability that you can feel thru the pics!!

    But i have to agree that KHJ does look like he needs to rest! and i hope he does! ( i sort of look like that already..tired and worn out.. because i’ve been staying up late because i’m watching him in WGM..kekeke.. but i’m sure that he is way busier than i am.. he needs to take a break.. πŸ˜‰ )

    • Ehehehe, I can’t help but wonder, “ooh how far has she gotten in the show?” I am that big a joongbo nerd. And slightly jealous that you’re getting to experience for the first time.

    • another JoongBo diehard here. which ep are you in, kittykat? πŸ˜›
      i’m with Lulybunny, slightly jealous that you’re experiencing them for the first time. anticipate random bursts of uncontrollable laughter and grinning like an idiot for hours on end. πŸ˜›

    • @ Lulybunny, yeisha and J.J :
      hahaha!! i just finished the episode where they went to the farm.. i was laughing so hard when there was a dragonfly and Hwang Bo decided to catch it and he literally screamed.. wahahaha!! it was so cute!!! watching this for the first time really made me see a different side of him. and i’m really relishing the experience!!! they are really funny.. and i like their chemistry! it’s just getting better!! and im actually watching another episode as i’m typing this so i’ll check back every now and then.. kekekeke..

      • AW~ I love that episode! LOL one of the hosts “it’s like she’s threatening him with a knife or something”
        Hwangbo: “you’re going to be good?”
        HJ: “Please, don’t! I’ll be good!”
        (btw I just wanted to point out, earlier that episode, HJ says “you okay baby?” to Hwangbo. It was when they were talking to the grandmother and the grandmother was not liking the fact that HB was older than HJ. I personally believe he asked her that in-studio recording, picked up by his mic. But some believe he asked her that in during the on-site filming (and in english) because the grandmother probably doesn’t understand english.

        My hands just kept typing. I’m sorry. LOL

      • I like the episode where HwangBo made a surprise visit to Japan courtesy of MBC-WGM cos she missed her Shillang cos of SS501 overseas activities. Hilarious interaction between her HJL and the band members.

      • @ J.J : i replayed it again just to hear that “you ok baby?” phrase.. oh my!! how cute!! hahahahaha!! i didn’t really pay that much attention to it because Hwang Bo was laughing over what the grandma said. but that was sweet..and how he said it?!.sheesshhh…(blushing..)

      • Darn it, I was so gonna stay away from this thread and yet here I am!!! How can I not comment about their farm adventures? Dragonfly, aegyo, serenade under the tree…kyaaa… definitely one of my fave eps.

        “You okay, baby? ” —- My. God. How many times did I replay that scene? It sounds so sweet, especially the “baby” part.

        “Who else are you going to marry?!! Who?!” πŸ˜›

        KHJ cracks me up when he is jealous. I think someone compiled all his jealous comments in an MV and I was cracking up so hard.

        @kittykat, it will only get better from here. Happy watching. Keep us posted. πŸ™‚

      • I have never noticed this! Waahhhh! How did I miss it?!

        Hmm, though that portion of episode is probably least re-watched of whole show…. not anymore!

      • Isn’t there an ep. that he called her darling & was so shy abt it?
        Think they were in Japan doing the recording. He’s so cute.

        Need to watch it again to find out.

    • and he sang “falling slowly”… are you kidding me???!!! it was sweet and heartfelt.. i just melted with that!!!! i seriously don’t know how much i can take!!! his charisma is just to the nth level.. (sigh**)

      • The thousand cranes did me. It was actually more than a thousand. His SS501 members helped him make it. πŸ˜‰

      • The man is pure sensuality…..except when dragonflies are around. I love all the episodes but after the farm episode, it gets epic.

      • and of course he had to kill the moment by saying “hurry up, there’s a lot of mosquitoes here.” hahahahaha. this comment made me love him even more. so unpretentious, which makes it all the more real.

      • @ yeisha, i thought i kicked your butt in line? LOL
        But I feel as if he didn’t ruin the moment, I feel as if he made it all the more special because she’ll forever remember it as a happy thing. My psych teacher once told me, he makes jokes so that the brain makes “markers” for memory. So not only is there and “endearing” marker, but a “happy/funny” marker. You get me?

        Ssangcho heaven– “Now [s]he’ll never forget h[im]”

      • hahahaha!! yeah, when he told her to hurry up because of the mosquitos.. that cracked me up.. but it’s a trademark i guess.. it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t say anything unexpected! i just finished the marathon episode too.. aww.. he gave her a piggy-back.. reminds me of BSJ giving our injured OHN a free piggyback.. yyyyeeeyyy!!!

      • KittyKat, I think people laughed because of HOW he said it and not what he said. I’ve heard people say he uses a different words or idioms or w/e that’s why it comes off as 4D.

