Full MV of Take On Me K-version with So Ji Sub and Jung So Min

The full MV has dropped for the “Take on me” remake by Superstar K (the K-version of American Idol) winner Seo In Kook. As the teaser indicated, it stars So Ji Sub and Jung So Min. The MV pays homage to the original MV by A-ha, which was quite innovative back in the early 80s – it was part live-action and part rough sketched animation. This MV is also an endorsement for the new Take mobile phone from Samsung. Dude, if So Ji Sub really came out of that phone, I’d fly to Korea tonight and buy myself one.

Take on me MV:


I like the MV, but my only gripe is that I wanted more live-action So Ji Sub, and much much more live action interaction between Min Min and her sexy-as-all-heck co-star. Sigh, one can hope these two will work on a full-length project together someday.


Full MV of Take On Me K-version with So Ji Sub and Jung So Min — 17 Comments

  1. oh my… oh my!!! luv² this so much. the ever adorable min² with dashing so ji sub, never thought they’ll look good too considering their age gap. wish to see them in a drama or movie. i luv the mv and yeah, they should have made it more on live-action. thanx so much ockoala, you’re really amazing!

  2. I’m positive Jung So Min & So Ji Sub may work on a full-length project in the future. They better. I mean, the girl’s going somewhere and SJS is still one of the best actors of his generation. I’m ready to eat my words if it doesn’t happen.

    I LAAAV the song. Seo In Kook can sing way higher than me. *poutface* Now I want that phone, with SJS in it!!!

    • cool mv…hahaha…i think endodo, you might eat your words, because i think the roles they would be picking would be vastly different…she would pick trendier dramas in order to capitalize her newfound popularity, while he would pick serious type of role in order to stamp furthermore his status as an ACTOR…so the chances of them meeting in a full-length work is very slim, plus they have a huge gap in age, so that could factor in…maybe, just maybe, they might work again together if they would play brothers and sisters, and that would just be sad….

      or i will eat my words, and they might end up in a drama wherein she’s a university student and he is her professor, and they have a sorta forbidden relationship, and they would try to work things out amidst the hijinks that will ensue…that would be a trendy drama (how i wish so ji sub do more romcom) or it could turn into a more serious, bad-ass turn wherein he’s a secret agent and they kidnap her as a blackmail or something…

      or i just need sleep….ZZZZZZ

    • JSM and SJS in a project together…yes! please! A movie would be great.

      Even though I am not a big fan of melodramas, I think they would be great together in a sob story. They both act with their eyes. And I know they both can make my heart hurt and bring me to tears with their heartbreak scenes from MiSa and PK. Can you just imagine??? I get chills when I imagine the heartbroken Cha Moo Hyuk and the heartbroken Oh Ha Ni.

  3. whee! great of ockoala for being oh-s0 supportive with jung somin…am seeing great chemistry with that MV (slightly bad editing on the last part though) im hoping they will have a project together but that’s asking too much right?
    anyhoo i wish somin will take on a serious melodramatic role other than a trendy drama. Something that will emphasize her obvious acting skills.

  4. thanks ockoala!!!!

    anything with jung so min and im in!!!
    but so ji sub, much better!!!

    hoep so min would have more projects in coming months.
    im missing my Pk couple but i know they are still round even though separated as of the moment.

    excited for more jung so min projects!

  5. Thanks Ockoala for posting this MV. I like it.
    I wish Jung So Min has great success in her future career.
    I am quiet happy today because we got to read BSJ’s Epilouge diary part-1 (in that diary BSJ once rejected by OHN as she was pregnant,without let him know).
    The scenes were not in the drama of PK, but I love to read them.
    When I was reading, I missed BSJ&OHN so much.

  6. I loved the original MV by aha and I think they did a good job modernizing it in this MV.

    SJS is one of my loves. JSM is my newfound love. I was so happy just to stare at them. Then I replayed to listen to the song…lol.

    JSM looked very mature in this MV. Yet another look for her. She can be young and innocent. She can be mature. What next?

    I guess it’s the camera angle, but she has amazingly huge eyes. I was kinda taken aback at first.

    Btw, have you seen the Instyle shoot for JSM?

  7. Is it weird that I want that video to become a full 16 episode series or a film? Come on, it would be fun. They meet in an on-line comic, fall in love, he comes out of the comic and then he has to learn to live in the real world. He’s got no ID, name, or history, but that won’t stop him. Ok, ok, maybe I just want to see more of the two of them.

  8. Thank you for sharing!! I love this MV. It’s so fun. The voice, the music, sound quality…the actors…It’s just so fun!!! Glad you told us about it.

  9. i grew up loving this song, it’s (still) one of my fav 80s videos.. the remake is not so bad but i wish there’s more interaction between SJS & JSM cos it’s kinda lame (more platonic than romatic) esp the ending – they deserve a 16eps!

  10. I agree with D!
    hmmm to be honest, watching the full lenght of this video… The original one was executed much more lively in terms of movements, actions, and emotions. the korean version is a bit flat and retained if you compare it with the 80s one^^

    ah well, love it anyways, to have some on-screen-MinMin! And the song is sung well heheh already downloaded the korean version (although I had enough share of the Aha version for this lifetime ^^, hehe it still warms my heart to listen to it sporadically)

  11. I love Minmin! I was totally in love with her from PK.
    Walkwithheroes, your idea is fanatastic. A sci-fi-y 16 eps would be so cool.
    I have heard so much about SJS’s charms, I must say he looks pretty charismatic saving the damsel and I think he’ll look great fighting off thugs, looking all cool. *dreams* Can anyone reccomend me a gd SJS show?

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