Jung So Min Photoshoot for Hazzys Accessories

While we’re most familiar with newbie actress Jung So Min from her turn as Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss, we can safely agree this girl has got “it”. You know, that indefinable aura that separates the aspiring wannabes with the genuine real deals.

One of the most important elements to creating an acting career that has legs is the ability of the actor to morph into any role. You don’t have to go all method on us, but you have to make it feel organic and believable. Jung So Min has that ability – and I say this after watching both her diametrically opposite performances in PK and in Bad Guy.

Even if you never watch Bad Guy, looking at these pictures for her photoshoot for the accessories line Hazzys really illuminates her natural talent with the camera. Since PK started, Jung So Min apparently has become a burgeoning CF darling.

There are more than enough wonderful websites covering the every move of her PK co-star Kim Hyun Joong, I wanted to share some goodies about the sure-to-be-a-bona-fide-star-in-the-near-future Jung So Min.

Hazzys’ Accessories Line Photoshoot:

As a bonus treat, have an MV of Jung So Min, Kim Nam Gil, and Han Ga In in Bad Guy:


[Credit: photoshoot pictures from Naver]


Jung So Min Photoshoot for Hazzys Accessories — 58 Comments

  1. jung so min is so pretty! she’s definitely an actress to watch!
    really love her as oh hani!!!
    more projects for her!!!

    aja jsm!

  2. ok… i’m convinced…

    she’s gorgeous!!! looking sophisticated and girly at the same time… how do you do that?? ^^

  3. I WANT! I want that grey hat in 8th pic, and that dress in 10th! Her pose in the second pic attracts my photog eye. Omo. I cant believe shes a year younger than me >_<↲Thank u ockoala these pics are lovely.

    • OMG, I want that grey cloche, too! And the second pic (the first in the picspam but second if you count the post-topper pic) is my absolute favorite because of her arched back, the slight turn of one leg – the combination of sultry with the sedate.

  4. She looks absolutely beautiful… and everytime I say that, I want KHJ to think that as well and fall for her.. hahahaha.
    and yes, she has got “it”
    She doesn’t come off as strong as many other actresses but in a way, her presence and charm is as strong, albeit in an understated way.
    I totally was impressed with her in Bad Guy and now, with PK in her pocket, she has sealed my love for her…
    I remember seeing a selca of her looking in the delinquent outfit she had for PK and she was absolutely stunning vs cute.

  5. awww… so lovely!!! really lovely!!
    on top of being adorable!!
    and oh my!! the bags…. how can i get my hands on those??!!!

  6. Love her as Oh HaNi which is the only drama I’ve seen her in. The photos she took look great. Now I want to go out and buy those bags. She makes you want to get them for yourself.

  7. Me too…went to the hazzys’s webisite earlier…gosh…all in korean lang, so not sure how to buy online. these bags r really gorgeous ya. is this a korea exclusive brand?

  8. Love her! She’s definitely got that understated beauty that grows on you the more you look at her. I dance ballet so I’m slightly biased, but you can really see that she is a dancer in the way she holds her poses. Pic#2 is a perfect example of this.

    • I noted that someone mentioned that a few weeks ago and thought “aha!” Totally explains it. She is so poised. And those gorgeous legs!

      • yes.. have you seen the vid where she danced traditional dance? she’s really good.. kk. sigh, i totally have a girl crush on her even though she’s a newbie.

  9. I didn’t think she was very pretty at the beginning of PK, cute at best….but as the show progressed, she seemed to get prettier and prettier and slimmer too.

    These pictures are gorgeous. She’s so mature.

    She is definitely an actress to watch for. I am very tempted to try Bad Guy just to see JSM…but…

    • bad guy you say, well let just say that because of jung so min and kim jae wok were the reasons why i didnt throw my laptop while watching it for the frustration i felt in that drama. i love the two of them in bad guy but if i could refund my 17hours i wasted on that drama i would.

      • me too me too!! as much as i love kim nam gil, i thought kim jae kook was definitely more swoon-worthy in that as the raw, emotionally vulnerable and complex guy… and yes, jung so min was really attention catching in it… she played her role well as the spoiled protected rich girl..

      • jung so min played her role so well in bad guy thats why im convinced to check her out in PK.
        and i agree 100% in KJW being swoon worthy in bad guy! i was amazed in his performance!

  10. My girl crush on her just intensified…. so sexy.

    And loving the outfits, too. I used to have really awesome legs in a past life, would love to be able to wear skirts like those!