        Makes me really want to learn the language.

      • i really think that wedding pictorial was the turning point for them, after that we got to see the epicness of “post-bobo” shillang KHJ…which started at the farm up ’till their final goodbye.

        @kittykat, piggyback did remind me of BSJ and OHN. but didn’t his high jump also remind you of that scene in PK when they jumped over that bench running away from the thugs? KHJ can really jump!!!

      • @ yeisha : oh yeah!! that’s right! and this guy can really jump! and he didn’t even stop he tried until he was able to do it. you can really see him concentrating on it. hehehehe.

        @ J.J. : hehehehe.. sometimes it’s how it was delivered that does make it funny!! πŸ˜‰

        i just finished the episode where Hwang Bo kissed him!!!! wahahahahah!! it was so cute!!! and the lipstick mark on his cheeks!! hahahaha!! my goodness!!

        sheesshh.. i better get some sleep though.. as much as i still like to watch another episode, i have to get my snooze.. it’s almost 3am here.. i’ll be checking with you guys soon!!

    • lol.. i was about to comment but i’ll just enjoy reading your conversations… it makes me smile so brightly just reminiscing about WGM and looking at how enthusiastic you all are… kk who can blame you really.. that show is epic

      • Ooh ! A thousand origami cranes – assuming he got help from his dongsaengs in SS501, each person has to average at least 200 which is no mean feat, bearing in mind their crazy schedule. Speaks volumes of the legendary 501 unity and bond.

      • More than a thousand. Muish subs had a note saying that the PD’s cut out the part when HJ and HB sat and counted them together.

      • I finished the WGM episodes of JoongBo!! the epic lettuce couple!!

        it brought tears to my eyes.. i was really crying over the last episode thinking..” why does something so beautiful has to come to an end?” ( takes a deep breath..)

        but i was happy that i got to watch it. it was so nice to see them grow together as a couple.. the awkwardness at first..Hwang Bo’s efforts.. KHJ’s antics…their competitive drive.. and the fun that you can really see when they were together.. and of course, the heartfelt messages at the last episode.. it made me sad but optimistic at the same time because both of them are moving forward with their lives, but because of the memories that they’ve shared, they are bound a certain degree..

        awwww…. it breaks my heart but i’m happy at the same time..

        this totally changes my perspective on KHJ .. you just got to love the man!!! πŸ™‚

      • : curses at keyboard : It’s my THIRD TIME TYPING THIS THING, my keyboard is spazzing out in the most hateful manner on me.

        @ KittyKat, I’m glad you finished the series. They’re awesome aren’t they? Anyway, I hope you stay as a fan, cause we’ve got fun times and we like being pseudo-detectives once in a while. ;P And cause you know that Shillang is 4D and Buin is willing to indulge him, we get these “clues” we like to look for. While I don’t usually go and look for them I’m happy to oblige the spazzing lol.

        Anyway, since WGM is fresh on your mind I was just wondering if you could help me with something. In the light of the current events, the Shinee member who was spotted dating, Joongbo-ers in Ssangcho are feeling reflective–at least I am–about this whole dating while you’re at a high in the career. My sister mentioned something off handedly something Hwangbo said.

        I don’t know where or whom she addressed it to–maybe it was in a backstage interview or to Hyunjoong directly, but she said “shine” to him and something along the lines “do what you have to do and remember I’ll always be here for you.” It would be nice if you could remember these, even vaguely. I’m planning on cooking up another post/essay about it for ssangcho.

        I could always use an excuse to re-watch but at the moment I’m pressed for time. I would be so grateful if you could even just point me to a general direction. I can do the detective work from there.

        Thankies in advance!

      • @ J.J.

        I tried to answer your query as much as I could. I went to ssangcho with my response. I hope I made enough sense. Muah!

      • @ kittykat thank you. I’ll go check right now. Btw, do you have a soompi. I’ll share with you the piece of literature I shared with V. πŸ™‚ If

      • @ J.J.:
        sorry for the uber delayed response time! i got caught up in the days events! i hope that i helped you in someway though. πŸ™‚

        i don’t have a soompi account but i would love to read the piece of literature you shared with v!! ( i’m intrigued!! )

        just point me in the right direction!! πŸ™‚

  12. Awwwww….sweetness. I’ve been saying this since the last few episodes, JSM is indeed glowing! Even on their wedding scene, as puffy and as confectionary-looking as her gown was, she managed to look so serene and radiant. Her make-up is always flawless.

    And I do agree that KHJ needs to rest. But have you guys seen his latest pics at the Seoul Fashion Week? Boy is glowing and looking happy too.

    Baek bros are <3.

