Playful Kiss Promotional Tour in Taiwan Cancelled

This weekend’s highly anticipated promotional tour in Taiwan for Playful Kiss is sadly a no-go. Kim Hyun Joong, who appears to be unable to stop working for even a day (poor baby), is suffering from exhaustion due to his work schedule and is in much need of rest. His co-star Jung So Min will not be going either, since without Seung Jo it’s not really a party just with Ha Ni all by her lonesome. The entire event has been cancelled, and is unlikely to be rescheduled since the purpose as the promotional tour was that PK will begin airing in Taiwan next week.

Only 235 pre-registered fans was to be allowed into the press conference, and apparently the application for a spot was gone in 18 seconds flat. Damn boy, your fans are understandably crazy about you. (*psst, me, too!*). Kim Hyun Joong felt so bad about the cancellation that he is giving a personal out-of-pocket gift of a signed copy of the PK poster and a PK cell phone accessory to each of the 235 fans who are disappointed they won’t be seeing him in person. I’m really disappointed, too, so can I have one of those? *grabby hands, me want*

Both TW-idol dramas and K-dramas are on a down trend in Taiwan right now. Whether it’s a permanent or temporary situation remains to be seen. I hope PK has a nice little following in Taiwan. It was a different than the highly popular  It Started With A Kiss, but had its own charm and strengths. PK was such a sweet little cream puff of a love story.


Playful Kiss Promotional Tour in Taiwan Cancelled — 33 Comments

  1. “Damn boy, your fans are understandably crazy about you. (*psst, me, too!*)”….i was just thinking this before coming over here…i tried looking up keyeast entertainment projects but when you google Key east all that comes up is new Kim Hyun Joong….lol….i feel bad for the Taiwanese fans…they must be so dissapointed…but how sweet of him to give them those gifts

  2. Speaking of TW-dramas I like Love Buffet. I have a strong bias towards the boys of Fahrenheit, so I’ll watch anything they are in. I even sat through the ridiculousness of MoMo Love.
    Mrs. Koala, ma’am, have you watched Channel X with Joe Chang? How are you liking it so far?

  3. I like Taiwan’s comedy/romance dramas when they make up good, such as Autumn’s Concerto. I didn’t have a lot of hope for “Love Buffet”…but I tried ep 1 and I like it! I think having KHJL as an addition to their idol list is a necessity because the pickin is thin over there. (sorry, but there are only like 5 good looking good actors there). Maybe KHJL can show up for last episode party of some sort to comfort the fans after he rests up.

  4. I don’t know what to write Ockoala, but as always thanks u for posting this news.
    I wrote about that at M3 epi 14 recap, yesterday.
    I am so sad for that news. After I did read fans comments at other blogs, articles and interview with keyseast ect…..
    KHJ was not very sick and he only need to rest ( I am glad for it because he is not seriouly sick).
    But I don’t understand only 2 days trip to Taiwan, he got a week to rest before 26, Dec after backed from Japan and HK.
    I am very sorry for Jung So Min too. I am wondering how she is coping with PK cancelling now.

      • Hi Mayssenger,
        I did read ur respond last week. Thanks for that.
        I agree with u that non of the drama after PK make me exciting as PK. Although I like Jang Geun Suk I did not fell to M3 as I did feel PK.
        I have been waiting for u here/AKP since yesterday morning to let to know about PK event 26, Dec cancelled.
        We were just thought about it last week, how much we are looking forward to.
        How SAD now???
        So many questions behing that and who knows the true behind the door. Did u read other blogs fans’ comments?
        If JSM is A list actress in korea now, it may not happen, I think.
        But I am looking forward to PK other oversea countries promotion events in 2011. It is very interesing to see whtat kind of excuse will be out from keyeast at that time.
        Because if KHJ really sick and looking forward to PK events in Taiwan, that will be postponed, right, but now totally cancelled and keyeast arranged gift for TW fans from their own pockets.
        I doubt for something……..
        I wish for u/Mayssenger Marry Chirstma and A Happy New Year.
        Nice to know you as we are fans of Kdrama (u also watach TW drama), looking forword to see u around.

