Channel X Plot Synopsis and Video of the Production Special

Channel X with Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo is premiering in one week, and the production has released an hour-long special to whet the audiences’ appetite. After watching it, and reading the official plot synopsis – I am ravenous for this drama. Actually, after reading the first two sentences of the plot synopsis, my jaw hit the floor. I was stunned a TW-drama would go there, and I am pleased and already in pain from thinking about how this story will unfold.

Plot synopsis for Channel X:

Famed former-anchor of Big TV, An Zai Yong (Joe Cheng), is accused of murdering a woman. The deceased is identified as his girlfriend, Hong Xiao Lu (Amber Kuo). An Zai Yong, with no where to turn, chooses to confess to a surveillance camera. He accuses the audience of being the murderers! Do you (the audience) fall in love with a murder or a victim? The story switches back to one year earlier….. [Does this sound wicked or what? The PD has likened Channel X to a J-dorama noir thriller.]

An Zai Yong is the lead anchor at Big TV – with the nickname “The Human Teleprompter”. He’s engaged to an environmental activist who is protesting a development plan of corporation IPIC, who just happens to be the new owner of Big TV. He is a man who fights for the truth and isn’t afraid to challenge those in authority, including his direct superiors.

Hong Xiao Lu is a paparazzi for Channel X, the online tabloid. Her skills are tenacity and ruthlessness, the desire to break a story any way possible. Channel X sees Big TV and traditional media as its nemesis, and seek to discredit An Zai Yong as the first step to bringing down Big TV.

An Zai Yong is accused of a crime, which may or may not involved the IPIC development project. He goes on the lam and reluctantly partners with Hong Xiao Lu to find the real perpetrators and clear his name.

In this time of danger and deception, who is a friend and who is a foe? To uncover the truth, what will you be willing to sacrifice?

Seriously!?! The lead actress dies in the opening frame of this drama? Are we watching Byakuyakou here? I am on pins and needles wondering if this is the reality within the drama or a feint?

Channel X Broadcast Special:

Part 1 – nice introduction to the lead characters – and totally confirms that Amber dies in the beginning from the first scene that is shown.


Part II – the semi-bed scene between Joe and Amber is HILARIOUS if you understand their BTS conversation during the filming.


Part III – really gives a good look at the style and feel of the drama.


MV for Happy Armageddon by Anthony Neely (the title song for Channel X):


I love this song. It was instant love. Perfect for this drama.


Channel X Plot Synopsis and Video of the Production Special — 11 Comments

  1. Oh my god. I want to watch this. Like, I really want to and that hardly happens to me with TW dramas (yeah, I know. I should lose my drama addict badge). I got a question though. I do know where to get raws, but as for subs, I’m at loss. So you know if a group is subbing it? I suppose so, but I’m more familiar with K/Jdramas fansubbing group so I have no idea where to turn to. Soompi?

    And btw, I’m already sad for Joe’s character. On one hand, the plot sounds refreshing, on the other, ACK, ACK, ACK! His gf dies. ACK, I’m not sure if knowing she dies will somehow dampen my enthusiasm for the drama or, worse yet, what if I don’t grow attached to her character? And what if I DO grow fond of her? That’ll be sooo depressing if she actually dies for real and it’s not a faint or something. *bites nails* IDK.

    • I’m actually really excited for this too! When it comes to TW dramas, I usually could care less but this is one drama that I’ve been anticipating for weeks! The plot has definitely piqued my interest now so I can’t wait for its premiere. I love the song, too. *googles Anthony Neely*

      I had no idea Zhou Cai Shi 周采詩 was in this, or uh, I didn’t bother looking up the rest of the cast. I didn’t like her in Hot Shot but I think she’s a decent actress … kinda. I LOL’d at the bed scene. Amber has such a cute voice! And Joe Cheng with his shirt off? *swoons*

  2. I sincerely hope it’s not like Byakuyakou – not much desire to see Joe Cheng make out with a corpse.

    I am quite eager for the drama, which is a first in a while for me with twdramas this year.

    • Eh, I hope *never* to see that plot point used ever again. I was more thinking along the first scene when he dies and she watches. Is. So. Sad.

  3. whoa this sounds pretty interesting indeed. I love Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo is really cute. The behind the scene of the bed scene looked funny, although I didn’t understand a word they said.
    Now I need to go and look for Byakuyakou as I haven’t got a clue what that is…

    • byakuyakou is a j-drama based on a japanese bestselling novel. You might have also heard of White Night, a kmovie remake starring Go Soo and Sohn Ye Jin.

      @ockoala: Whoa Amber dying was totally unexpected. Does that mean BOTH of his GFs dies in the drama? Cuz the synopsis given in the official website states that he is accused of killing his gf, luo shan shan (whom I suspect is played by Michelle Chen). So he gets accused of murder twice? Is that it? (wahhh I’m all confused).

  4. wah yay a good main cast <33 i loved amber after san bao mei even tho the plot sux XDD and of course joe is too awesome to describe.

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