  13. just have one wish..that is KHJ and JSM become couple in real life..if not, at least a news that they do have felt something for each other..aaahhh…wishful thinking eh… =)

    • dont worry! your not the only whose wishing that! i think all the PKissers who love beak seung jo & oh hani is wishing the same thing!

  14. i really love the chemistry between hyun joong and jung so min hope they can have new drama together… eun jo is so cute…its been days since its last episode but im still having withdrawal syndrome…cant wait to see the youtube version..thanks for the update becoming a stalker of your blog…he he

  15. the pic of JSM, KHJ and the boy who played Eun JO really makes me happy and smiling πŸ˜€
    Love it so much. I wont mind if the two leads date for real. heh.
    I miss PK already~~

  16. I think there’s a level of intimacy between KHJ and JSM. In the first pic, both were leaning their heads together suggesting both were very comfortable with each other ( referring to personal space) . Then his both arms were again pointing towads JSM…! lastly, both were really glowing… KHJ’s haggard look was nothing. His killer smile said it all!!

    • Glowing is the word for KHJ now. Outwardly he amy look physically tired but there’s this life that seems to radiate from him. Then of course, his megawatt smile that’s to die for . Wow!!!

    • yup both of them radiates certain glow! they seem so happy! even khj seem to needing a good sleep his killer smile never fail to melt us!

  17. I am really happy to visit your blog and read all the comments. It is a bit bore now as pk finished but more exicting to hope what new coming next from your blog.
    Thanks again for yor great work.

  18. Read on the home page ( down ) of that the shooting for the extra episodes started today but JSM shooted alone since KHJ was busy with some other work but from tomorrow they will shoot the scenes together , awwwwwww I’m soo eagerly waiting for the extra epi πŸ˜€

  19. cute. How So Min managed to break the awkwardness between them in a short period of time, that im dying to know.LoL
    PK mania or should I say the MinJoong mania is just starting to brew. with the much anticipated youtube spin off(exchanging of opinions OL while watching is highly influential. expect more shippers to go onboard) and in december to first half of 2011, they’ll spend time together doing promotional activities overseas. I demand a documentary!LoL

    btw, thanks ockoala.

    • me too, me too, want a documentary of them together! i might watch it more than other dramas if it aired!
      and yep, the minjoong mania is starting to gain serious momentum right now…
      i guess it’s the consequence of missing PK…

      • documentary of the two of them?! wow! that i like! great idea!! LOL!

        minjoong ship is sailing!
        me, on fully aboard for sure for that ship!

        OMG, this is going crazy! *sigh, this is a serious case of missing PK episodes!

      • lol… i’m with you here…
        we’re seriously missing PK like mad… I thought I would resume my lurker status, max two days after pK ended and look, i’m still here…
        i want them to be together SO badly… i think with introspection, they might not be the couple I want most to get together in real life but if you ask me to nominate one right on the spot at this moment, they would be the first one in my mind…
        the party pix definitely sealed it…

      • I’ve actually calmed down with my PK obsession. But now I’m more interested in what’s going on behind the scenes. I demand more fancams! LOL.

        MinJoong? Is that the name of our PK couple? I’ve never seen any chemistry between KHJ and all his other partners, except of course with HwangBo, and a little bit with Yoon Eun Hye, so I’m kinda excited for these two. They’re both young and beautiful and they have great chemistry onscreen. Why not? πŸ™‚

        Slightly off topic: it looks like there’s a collective crying that’s going on with Shinee fangirls over the breaking news that Jonghun is dating Shin Se Kyung. Which makes me wonder what will happen if KHJ will announce that he’s dating someone. Can you imagine the hysteria that may ensue? My evil twin sister is kinda hoping that will happen soon, it should be *very, very* interesting. πŸ˜›

      • yeah.. i’m interested about the BTS as well… especially if they involve hyun joong and so min.
        for me, he has chemistry with 3 female stars, hwang buin of course, fellow chakra ryeo/ryu won and jung so min.

        yes… i was baffled by how shawols reacted… i know a lot wished them the best but the haters were enough to make shin se kyung shut down her homepage… i do remember a vague period earlier in my life where i was more affected by the fact than a celebrity i liked was dating someone but even then, i didn’t go and bash his partner… when i first heard about the jonghyun x SSK thing, i thought.. omo. this is like hyun joong and so min (idol + actress) so i hope it works out for them.. and less than an hour later, the news came of shin se kyung being bashed… it’s really sad..

      • hello NY…. i might even skip school and take the bus/train to NY for that… just kidding.. haha, this is right after i ranted about not taking the shipping thing to seriously. LOL

      • I just want an autograph. call me lazy but i don’t know how those dedicated fangirls carry around CD’s or books for him/them/w.e to sign. I carry a card case with my id, card, and metrocard in my pocket. -_- If i go out with a bag it’s the freakin’ essentials.