  11. oh i hope KHJ would see that and see her a beauty indeed!..aaahhh..wishful thinking that he would fall for her..kekekke..she’s really someone to look forward to..she’s now a fav of mine!..thanks for the pics again! =)

  12. Oh boy, she’s pretty and cute… love her.
    Hope to see her more in future dramas and if she’s paired up again with KHJ, that would be so so awesome… 😉

  13. I would say Jung So Min will look stunning no matter what age. She will be one of those ageless beauties around. Yeah I definitely like her poses especially the second pic and in that grey cloches. Thank you Ockoala for posting these pics here. About time somebody paid more attention to this young talent. No wonder KJH did not have a hard time bestowing those kisses.

    • i just googled it myself.. and i was able to go to the site.. unfortunately, i can’t understand much because it’s in Korean ( i think..) .. would like to get a bag for myself.. wahuhuhu!!!

      • T_T i guess i’ll have to do some detective work at korea-ville after/before work 🙂 I’ll keep you posted if I find any info Kittykat.

    • i would appreciate that! because i’d love to have one for my birthday!! Oh Ha Ni style!! ) and if i can’t go to Korea myself.. then my only option is to order online!! 🙂

      any form of help will do.. just nudge me in the right direction!! 🙂

  14. she looks gorgeous , and I saw one or two bags in PK especially the one in that scene when she got the car accident .
    and yes I have the same wishful thinking that KHJ also think about her as a perfect match for him ( and her thinks he is the perfect match for her 🙂

    • kkk… i can’t help but laugh at our desire to pair up whatever couple we think look good together… but i think that also speaks about their on-screen chemistry.

      • as I told u before it’s maybe the second on screen couple ( after rain and the other actress of full house , don’t bother and remind me her name becoz I won’t remember it LOOOOL ) that I reaaaaalllly wish their are or become a couple in real life , both looks young cheerfull and cute , sighhhh

      • yes, rain and the other actress in full house (whisssper: song hye kyo… :)) are cute together and the chemistry is undeniable.. I know they were friends before, but it’s been nearly more than 5 years since I saw them really interact.
        for me, i don’t have a particular ranking of who i think look good together but our PK OTP definitely lands among the top…
        and we’re not the only one thinking that…
        i’ve been to chinese forums and it’s overwhelming with comments about them…

  15. Oh boy! I just love everything about her most especially her acting. She’s cute, pretty, sexy , stylish and all the clothes she wore in PK were just adorable & fits her perfectly. It’s no wonder that KHJ didn’t have a hard time giving passionate kisses. I am really really really looking forward for her next project.

  16. gosh!!! she’s an epitome of real beauty, youth, and elegance! i watched bad guy because of her. she’s really adorable. thank u so much ockoala…. your blog is worth lurking. more power to you!

  17. the first time i tried to watch PK was because KHJ was in it..but after watching the first ep…i thought…JSM is perfect for OHN’s role and i would love to watch the next PK’s ep…now i know that she’s really talented and pure…and i want more of her drama….expecially if she been paired up with KHJ again….or better….they really become a couple!! hehehe ^^

  18. thanks again to you.
    I like jsm form the beginning of pk.
    I am very happy for her that comments form above.
    I agree with your guys.

  19. I adore her as much as I adore KHJ, wish both of them can be couple in real life xixixi *dear bloggerGod, do you hear my pray?*

    Thnx ockoala, I really enjoy reading your blog, especially about PK. Just can’t skip one day without come over 😀

    • speaking of her legs. I like that they’re not like other idol’s. They’ve got substance, LIKE A REAL WOMAN’s not a Barbie dolls. T_T

      • agree about the legs… a bit like song hye gyo and some other actress i’ve forgotten the face off… i just remember her leg.. haha.

    • Oh~ sorry, um I don’t think she’s 5’4. The guy I used to like is about HJ’s height, 5’9/10 (guy I like may even be 5’11 but not sure) and using PK footage of them walking side by side, or facing each other, she’s about to where his diaphragm/lower chest area… she’s about 5’1… LOL and I can confirm because I’m her height, and yep, that about matches where I stand against the guy I liked.

      If they didn’t have her stand on something during the ep 13 kissing scene that would have been really uncomfortable.

  20. She’s gorgeous whatever she wears. She has a resemblance to Catherine Zeta Jones here. I love joongmin couple, i hope too they can be real hehe^_^

  21. all your comments are very inspiring,i think jung so min have a gift of talent within,keep up the good work(JSM) may Godbless you in all your endeavor in life,thank you for the good character that you portray as OH HANI.

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