    • Sandi, I’m afraid your comment touched a bit insensitive–at least to me. Just because Hyunjoong wasn’t sick like he was with the H1N1 virus, doesn’t mean he’s not allowed to rest. As I’ve said time and again during the PK-craze-commenting-blogging that I was thankful he didn’t lose too much weight or collapse out of exhaustion like he did during Boys Over Flowers.

      As I’ve stated below, last May he incurred serious injuries, 4 microfractures and one fracture on his arm, and torn cartilage on his knee. Now, as a physical therapist’s aide–even though I’m not a doctor or whatever–I help the doctors enough with patients in pain or struggling with ONE injury. Now imagine him, being thrown from a motorcycle, landing on his friend, then skidding across the street…THEN (EMPHASIS) *THEN* NOT FIVE DAYS LATER he was back DANCING for DESTINATION promotions. I’ve asked the therapists I work with about those injuries, and they tell me there should be at least 6 months of healing/rehab. Did he have the chance? No because afterward he went to the Philippines, started Playful Kiss, sang for the Asian games, toured for The Face Shop, and was in Japan for the Smile concert–I’m sure there were other small schedules in between all these major ones. (How he find’s time to breathe is BEYOND me.)

      Let me also list the fact that during BoF he was in TWO car accidents. And there was that time when his car was rear ended by Heechul (referenced in this AllKPop article:

      As much as people idolize him, he’s still human. He’s got insomnia, which most likely, doesn’t help him heal well–or fast–because he doesn’t sleep enough. Mix in the hectic schedules.

      HOW THANKFUL I am that KeyEast had the PREROGATIVE to let him rest this Christmas because I SWEAR if he was still in DSP he’d be doing more tours.

      So I may be over reacting to your comment, I’m sorry. But I promise you, KIM HYUN JOONG, for all he lacks, is a hard worker and should deserve more rest than he does.

      • i concur!

        KHJ’s schedule is no joke, he works so hard, he really deserves this “rest”. They call it rest but we still don’t know if he’s given freetime for real.. He might be preparing for his album meanwhile or do a bunch of other work related stuff… Being him must be sooo stressful, always in publicity like a goldfish in a fish bowl, being watched and filmed every step you take… even if he isn’t doing (promotional) activities for the public to see… he’s never a free man being the nation’s flower boy/ hallyu star. I just REALLY hope he can do whatever his heart desires like i said few post down these couple of days.
        Who likes to spend Christmas working your ass off? Raise your hand if you do…
        But anyways, i don’t believe he’s cancelling this without much consideration, i’m pretty sure the decision was heavy on his heart and he feels really quilty about not able to meet with the Taiwan fans and promote this adorable little drama he, the other actors and the filming crew worked so hard for.

        here’s a small summary from another blogger about his schedule up to PK for this year:

        [His contract with his old agency ending, promoting his new album, a motorcycle accident that resulted in 3 fractures and torn knee cartilage, doing performances, concerts and promoting SS501’s album despite his injuries, switching agencies, 4 months of tight filming schedule for PK, barely 4-6 hours of sleep EACH WEEK, flying in and out of the country for fanmeets, PK promotions, and performances, being chosen to learn and sing a Chinese song for the Asian Games opening ceremony, CNN interview, enrolling back to university to further study Broadcasting, Arts and Acting, more PK promotions to do all around Asia in December, and flying to the States to take dance classes in LA sometime next year ..


        How does this guy live .. and, still manage to look THAT good?