      • same here… i don’t carry around cds/books for him to sign… and I rarely ever carry a full bag with me, it’s more like a mini string purse.. if i do carry a full on handbag, there’s only essentials in it..
        now, if he actually lived in the east coast, maybe i would be different.. kk

      • oh…i hope their little LOVE BOAT sails to San Francisco, i’ll be sure to wait by the bay and welcome them with open arms. i can even offer them free tour guide services if need be. πŸ˜›

  20. thank you for sharing the wrap up party of Playful kiss, I love their closeness, Leader has overcome his shyness and seeing him very comfortable with JDM, I lov their chemistry. It’s very remarkable. One question, sorry if I sound stupid, what does OTP mean? I lvoe reading all your ep,recaps of Playful kiss.thank you so much!

  21. I can’t find the comment or where it was posted, but I know a kind soul will help me: can someone explain to me who are hyunnies, perfects, or ss501s, or whatever they are called?

    Isn’t everyone just a KHJ fangirl? πŸ˜€

    Another funny story to share – my SIL is a newly converted KHJ-fangirl, she marathoned WGM a few weeks ago. She bought KHJ goodies and had them mailed to my house so my bro can’t intercept the package. I went to her house over the weekend and she pulled them out and we were huddled in the room perusing them when my bro came in, took KHJ’s Spain photobook and proceeded to playfully wack us with it, tried to tear it up, and we had to tackle him to get it back.

    Thankfully, no pages were torn or marred. πŸ˜›

    • @ockoala: LOL at the image of you and your SIL takling with your bro over the photobook. too cute.

      *Hyunnies is the general term for KHJ fangirls.
      *Perfect is one of KHJ’s biggest fanclubs (i always think of them as the stalkers-hiding behind the bushes..haha), they always have the best fancams which I’m grateful for
      *MiClub is another KHJ fanclub who paid for all those billboards and subway adverts for PK
      *Triple S – is the fanclub for SS501; they’re usually called Green Peas
      *JoongBoers – are fans for the Ssangchu/Lettuce couple i.e. KHJ and HwangBo in WGM.

      hope this helps. πŸ™‚

      • Wow. O_O Impressive. I now believe KHJ cannot make a single move without it being documented somehow.

        Good for him, being so well-loved by his fans.

      • also, perfects in general tends to be more protective, less accepting of shipping leader with another female star.
        hyunnies also are in general fans of ss501 as well but perfects aren’t necessarily fans of ss501.
        it’s like for suju… undeads are also fans of suju and heechul but petals are fans of heechul exclusively.

      • wanted to add… miclub is leader’s fanclub established after BOF came… and it’s also called “jihoo, pain of hyun joong”
        another fanclub include YES and they are quite active as well…
        i remember there was another japanese fanclub but forgot the name… i think it’s something like hyunsamo

      • OMO korean fandom is…o_O impressive!

        I already knew that of course… but seeing these categorization for our leader only is…. >_< a bit scary, like they all serve a different purpose in tracking KHJ XP

        thank you yeisha and v for the info
        (and of course, always my thanks for ockoala… for … EVERYTHING!!!)

  22. @ yeisha, i think theres enough literature written about-anti or pro-him that can be compiled to be an encyclopedia. I know that my writings alone could be as lengthy if not more than my midterm and last term’s final essays combined.↲↲@ ockoala, thank you for asking that question, i needed clarification as well. i think i fall under a hyunnie, but in a loose association.

    • @JJ, i think i fall under Hyunnie as well. or is there a Hyunnie sub-faction for KHJ’s jawline? if so, i’m definitely signing up for that one. πŸ˜›

      • Hahahh!Same here. But sometimes , Lee Minho is just so delicious to ignore! Oh well, I’ve pledged allegiance to KHJ since Gu Junpyo stole Guem Jandi from Ji Hoo!!Cheers!

  23. guys, all PKissers, just like to ask about one thing, coz i think majority of us are wishing that our OTP in PK would be a couple for real, should we at least have a proper name for them? i’ved read some like minjoong or joongmin among others. i feel like since we are building the ship to sail might as well name it right? its just my little suggestion.
    but in doing this i hope not to offend other ship. its just for the sake of knowing which is which.

    personally i like the name hyunmin (hyun from KHJ and min from JSM).
    what do you think guys? so we could at least have uniform name for them.

    • yeah, i think it would really make our PK experience much more worth it.
      but well, we also know how busy that guy is.
      as we say, we can wish right?

      • lol.. he isn’t exactly good at english… i doubt he would even explore an english-speaking site.

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