Kim Hyun Joong Tells Fans at His Recent Concert that He’s Getting Married to a Non-celeb Girlfriend

Well guess who is back in the K-news this weekend. I honestly had no clue if he was retired from showbiz or still trying to earn a living as an idol/singer but it was clearly the latter because Kim Hyun Joong recently held a concert for his fans. Who woulda thunk he still had fans after a prolonged scandal involving allegations of domestic partner abuse and more. This weekend Kim Hyun Joong announced to his fans at his concert that he was getting married. His future wife is a non-celeb who Kim Hyun Joong said stuck by his side through his most trying times. I wonder if his departure from singledom will cause him to now lose his remaining ardent fans who I can imagine some are still there because of oppa dreams and hopes that will be much harder to sustain if he’s married.

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