        Mad respect.]

        and i saw several youtube footages in which he either was doing dancing practice WITH a serious (ankle) injury (limping the whole time) or of him performing with SS501 and fell down on stage because of this injury… he got up… AND CONTINUED despite the obvious pain you can read from his face

        seeing that felt like somebody squeezed my heart… hard! T_T

        Just so you know KHJ is a very… VERY hardworker and never a slacker. The outcome might not always be as perfect as his body and face (:P heh), but you can be certain he put his heart into it! ^^ That’s why we love him so much!! right?^^

      • oh credits of that piece i pasted in previous post:
        found it @ lolyzel.tumblr. com

        heheh i don’t know bloggers’ rules… so don’t know whether i did this properly/ whether this is appropriate

        anyways, don’t think anybody will give me a fit for this 😉

      • J.J, Itadakimas U
        I am gald to see u guys, we all have different fellings about cancelling of PK event at TW.
        We all allow to have different opinions, but I am not personally attact to any one.
        My love to PK, KHJ and JSM will never decrease not matter what happen.
        I hope we all can have same enjoyment again in next year from up coming kdramas as we had with lovely cutey Playful Kiss, lovely to know u guys.
        See you all around…..

      • @sandi annyeong fellow pkisser ^^

        i understand you’re dejected about the cancellation. Just wanted you also to know, that despite him “cancelling on his fans” (i read somewhere that this promotion wasn’t really confirmed yet on his part… but that sounds a bit fishy too, but nvm), he _does_ deserve/need this time off ^^

        Like somebody else stated… we need the dude alive for new projects right 🙂

        Merry Christmas and may we all have a new and wonderful drama year ^^

  5. I selfishly mumbled to self of how lucky we were that he managed to come here for THEFACESHOP promotion. Seeing him live, even from far away, is a life-changing moment for me. Ok, maybe it’s not as dramatic as that… but now I can understand completely why even male hosts in TV shows can’t take their attention away from him and keep asking him so many questions at the expense of other guests’ (including other SS501 members’) airtime. He’s so… shiny (I can’t find any other word to describe the phenomenon).

    I feel bad for the TW fans though, but KHJ has not only been working non-stop but zipping all over the world like a speeding bullet these past months and many were big-scale events. It’s scary just to look back at his schedule. Stay in bed and recuperate, Leader!!

    • ~you saw him live… (¤^o^¤)/ YEAY to you!!
      lucky girl ^^

      just treasure that… the moment is over, it’s not like you can give KHJ back his time right ^^ keke

  6. When I read the news on AllKPop I wanted to cry. The protective dongseng in me was screaming “STUPID FACE SHOP PROMOTIONS!” (I still have no idea why they set it up so close after the Asian Games and Japan Smile concert(was it a concert?)

    As Lully, ItadakimasU, KittyKat, and Yeisha and I were saying it’s a blessing in disguise that they cancelled the trip and I’m sorry for those who were really looking forward to it…

    As Kathy said in her little chat box “Kathy: Welcome GUEST.Please I know you are all disappointed. But let’s take into consideration Hyun Joong’s health. WE need him ALIVE more than anything else.” Yeah, apt words…apt words.

    THE GUY hasn’t even healed PROPERLY from his accident in May. I still am baffled as to what they fed him in the hospital that after three days–mind you, he had a torn his knee cartilage and had microfractures on his arm!–he was dancing again. OY :fans self: overwhelmed.

    His health scares scare me more than my own. Why? Not a clue.


  7. It’s sad that the event was canceled but KHJ really needs to take care of himself. A human body can only take so much, and he has been pushing himself to the limit for quite sometime now. It’s now time to rest and recuperate for a brand new start in 2011.

    Here’s something to hope for…..If they win the MBC Couple Award, maybe we’ll see them together at the award show on December 30.

  8. Yeah, like JJ said… somewhere i’m soooo happy he’s finally getting some time to breath, be himself, maybe some shut-eye, meet up with his chicken-restaurant-running-friends, play some soccer@midnight, but most of all, hopefully play some more guitar he loves sooo much!! No More endless Promotion Duties, please!! We DO need the guy alive to swoon over^^

    aaaah and that cell phone gift is sooooooo cute, me wants also!!! (along with the PK blue samsung cell!!~!
    … ok sorry about that, that me in was crazy-mode again :P)

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